As fascinating as its name is, ninja star or shuriken is an amazing martial arts tool and self defense weapon. Ninja stars are also known as the throwing stars as they are thrown in the opponent's direction from a certain distance rather than attacking directly. Where was this throwing weapon originated from? Let’s find out!

Ninja star, known as shuriken, was originated in the medieval era of Japan. It was used in battles to maim (hurting/injuring) the opponent so that it is unable to attack. It was also meant for disabling the sword or any other weapon of the enemy.

Dated as early as 600 AD, it has also been recorded that the idea of shuriken was born when a prince threw a sliced piece of the vegetable in the deer’s eye to maim it in a way that it can be caught. However, ninja stars were later widely used in the battles too.

Even now, in martial arts, different techniques and uses of throwing stars are taught. It is a light weighted weapon that can be handled easily. It’s small in size, and because of that, it can be hidden very certainly. Basically, there are two kinds of ninja stars, one with pins on the four sides circularly, and the other is like metal blade discs, just like a Frisbee. Both are useful, but the ones as metal blade discs are more widely used in martial arts and self-defense.

The efficiency, accuracy, and speed of the ninja throwing stars depend on the user and the shape and material used to make the shuriken. The heavier the stars would be, the less likeliness would be of the accuracy. Similarly, the lighter and sharped edged stars are more accurate.

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Secret Khoga Ninja Six Points Throwing Star Black

A sturdy and well-designed ninja star with 6 points and a length of one inch is extremely efficient. The star is made up of black anodize 440 stainless steel. The package also includes a nylon sheath for preserving the shuriken as well as a belt loop. 

This star’s specialty is that the multiple points revolve more and strikes harder wherever you hit. The strong metal can puncture even hard surfaces, so if you are looking for a smart functioning weapon that can enter coarse surfaced things, this ninja star is the best pick among all the throwing weapons!

4 Piece 2 Tone Black Stainless Steel Assorted Throwing Stars with Pouch

Wouldn’t you want a pack of ninja stars full of variety? This package contains 4 pieces of throwing stars, all with different shapes that are pretty sharp and sassy. Whatever piece you pick to throw has a special design that slides in the air and hits the target more accurately. Made with black stainless steel metal, the package also contains a nylon pouch to store the shuriken. Amazed to see such throwing weapons? Well, these are surely worth your collection!

Zombie Hunter 6 Piece Throwing Star Set with Bio Pouch

Adding something scary in the collection by the look of these throwing stars, you would know how dangerous and sharp they are. This set of 6 stars is extremely sharp-edged with a needle-like tip. The stars are 4 inches in diameter and made purely with stainless steel. The package also contains a nylon pouch with a bio symbol to store the ninja stars. The pouch is handy enough to be carried wherever you want. Faced with something dangerous? Take out the real throwing stars of zombie hunter from your pocket and aim at your opponent!

4 Rainbow Stainless Steel Assorted Throwing Stars with Pouch

Among the real ninja stars in the collection, these are the most elegant looking. Made up of stainless steel, each star has a unique design. Not only that, but also the throwing stars are finished with rainbow color that adds bloom to its look. The stars shine through in the light as you throw them. Each star is 2.5 inches in diameter. For safe storage, a nylon pouch is also included in the package.

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