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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) was once the talk among kids and teenagers around the world. How can it not have been? It had mutated alien turtles that learned ninjitsu from a rat sensei, and then they used all sorts of cool Ninja Weapons to fight evil. Every 80s and 90s would agree; it was the era of martial arts movies and cartoons. Even up till today, people look to buy ninja weapons for sale shown in TMNT. 

This is why it’s only appropriate to write a blog to let our readers know which ninja turtle weapons were used in its comic books and cartoon series. So, you can buy one or all of the weapons you like to have from the series.

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Different Ninja Turtle Weapons

Anyone who loved the TMNT series knows that the four ninja turtles used various weapons throughout the span of its story. Leonardo’s main weapon was the twin katana. Donatello was seen to prefer the basic fighting staff or Bo. Then, Raphael, the most iconic comic book character, promoted the sai weapon to another level of recognition. While last but not least, Michelangelo usually carried around and fought with nunchucks.

However, due to a specific country or state laws, the Turtles had to make do with other ninja weapons. Most notably, the change occurred in the original cartoon when Michelangelo was forced to use various weapons instead of his cool nunchaku in a few parts of Europe. As the use (in all sense of the word) of this particular martial arts weapon was banned or restricted in those areas.

All These Ninja Weapons for Sale are Available Online

We want you to know that all the ninja turtle weapons we have mentioned above are authentic, and you can find them over the internet. So, in case you ever wanted to buy real ninja weapons after being inspired by TMNT, then this is your chance to know which cool ninja weapons for sale you can get your hands on.

Are you ready? Because here we go:

The Twin Katana

We don’t think there’s anybody out there who doesn’t know about the real katana swords' beauty and deadliness. But many people back in the 80s were getting used to them and often mistook them for Leonardo’s weapon. Even though they looked similar to the untrained eye, Leonardo used a pair of ninja sword that had very different blade styles.

Traditionally, a katana was said to be any single-edged sword, but in modern times the term refers to a specific curved-blade Japanese sword used to be carried by the real samurai.

On the other hand, Leonardo was shown to use the ninja to (or ninjaken) that were straight swords, totally different from the curved katana.

Now, you don’t have to worry about anything because you can easily find a real katana along with a large number of ninja swords for sale online!


This ninja weapon needs no elaborate introduction, in our opinion. Because everyone has either grown up watching Bruce Lee nunchucks and martial arts techniques or watched them at one point in their lives (if not more). After all, Michelangelo's weapon was the most controversial of the lot and often changed with other ninja weapons such as the manriki-gusari, kusarigama, and even the shuriken in different places as the series continued with the latest animated and real-life movies.

As a matter of fact, you can find two of these cool ninja weapons for sale without any difficulties. Of course, the first one is the nunchucks and another one, which is rather popular itself; yes, we are talking about the ninja throwing stars (or shuriken).

Raphael’s Weapon

The sai is a three-pronged and flat-tipped self defense weapon, and its use was correctly portrayed throughout the TMNT series. Many people still don’t know what to call the sai weapon, so they refer to it as the Raphael weapon whenever they want to point it out to someone else.

Marvel Comics character Elektra is popular for using another version known as the sai swords, which can be called the deadly version. It supports a sharp tip instead of a less-lethal and flatters one like Raphael’s sai weapon.

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Donatello carries the most simple and straightforward Ninja Turtle weapon. Because it’s none other than the martial arts staff. So, basically, he used a wooden stick with some padded area in the middle. In Japanese martial arts, the weapon is known as the bo staff. Across the series, Donatello used several ninja weapons as well, including Byakko and Naginata. However, he mostly preferred to carry a simple bo or some sharp blade attached to a staff weapon.

Currently, you can find all types of bo made with varying materials through the web. All you need to do is look around the best stores online to get cheap bo staff for sale!

We really enjoyed discussing and telling you about the cool ninja weapons used in the TMNT comic and cartoon series. Hopefully, you had an equally fun time reading about them!

Lastly, we ask you to keep frequenting our platform daily to read more interesting blogs on martial arts and ninja weapons for sale. Thanks for stopping by. See you next time, goodbye!

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