Pocket Knife

Pocket knife, as the name suggests, is a knife that easily fits in your pocket for everyday carry. Originally, these knives are no longer than five inches. But now in the latest trends, you can also find the bigger pocket knives specially designed for some specific use. They have been used for many things to do such as wood carving, peeling and slicing fruits or vegetables, for hunting and self defense purposes as well.

The blades of pocket knives are easy to unfold and remain sharp for many years. In spite of the fact that they are so highly regarded, comparatively cheap and easily obtainable. In this article, we are going to tell you why these cool knives are incredibly useful. So, continue reading the blog!

Two Popular Types of Pocket Knives

1. Folding Knife

A folding knife is one that folds into its handle. It is totally safe and comfortable in carrying at any place. To make it usable, you just need to unfold its blade.

2. Fixed Blade Knife

Fixed blade knives could also be a type of pocket knives. As the name shows, these knives own fixed blade that can’t be folded. They are usually small in size and lightweight. Therefore, anyone can carry them easily in his pocket.

Pocket Knives for Your Daily Usage

In our most daily chores, there is a need for a knife and if it is a pocket knife – more feasible to carry it anywhere. This way, pocket knives are consumed special space in a number of people’s life. Most knives also come with several additional features which are most useful in performing many household tasks. One of them is bottle opener and corkscrew. Mainly, these types of features are more helpful while hunting, camping, and fishing at outdoors.

A pocket knife with so many features might be the best gift for someone you love and care. Surprisingly, there are some people who collect these various kinds of knives as a hobby.

Moreover, there are numerous brands and diverse varieties of knives available in the market. One has to select a right for his purpose depending on the features in a pocket knife. These days, you can also find multipurpose knives in the market and these knives are best for anyone to buy. There are some executive knives from popular brands, a special design keeping in mind for some particular usages. These are easy to keep even in purse or briefcase and their looks are also quite elegant.

Cool pocket knives are a well-designed tool for all purposes. Many of the situations, a pocket knife becomes a must and should have tool with anyone and especially with youngsters. People who always keep on moving or frequent travelers are advised to keep these knives with them. These are really very helpful during travel.

Last but not the least, some people also carry such knives as a means of self- defense and because of their size, these knives can be carried discreetly without anyone being aware that you have it in your possession. You never know when you might need a knife for whatever reason and pocket knives, due to their versatility, are likely to best suit for your needs. For example, if you are outside at night time and caught by a thief, you can use your knife for staying safe in the danger.

From Where You Can Buy Pocket Knives

There is a whole variety of pocket knives now available in the market, but they are not much costly. Therefore, almost everyone can afford these cheap knives. So, you just have to look for the best pocket knife that meets your requirements.

To shop online, KnifeImport.com is one of the most trustworthy wholesale knives distributors. We promise to save you money while buying any types of knives in bulk. However, if you need to purchase a single or a few knives, you can also place an order. Below are some of the best-featured pocket knives for sale.

3 Cool Pocket Knives for Sale

1. Marijuana Leaf Silver Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

Marijuana Leaf Pocket Knife

The spring assisted pocket knife which is 7.5 inches long with a 3.25-inch polished steel blade. The blade is sharp enough so if you are going to buy this one, then you must be very careful while using it. It is better to carry this one whenever you are going on any tour in a forest. It will help you to cut the branches with its sharp slashing blade.

2. MTech USA Rainbow Spring Loaded Knife

Pocket Knife by Mtech USA

This rainbow pocket knife comes with a two-tone steel blade. The total length of the folding knife is 6.25 inches and it consists of 2.75-inch blade. The rainbow shades exist on the blade and handle of knife. This fantasy knife is good for self defense purposes and will also be helpful to cut the bushes in the forest if you carry it during your hunting tour.

3. MTech USA Flag Laser Etched Folding Pocket Knife

Manual Folding Pocket Knife

A classic piece of cutlery products. This is a manual folding pocket knife and USA flag has been etched on its handle. Its overall length is 7.25-inch with 3.25-inch 3cr13 steel blade. The 4-inch handle is made up of aluminum. The laser etching on the handle makes its look cool.

For more cool pocket knives collection, you can simply visit Knife Import.

Safety Measures You Should Consider While Buying a Knife

From the point of view of safety, you always need to make sure that you purchase a recognized brand name. Otherwise, you may end up with a low-quality knife that might be not so helpful in achieving your purpose or even it may cause injury as you carry it in your pocket. Because some blades may be difficult to open and not as much sharp as you needed.

Nevertheless, if you get owned with a banded knife, you should never carry a pocket knife without its case. It must be treated with caution and used wisely.


If you were confused about buying a pocket knife, maybe all your confusions have been cleared now. Pocket knives are perfect to own for anyone. No matter what is the reason for carrying them, they can serve you the best. To get the best wholesale deals, you can simply visit Knife Import and check out the wholesale knives for sale section. We are sure, here you will definitely find the best knives at cheap prices. Thanks for reading till end!

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