As much as people fancy the latest technology gadgets or weapons, ancient medieval swords have irreplaceable charm. Have you ever thought how medieval swords were crafted so perfectly that many ancient warriors used them during battles and eventually conquered their enemy? Well, this matter is surely fascinating enough to look into. But firstly, let us tell you about these types of swords.

The era when medieval swords were widely used, was the “Middle ages”. But these swords were not used by ordinary soldiers. Instead, they were used by the medieval knights, and they were the primary weapon of the medieval knights. Common soldiers didn’t use these swords because they were too expensive in that era. Initially, a double edged medieval sword was used but as the time evolved, it changed into a single edged sword. Interestingly, different swords had different names such as broadsword, falchion sword, longsword, scimitar, and greatsword.

Even now many people like to collect and own medieval swords just for the sake of fun or may be to maintain chivalry standards. However, Knife Import have some amazing collection of medieval swords for sale. Let’s have a look at few amazing handpicked swords

Knight’s Templar Shield Sword with Scabbard

Winding you with Déjà vu, this sword is beautifully crafted with stainless steel metal. The handle is skillfully engraved with various ancient designs with a combination of golden, red and black color. It’s an intricate medieval sword that is 42-inch long. It also comes with a black leather scabbard to cover the sword with. You can proudly hang it on the wall or add it to your lovely collection of ancient weapons, the choice is yours!

Medieval Crusader Sword with Wall Plaque

It includes the whole package! A medieval crusader sword, that is made with fine stainless steel, also comes with a shield. The sword is about 40 inches in length. Typically for those who are interested in the historical period when there was a remarkable revolution, religiously and socially. Not loaded with much design, a simple but charming sword that you would love to have in your collection. Depicting the essence of change, you might love to gift this sword to your loved ones too!

Brave Heart William Wallace Claymore Sword

Named after the valor of a Scottish Knight who won the first war of independence for Scotland. The design of this medieval sword is equally special. The overall length of this sword is 44-inch. The blade is made up of stainless steel which is 32-inch long. The pommel handle of the sword is surrounded with classic brown leather that gives it a Scottish look. It includes a cast metal and leather scabbard. Would you like to add William Wallace sword in your collection? If yes, then do not waste your precious time and order it now from Knife Import with great price.

Roman Gladiator Sword - Brown

Roman gladiators were known to be the toughest and bravest. Many battles were held publically and they fought with special armors and medieval swords. This sword reminds of those days when bravery was class and the best fighter was a sign of respect. This specially designed sword is made up of stainless steel. It has a gold intricate design on the pommel, guard, scabbard and the belt. You can’t find a better replica of roman gladiator sword.

Celtic Medieval Scottish Royal Claymore Arming Sword with Scabbard

Known to be the sword of Scotland. The claymore sword that was widely used in the 17th century in clan wars. Especially, when there were disputes between England. This sword is the perfect depiction of the 15th century era. The blade of the sword is made with stainless steel. Its edge is not pointed. The scabbard of the sword is hardwood with black synthetic leather. The guard of the sword is made up of solid steel. Even the handle is beautifully decorated with 3 steel medallions.

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