Ninja Stars

Legend tells us ninja were feared assassins back in the feudal era of Japan. They used a number of martial arts weapons that you can even find today such as nunchucks and katana swords. However, today’s blog is going to be about their most handy weapon—the ninja star. We will be going over its various types that existed in the past and how throwing stars are being used in the modern day world.

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What is a Ninja Star?

In the Japanese language it’s called a ‘shuriken’. While the literal meaning of the word is a hidden hand blade not ninja star or anything. It’s just what people call it in the US and various other countries of the world. Basically, the shuriken was just a concealed weapon, and not exactly shaped like a star, which the real ninja used to carry around. They came with varying sharp edges and tips, making it an extremely effective and deadly hidden blade.

Even though they are currently regarded as throwing stars, but their original versions back from the day didn’t even come close to a star design at times. For you to understand the different variations we have compiled them in this blog.

Types of Shuriken

There are quite a few variations of this throwing ninja weapon that we think you should know about. So, following are the major types of throwing stars that have been recorded in the history books:

1. Bo Shuriken

If you look at a bo shuriken, you will realize that it was just a straight steel or iron spike. Many people still call them Japanese darts even though most of the times they were four sided. This type of ninja shuriken were made from varying materials and came in different shapes and sizes. Some of its forms are:

  • Tanto-gata (a knife style ninja star)
  • Hari-gata (needle like form)
  • Kugi-gata (made from an iron nail)

But you shouldn’t confuse them with kunai knives as they are completely separate from a bo throwing weapon.

2. Hira Shuriken

Hira-shurkien or shaken is the type that most resembles the latest ninja throwing stars for sale in the market. As they had a hole in the middle for various purposes and varying edges, depending on which region it was made in the old days.

These throwing stars were constructed from thin metal plates taken from day to day items such as coins and various other utility tools.

Uses of Real Ninja Stars

Though it’s commonly believed that real ninja used to carry out silent assassinations using their throwing stars. Yet, the truth is far from it. This might come as a shock but the covert warriors used shuriken for either distracting or slightly injuring their enemies—to successfully vanish into the darkness. Thus, a ninja star was never meant to be a weapon for killing, but misleading and temporarily incapacitating an opponent instead.

The hira shuriken due to its unique design was used in clever ways that did not have anything to with throwing, for example:

  • Burying them in the ground with their tips pointing outwards. So, basically real ninja used a shuriken like a caltrop, at times, to injure anyone who steps on them.
  • Thrown at a metal to cause sparks and light a fire (given there is a flammable material nearby).
  • Real ninja star was often dipped in poison to make even the slightest wound inflicted from it to be fatal.
  • Some records tell us that they were often buried under dirt and animal feces, in order to transfer dangerous bacteria to the target, when wounded with the contaminated real shuriken.

Modern Day Throwing Stars

Enough talk of the past, let’s discuss the present! These days you can see cool throwing stars for sale everywhere. All thanks to the high influence of Hollywood movies, which often depict the covert assassins doing awesome throwing moves with their ninja stars. We are sure you love the performances of ninja weapons as much as we do!

Anyhow, in today’s world, the once feared assassins are nothing but a myth and you can buy ninja stars for sale to throw them around as a hobby or sports. Many martial arts forms still teach you techniques on how to throw a ninja star properly. But we all know, using it for harming others is out of the picture.

So, people have made a great sport out of it and now you can enter into shuriken or knife throwing competitions for fun. We recommend you should also pick up some throwing stars and learn how to exact them at a target. It will pass the time and perhaps you can make new friends with people who also love ninja throwing stars as a hobby.

Lastly, we hope you have enjoyed reading our latest blog on one of the most famous ninja weapons that we know of till date. To keep on coming across such interesting content, please visit our platform as much as possible. Because we make sure to add more and more amazing blogs on regular basis. Also, you can peruse through our wholesale martial arts and ninja weapons to buy cheap and affordable throwing stars for sale any time.

Thanks for reading to the last sentence, we will be seeing you next time, until then—farewell!

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