Military Knife

The term tactical applies to almost any knife that is specially designed with some military features. Recognized as military knives in the early ages, they were long yet single fixed blade knives that were given to soldiers in order to hit their opponent at very short distance range. However, with continuous evolution in their features and designs, tactical knives are considered as the new generation of pocket knives; and the reason is that they are now designed in the foldable form that typically fit into a pocket.

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Military Knives - The Best Ever Tactical Knives

The military knives are considered as one of the most essentials tools for military men. They can serve as a backup weapon during combats when the guns have run out of bullets or ammo. What is good about them is that they don’t require any other item in order to function. Military tactical knives also take away the user’s fear of breaking down during times when they are highly needed.

This kind of blades can also serve various purposes, for instance, they can be utilized in cutting ropes and branches, preparing foods and also in digging holes. Military tactical knives can even serve as a good weapon when there are no other means of defeating an opponent in combat.

Military knives may also be used in outdoor activities such as camping because you can use them in setting up tents. Aside from that, they can also be used in making tools that are necessary for performing certain activities like fishing and hunting. They can be used to cut materials that are required to help outdoorsmen enjoy a more convenient and comfortable trip. Therefore, they are really amazing tools as they are worth to carry anywhere you go.

Types of Military Tactical Knives

The military knives come down to two common types; folding and fixed blade. Have a look at their details below:

• Military Fixed Blade Knives

A fixed blade knife is a single blade that is typically fixed with the handle. It is also placed into a sheath to keep it safely as well as especially used for military purposes. Its blade can be found in various sizes and length. It might have a straight edge or serrated edge blade but is fundamentally a one-piece knife.

• Military Pocket Knives

A military pocket knife is just that, a knife that folds into its handle. Not only, the folding pocket knife allows for a safer carry, but also offers better concealability because of the size reduction when the blade is folded. Hence, the blade edges come in the same varieties as a fixed blade.

In the present age, folding pocket knives are a preferred tool for military and other service departments. So, continue reading more about these cool knives!

History of Military Pocket Knives - Tactical Knives

If you take a look at the back of tactical knives, you will know that they were termed as fighting knives and commonly used by military soldiers for close combat situations. The first military tactical knife was introduced during the Second World War. In 1942, the best tactical knife used throughout numerous branches of the US armed forces named the KA-BAR was introduced in its original design. Hence, the prototype model was formerly rejected for use by the military departments. A reworked model was also introduced in 1945 that was somehow good to meet combat requirements and then the original KA-BAR had quickly gained popularity into circulation. Many of these traditional blades both original and replicas are still in use as US military knives.

Nevertheless, when it comes to tactical folding knives, they were not so common for fighting purposes till the 90s. At the start, many armies and military departments used the folding knives as utility knives, not as weapons. But then, they had been started manufacturing with some tactical features that fascinated to military authorities and civilians as well. In 1979, the Al Mar Knives Company was first designed a military pocket knife at commercial level.

Though these blades had also faced many criticisms in the past due to their folding feature. By the 1990s, the sales of military pocket knives had increased vastly when they were designed for the first time with a locking mechanism for their opening and closing. Then, new designs of such knives were frequently displayed at several large gun and knife shows. Most big companies had also started the production of military folding knives at a mass level.

In that way, they became quickly popular for their size, design, ease of use and carry. Nowadays, not only they are utilized by armed forces, police forces, fire departments and rescue units, but also used for general utilities to the general public.

The Best Features of Military Pocket Knives

No doubt, serving soldiers and officers still choose tactical folding knives as their personal choice among a variety of blades. Further, such military knives are also the perfect choice for anyone who requires a solid and durable blade to depend on when facing a life-threatening situation. They come with a lot of amazing features and specifications which make them superb for survival purposes. Take a look at the best features of military pocket knives:

  • They are smaller in size and lightweight. These features make them the best edc tools for those who want to have such blades for survival purposes.
  • The blade of military knives is made of high quality steel, generally stainless steel. It enhances the stability and edge holding ability of knife. These are two key preferences of any knife user.
  • Another key point about the knife blade is that it comes in different shapes. For example, a single edge or serrated edge. So, you can choose the one according to your needs.
  • Folding pocket knives often come with a good blade-looking mechanism. This is a safety feature to prevent the blade from closing on you, causing any damage.
  • Because of the spring assisted mechanism, the folding knives allow for easier one-handed operation. By pressing a button or thumb stud, you can quickly open the blade in order to use the knife for any purpose.
  • Most tactical folding knives also have a pocket clip that makes them easy to carry.
  • Last but not least, military combat knives are fairly expensive than other types of knives. Hence, you can also find these cheap knives online at Knife Import.

There are tactical knives models available in almost any variation you might like -- any steel type, lock type, blade shape and handle material. Tac Force knives, MTech knives, Marines and USMC are among the best known military knives manufacturers. So, you can find their products on several online stores to get your hands on the best quality blades.


Military knives are one of the most useful tools that are widely used by military personals and civilians for multi-purposes. These tactical knives are available in two types, folding and fixed blade. Although both have good features, but military pocket knives are the most popular. However, if you want to buy these blades in bulk, you can simply go for wholesale knives for sale at Knife Import.

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