You might have seen ninjas using various weapons with charismatic skill and precision. Mostly ninjas are well-trained and training takes weeks or even months. You would be thinking how amazing it is to master the skill of ninja sword fighting? Yes, surely it is. But do you know much about the ninja sword and its origin? If no, then let us get you acquainted first, so that we can move ahead with the types of ninja swords for sale that have been hand-picked for you by Knife Import itself.

Though, there is no clear evidence of the exact time when the ninja sword was invented and made to use. However, it has been concluded that the ninja sword was crafted during the Edo period. That means these types of swords were crafted during the warring period of Japan.

Ninja swords usually have straight blades, not the curved ones. They are inserted into the enemy through a specific number of techniques taught. Additionally, a long strap is measured along the handle of the sword. It is used to trip the enemy, and also it can be used to cover the wounds if in case the user of the sword is bleeding.

There are some fine ninja swords for sale mentioned below, have a look at

Ninja Sword with Kunai Throwing Knives Set - Titanium Sword

Not only the ninja swords but other ninja weapons are also for self defense. Well, this set comes with a ninja sword and two kunai throwing knives. This is a titanium sword which is overall 28-inch long and rainbow colored that gives it a mesmerizing look when swaying in the air. The throwing knives are finely crafted with a finish of titanium. Each kunai knife is of 6-inch long. To cover the sword, a nylon sheath also comes with this it.

Three Piece Black Ninja Sword with Kunai Throwing Knife Set

Depicting the original style and color of real ninja sword, this one comes with a sword made with stainless steel and black handle - just like the ones you see practiced by ninjas in movies. It is almost 27.95 inches in length and throwing knives are 6.5 inches in length. The blade is 19-inch long, razor sharp that will slit the enemy in a single strike. This sword is not only the best for a fight but also another kind of domestic usage like chopping fruits, cutting cartons and misc. objects etc. Kunai knives are especially aerodynamically designed that will hit the target precisely! This package also contains a free nylon case and a belt loop.

Twin Ninja Fighting Swords with Black Metal Sheath

Do you like ninja swords that work dually? Well, it’s not necessary that you follow the same strategy of fighting that usually ninjas do i.e. by using a single sword. However, there is another way of using these types of swords. Here, we have a set of twin ninja swords. Length of each sword is 26.75-inch. Along with this set you have something for protecting the swords when not in use, a button mechanized black metal case. You can easily carry around this set of swords with yourself.

Deluxe Full Tang Ninja Sword

This one is the classiest for sure! Black ninja sword with a unique design and shape. This black Ti-treated sword is 27-inch long. With needle sharp tip, the blade is razor sharp and has teeth by the end of the sword, making it perfect for multi-purpose use. It comes with a nylon sheath to cover with a shoulder strap. Whether you have to fight your enemy or perform other tasks that require an extremely functional sword, this sword is perfect for whatever you call for!

All the ninja swords for sale mentioned above, come with a variety of offers in each package. Some with throwing knives while others with dual swords etc. whatever you choose to buy solely depends on your need. However, if you choose to use the ninja sword for fighting purpose then you should receive professional training before that.

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