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Learn How to Throw a Tomahawk Axe

Back in ancient times, a simple wood cutter’s axe would never have been thought of as a throwing weapon. If you observe closely you will find out that it still isn’t! For the tomahawk axe is not like your day to day bulky axes or hatchets. Because it’s something that was specifically invented to be light, carried for fighting, and only occasionally for throwing at the enemies. Mostly the throwing tomahawk was used for recreational purposes even in the early days after its invention.

You will find more details on the history of this throwing axe in the blog later on, but first let’s talk about the way you can find some tomahawk axes for sale on cheap wholesale prices. You just have to visit Knife Import any time to choose from the vast inventory of tomahawk axes, available on the platform, and buy as many as you like at lowest wholesale rates.

Tactical tomahawk axe - Knife Import

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5 Elk Ridge Knives Recommended for Outdoorsmen

We always come to you with new and interesting articles on cool pocket knives, and today is going to be no different. As we are going to show and tell you all about five really cool, impressive and effective elk ridge knives for outdoorsmen or hunters.

But before we start explaining about the cool knives manufactured by Elk Ridge, one of the best makers of hunting knives available in stores, we want to inform that you can buy these best knives for your personal use through Knife Import; which gives you the lowest wholesale price in the market. So, make sure you look through the inventory at least once to get the top quality wholesale knives at cheapest rates.

Elk Ridge knives - Official blog

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Choosing What to Pack for an Outdoor Survival Gear?

Once you are out wandering the wilderness, you can assume, you are the only human living on the planet. While, everything else out there such as plants, insects, animals and even mother nature itself is out to get you. Under these circumstances, only one thing can help you keep you alive and it is—your survival gear. We did not do all the drum roll thing, but we deemed it unnecessary as you are reading this blog and its title clearly mentions which things you should pack for an outdoor survival gear kit.

Now, without wasting any of your precious time, we want to inform you that you can find all types of survival tools on Knife Import at cheapest wholesale price in the market. Basically, we help save your life and money, both at the same time. But, as we should not brag, so we won’t!

Survival Gear - KnifeImport

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Are Crossbows Really Helpful in Hunting?

In this day and age, when we have guns and rifles, hunters are still obsessed with the crossbows for sale in the market. Recent years have shown an increase in the sales of crossbows all over the states, especially in Virginia.

It was the year 2005, when the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries legalized the use of a crossbow in the early months of hunting season, after deciding it was the best solution to the rising deer complaints and falling numbers of hunters in the area. This is why around 2009, Virginia’s deer project leader, Matt Knox disclosed to the media that introducing the hunting crossbows has been nothing but advantageous for the state and its deer hunters.

Karambit Knife - Knife Import

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