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In this blog, finally, we bring you lots of information about the machete, its different types, uses in the modern day, and whether they are knives or not. We think you will enjoy today’s blog because it will be shattering some big misconceptions about the cool machetes you see in movies. We will be discussing what a machete is, its history as a farmer’s tool, and much more.

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Well enough of that, we need to move towards the actual discussion, so let’s start:

Machete - Is it a Knife?

You need to understand that a machete is a broad blade that functions much like an axe when used as a tool. While when wielded during combat, it’s more of a short sword or a big knife. However, the blade does not belong to any specific group.

Many people, perhaps including you, call it the machete knife—but let us be clear it’s not a knife—neither a sword or an axe. The machete was just what farmer’s used as an agricultural tool to cut sugar cane in various subtropical and tropical areas.

Yet machetes, being big sharp blades, became useful and popular weapons among Puerto Rican farmers for uprisings in the past. At the same time, its popularity remains intact till to this day, as various types of machetes are often seen in Hollywood movies being used as cool knives, as well as the tools they were meant to be.

Now, as we are talking about its different types and variation, we think it’s necessary that we should also mention them in detail. So, please keep on reading to know more about these agricultural tools cum weapons.

Variations and Types of Machetes for Sale

There’s a possibility that you can get confused between the types and variations of the curved machete weapon. So, allow us to make it easy for you to understand. The types depend on its uses, while its variations are similar blades you can find in various parts of the world.

We are choosing to explain the major types and uses of a machete before we start discussing its variations, so keep reading the blog until you know everything you want to know about machete for sale in stores all around you. Here we go then:

1. Survival Machete

Survival Machete - KnifeImport

This weapon is specially designed to be used for survival situations, so you can expect survival machete to be good for:

  • Clearing bushes
  • Hunting
  • Using it as a self defense weapon (against wild animals and such)
  • Cutting meat for preparing meals
  • They are getting fruits after cutting them free from their trees etc.

2. Tactical Machete

Tactical Machete - KnifeImport

Another type of weapon that is made to be used in combat. Much more balanced so it can be utilized as a:

  • Good bladed weapon
  • Shield for blocking attacks from knives and other blades
  • Throwing weapon (if required not recommended)

Tactical machete is cool because it has fantastic aesthetics and mostly comes battle-ready!

While you may find many other machetes for sale in the markets, but we think these two major types are more important than the others. Now, let’s discuss a few variations of this weapon found around the world.

1. Kukri Machete

Kukri machete - KnifeImport

The most well-known variation of the machete weapon is the kukri knife, also known as the khukri, which originated somewhere in the Indian subcontinent and current Nepal. Initially, it was also a tool, but eventually, it was used as a weapon just like the machete. The kukri knife has a very distinctive curved blade that makes it a great variation of the machete for sale in stores these days.

2. Bowie Machete

Bowie Machete - KnifeImport

An American version of the machete named after Jim Bowie, the person responsible for promoting, using, and changing bowie knives, which were named after not only him but his brother (the blade’s inventor) as well. So, it’s more of a fusion between a bowie knife and a machete blade. It has a large clip point blade with a sharp pointy tip, which makes it a great survival machete of modern times.

3. Bolo Machete

Bolo Machete - KnifeImport

This variation comes from the land of the Philippines. It has a slightly wider tip than a regular machete that gives you an additional momentum for cutting and chopping. Various types of bolo knife can be found in stores so that it can fall under both survival and tactical machete for sale.

We have only mentioned some variations of the weapon because we want to keep this blog brief and still interesting enough to keep you reading until the last sentence. Now, we are going to go over the ways in which the machete is used, usually around the globe.

Uses of a Machete

Following are the basic uses of the large blade:

  • Agricultural Purposes

As we have told you already, the tool is used for easily harvesting crops like sugar cane, rice, rye, barley and buckwheat. Its variation the bill hook machete is best for such use!

  • Clearing and Maintaining Pathways

The most basic use of this tool was to clear pathways and then keep cutting the regrown bushes to maintain trails in areas with dense brushes and other unwanted weeds.

  • For Survival and Hunting

We have also talked about this point, that a survival or hunting machete can help you survive in the wild by hunting game and protecting yourself from animals that are out to get you.

  • Many Other Uses

You can carry out many other tasks using the machete such as:

    1. cutting and splitting up fruits and nuts,
    2. carving wood to make other weapons,
    3. butchering or slicing meat into smaller portions,
    4. chopping wood for making a fire etc.

Lastly, we hope you have enjoyed reading this blog on cool machetes for sale in stores that you can buy to make your trips into the wilderness much safer and more comfortable. If you want to read more interesting blogs, then keep visiting Knife Import on a frequent basis, as we keep posting new blogs every day. Thanks for reading till the end—see you next time!

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