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In one of our previous blogs, we remember telling you about the importance of using crossbows for hunting. Now, it’s time that we share how to prepare and shoot your crossbow with complete precautions. By the end of our discussion, you will walk away knowing how to prepare properly, practice (use/shoot while being safe), and maintain your hunting crossbow.

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It’s Best to Maintain Your Crossbows Properly

No matter you are a seasoned veteran or a complete novice when it comes to hunting with a crossbow, it’s extremely important to do the tuning and/or maintenance of your crossbow along with choosing the right bolt (arrow) to practice with a fixed shooting schedule in order to prepare your hunting crossbow and yourself for the open season.

How to Tune My Tactical Crossbow?

It doesn’t matter what type of crossbow you have because you should always keep its strings waxed or conditioned to keep your expensive or cheap crossbow in good working order. As you are trying to wax the strings, you should pay attention to any kind of wearing you find in the weapon. So, you can fix it and keep your best hunting crossbow safe for use.

Why and How to Maintain Even the Top Crossbows in the Market?

As we have mentioned once already, you cannot feel relaxed even if you have the best and most expensive crossbow in the world at your disposal because even that needs to be maintained to remain in its top shooting condition. As modern-day compound crossbows have a large number of parts inside their mechanism; thus, if one of them fails, then the whole system becomes useless. This is why you must follow the steps given below to maintain your crossbow for hunting and keep it ever ready to take down the game of your choice.

  • Firstly, check whether there are any preferred maintenance procedures mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual book for the users (in this case, that’s you) and then make a checklist to know you have completed your maintenance successfully.
  • Now, you can inspect your crossbow for the visually noticeable wearing of the cables and strings. If you quickly find broken strands or worn out parts, then you must replace them with new pieces in order to avoid any trouble while crossbow hunting out there in the wild mid-season.
  • If you think you don’t need to replace cables or strings, then what you must do is apply wax and/or conditioner, specially made for crossbow shooting strings, to keep them operational without facing any problems.
  • Compound crossbows rely heavily on its set of cams. This is why if you feel like they are out of sync, then you must make an appointment with a proper archery dealer, in your vicinity, to get the timing of the cams back in line with each other.
  • Make sure that you check each and every bolt or screw in your crossbows for hunting. Otherwise, you might have face the consequences of firing the hunting crossbow with loose parts, later on, which can be disastrous.
  • Check the trigger mechanism and apply gun oil on it, or any other part, which might be prone to rusting.
  • To keep the flight rail all smooth, you must apply some lubricant on it. You can find a flight rail lube for sale under the crossbow accessories section in stores.
  • In case you spot a problem with the hunting weapon that you do not understand, then go ahead and take your archery crossbow to a local weapon dealer with expertise in keeping crossbows for sale.
  • You might be using a scope to target game in the wild. Thus, in order to never miss, you should make it squeaky clean. When you think you cannot use your crossbow scope any longer, then you must but a new one.

Getting the Right Bolts and Broadheads

As you know, choosing the right bolt (arrow) and its compatible broadhead is crucial to the accuracy and dependability of hunting crossbows. Read the following information to make the right choice:

  • Narrow down your crossbow bolts and arrow broadheads choice after reading the manual you have from your weapon’s manufacturer. You will be considering the weight, type of nock, and fletching height of the arrow.
  • Using any arrow or bolt not recommended by the manufacturer can result in injury, so be careful not to do so.
  • After checking up the merits and demerits of carbon or aluminum shafts, pick one according to your preference.
  • You must specifically purchase crossbow broadheads and no other variations.
  • Practice with your new crossbow arrows to know for sure that you will be able to shoot the game while hunting.
  • Always find out the rules and regulations in your state regarding arrows and broadheads in order to avoid getting into trouble with the law-enforcing authorities.

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Crossbow Hunting Practice with Precautions

Before the season starts, you need to practice hunting with a crossbow while taking all precautions possible. The following are some steps for everybody’s safety, including yours, as you use a crossbow for hunting:

  • Go through the manufacturer’s user manual to know the best ways to cock, load, and fire your weapon.
  • Develop a shooting routine that you must follow strictly every time you go for a shot while making sure you take these precautions:

    • Keep your fingers down and away from a crossbow trigger as you ready yourself for the shot.
    • Keep it, pointing in a safe direction.
    • Know that there are no loose screws or parts with no lubrication on them
    • Never load the arrow before safely cocking the crossbow in place.
    • Reveal as much less fingers as you can while loading, gripping and shooting the arrows
    • Keep yourself balanced while firing your weapon, especially when you are next to a tree.
    • Never let your broadheads touch the strings on your crossbows as they can easily get cut and snap right in front of your eyes.

  • Adopt an excellent technique to control your breathing while taking shots.
  • Finally, follow-through, using your scope, until the bolt hits your target.

As we reach the end of this blog, we hope that you clearly understand how to prepare and use most crossbows for sale in stores these days. Also, for reading more similar informational pieces, keep visiting our website as much as possible!

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