Let’s Settle This Once And For All - What Is The Best Pocket Knife?

There are few tools and weapons as versatile as a Pocket knife. There are hundreds of renditions of these handy knives made everywhere on the planet. They each serve a specific purpose and are life-saving tools.

But even within the United States, there are multiple brands and designs of Pocket Knives that will have you spoilt for choice. How do you decide which pocket knife suits your needs? Why do you need one to begin with, and which one will serve you the most? Let’s answer all these questions to settle once, and for all, stellar pocket knives are the best.

What Is Use Of Pocket Knife?

This might be the frequently asked question ever. Given that pocket knives are also quite common, people often wonder what’s so special about them. Here are just some of the reasons you could also do with good pocket knives in your life:

  • They are ideal for slicing, peeling, and prepping food. If you’re on the road or in your car, you can eat fruit or make a salad with this tiny knife.
  • Camping can be made easy with pocket knives. You can dig holes, forage herbs and food, clean and butcher small animals.
  • An excellent tactical pocket knife has rope cutters, serrated blades, and pointed tips. While camping, you can prep sleeping tents, saw wood to make kindling, and dig holes.
  • Survival training also becomes more comfortable with pocket knives. Out in the wild, small blades like pocket knives can help remove splinters, clean wounds, and drain the venom.
  • They’re ideal for accidents. A small knife will help cut off seatbelts from car crash victims and pet leashes when they get stuck somewhere.
  • General ease in daily life. Don’t have a letter opener or a parcel opener? Get a pocket knife. Need something to carry your groceries? Buy a pocket knife with a parcel carrying hook.
  • While traveling, a good quality pocket knife can provide self-grooming utility. You can shave, cut, and clean your nails and scrape mud off your shoes.
  • Self-defense is made easy with pocket knives. If you have a small pocket knife with you, you can defend yourself in case of attack, harassment, or robberies.
  • This also applies to encounter rabid animals; a pocket knife is good enough to fend off wild dogs and raccoons.

Why Use A Pocket Knife Instead Of Other Things?

  • Size

Out of all the various tools to carry around, a pocket knife is the easiest to carry. It is compact and light and doesn’t take much space. As the name suggests, you can carry small pocket knives in your pocket or purse or luggage.

  • Mobility

When you think of knives, they don’t necessarily look like travel-friendly objects. Pocket knives were specifically remanufactured for the military so soldiers could carry them in their rucksacks. They are samples to take wherever you go; they can fit on keychains, bag-packs, even necklaces.

  • Utility

You need a screwdriver for fixing screws, a bottle-opener for opening bottles, a filing tool for modeling wood or grooming your nails. You can do all this with a single pocket knife because it packs various tools in one structure. Most pocket knives that you get have extra blades, filers, screwdrivers, and parcel carriers built-in.

  • Affordability

If you calculate the price of all the tools mentioned above, they’ll amount to the price of at least 2 pocket knives. This means that rather than buying these tools separately, cheap pocket knives offer all these utilities at a singular cost. A quality pocket knife can cost as low as $2.99 apiece.

  • Immediate first-aid

Unlike other tools that are heavier or take space, pocket knives are handy. You can break glass, ice and dig yourself out of quicksand with a small knife. They are also useful for performing emergency tracheotomies for choking victims. They can potentially save your life where you don’t have the option of using other tools.

  • Fast-action

As compared to other tools, a pocket knife’s design is precise and no-nonsense. Most emergency knives can be opened with one hand, used immediately, and closed properly. It protects the carrier and can help in self-defense quicker than retrieving and cocking a gun.

  • Design and aesthetics

Other than all the utility, pocket knives are cool to own. They come in customized designs, hundreds of color combinations, and illustrative detail. You can carry a knife and still make it a fashion statement if it’s a pocket knife with a little bling.

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Are Pocket Knives Illegal?

That’s the additional good news; pocket knives are legal to own and sell because of their size.

  • Any knife with a blade of 3 inches or smaller can be carried publicly in most U.S. states.
  • They have also proven so useful in self-defense that there are fewer charges against people who use them.
  • The only exception is definitely if you use them to intimidate or threaten someone.
  • There is also a legal age limit to owning a pocket knife, and you must be of sound mind to use one.

Let’s Settle This Once And For All - What Is The Best Pocket Knife?

What Are The Best Pocket Knives To Buy?

Depending on where you live, you might find different brands of pocket knives in your area. You can always search for the best pocket knife near me and get quality knives for sale.

If you are unsure what to get, then go for the most trustworthy knife manufacturers and retailers. Regardless of where you are, you can find two popular knife brands online; MTech knives and Tac Force knives. Both these brands feature stunning knives that are incredibly useful and readily available in local weapon stores. Here are just a few of the best knives you can get from these brands when you started.

  • Tac-Force Rescue Folder Spring Assisted Knife - Wood Insert;

This is one of the top-selling knives produced by Tac Force. It has a classy black stainless steel blade and a wood insert in the handle for a better grip. Additionally, this small knife comes with a rope cutter, glass breaker, and can opener built-in. If you’re an adventurous spirit, this pocket knife needs to be your new travel companion.

  • Spring Assisted Pocket Knife Stonewashed Aluminum Handle Blue;

Simplicity and utility go hand in hand within this beautiful MTech knife. It also has a sleek black stainless steel blade. It also has a fast-action spring loaded blade, making this an ideal everyday carry knife for everyone. It’s also great for emergencies as it can be used with one hand.

  • MTech Pocket Knife Bottle Opener Spring Assisted Knife Green Blade;

A little color to the mix this contrasted, beautifully crafted knife. It has a shiny green blade that is suitable for everyday and outdoor events. It features a bottle opener, carabiner, and a screwdriver in one small knife as a single-handed tool.

  • 8.5 Inch Pocket Knife Rainbow Blade Spring Assisted Knife;

Pocket knives are safer to use as their blades close into their handles. With this particular knife, it packs a visual and practical surprise. The spring-loaded blade provides fast-action, but this rainbow knife also has a multi-colored blade treated to the eyes.

  • Grey Skull Camo Spring Assisted Opening Fantasy Folder Knife;

Weapon and knife enthusiasts love collecting pocket knives because of their imaginative designs. One fits the bill of a collectible knife. It features a black stainless steel folding blade. But the handle is also decorated with contrasting grey skull graphics detail. For a knife lover, this equally satisfies the visual aesthetic with the handiness of the blade.

Easy On The Eyes, Easier On The Pocket – Where To Get Cheap Knives?

Naturally, when you think of something like pocket knives, the question arises, how much do they cost? If they are packed with so many tools, they must cost a lot as well. But that’s not the case; as mentioned before, you can get a high-quality blade for as low as $2.99. It’s no coincidence that each knife listed above costs less than $10 apiece. The secret is buying wholesale knives from online retailers.

Almost all brands like MTech and Tac Force have online websites that sell affordable knives online. But if you want multiple knives, especially for collecting, do yourself a favor and buy them wholesale. Knife Import features top-selling products from these brands at wholesale rates. This way, whatever you find in local stores can be purchased off the internet for far lower prices.

Make Your Life Easier – Get a Pocket Knife Today

So there you have it, the complete guide to using and assessing pocket knives. Once you get one, you will realize how much difference it makes to know you have a handy tool wherever you go—no need to carry around heavy gadgets or technical weapons. Find top-notch pocket knives for sale online that will transform the way you think about utility and mobility.

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