Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are one of the uniquely designed self defense weapons that you wear like a pair of knuckles. With one hand, you can reach into a pocket and come to your defensive weapon out, just wear a knuckle duster and bring it out ready to throw a punch. This weapon has an extreme power to give you a punch that will drop almost anyone to their knees. Modern Brass Knuckles have rounded rings that enhance their effectiveness from moderate to severe injury.

Brass knuckles are also popular as the name of knucks and knuckle duster across the world. They have been existing for so many years. They were used in combat and warfare. In the American Civil War, the soldiers often used cast iron and real brass knuckles. Then, in the late 19th century, they were integrated with numerous types of guns like the Apache revolver which was used by French criminals during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. During World War I, the US military officials introduced a knuckle knife, named Mark I trench knife. Then, during World War II, knuckle duster and knives were quite famous among British and American soldiers.

Unfortunately, knucks have not completely outgrown their bloody past. In fact, they are a favorite weapon of criminals and assailants. These weapons are easy to conceal and expose enough danger to be an operational tool for intimidation.

As such, many legal issues have come up regarding the use of these weapons. These, after all, are gradually becoming a cause of potential harm as more and more people are using it as a concealed weapon rather than a mere useful defensive tool.

Brass Knuckles Legality by State in the USA

In the United States, brass knuckles are not considerably regulated at the federal level. Hence, several states including Vermont, Illinois, California, Texas, and Michigan don’t allow to purchase/sell or own them in their county or city laws. On the other hand, some state laws define the legal age of 18 or older to carry this weapon. Well, keep in mind that the law stresses that the practice of carrying a knuckle duster with any bad intentions is an offense - whatever the age of carrier.

However, various states have a ban on carrying out some specific kinds of weapons, for example, many prohibit metal knuckles. Whereas the knucks are legal, they can usually be bought online or at knives and swords or other weapons shops.

Moreover, some manufacturers fabricate belt buckles and novelty paper-weights that work as same as brass knuckles do and then they are sold for entertainment purposes. So, they are not banned in many states.

Another point is that knuckles that created with hardened plastic, instead of metal, are undetectable by metal detectors fixed at airports. Therefore, some states that prohibit their use also consider the plastic knuckles illegal.

Well, according to New York's criminal law, both metal and plastic knuckles are considered prohibited weapons. Hence, some knuckles are also manufactured as a necklace or other types of jewelry or accessory. In that case, laws vary from state to state.

In addition, numerous schools follow a zero-tolerance policy regarding knucks carrying. It is illegal to bring them to school or carry around one in school.

Note the key reason for banning them is that it is very difficult to determine whether a person carrying them merely wants to protect himself or whether he is actually planning to do something criminal with this weapon.

Is Knuckle Duster the best Self Defense Weapon?

Yes, of course! A knuckle duster is the best self defense weapon that can be used quickly and easily against another person. It is best to use in hand-to-hand street fighting for defensive purposes because it can be concealed easily. For instance, if you are an outdoorsman, the chances are that you may get involved in any life-threatening situation. At that time, you may think to have a defensive weapon for your survival. Because, if you own a brass knuckle, you can give a powerful punch to the opponent by wearing this weapon. It will make the opponent disabled by causing some injury, as well as, give you a chance to run away from the situation to keep yourself protected.

Punching with Knuckle Duster Can Be Lethal

Brass knuckles are found in most of the fashion accessories and people wear them in their daily routine. Although they are good for self defense purposes and you can’t deny that they provide the best assistance in any critical situation. But, there are some issues in that they can also kill someone. You might have not thought that the metal rings you are wearing on your fingers can be lethal and dangerous.

These days, knuckles are made from hard metal to make them more durable. But, if you hit the opponent’s head two or three times using a knuckle duster, it can kill him. Assume you have a fight with someone and you hit him on the head. Then, this could result in skull damage and the person in front of you can die. If the skull gets to damage, your brain will have a severe injury and it will result in instant death and this will be more than self defense. And, you might be called a killer. So, a punch from brass knuckles can be lethal and harmful.

That’s why many countries have banned knucks and even their usage in combats. Because this deadly weapon can cause many deaths. Try to take precautions before using any kind of weapon.

Modern Brass Knuckle Knife- Two-in-One Defensive Tool

With the design of a modern brass knuckle knife, you get two features in one tool which ensures that you will handle the situation safely. Such as, this kind of knife features a knuckle handle and the durable stainless steel blade as well. Thus, if you find yourself in any critical condition, all you need to just insert your fingers into the grip and close your fist and bingo… now you are ready to throw a solid punch to the opponent. Once you deliver a punch to the opponent, it will make him disabled for some time and, at that time, you can run away from the situation to protect yourself. Hence, if the opponent still does something to hurt you, you can use the blade against him.

So, it is perfect to own a knuckle knife for your survival. However, keep in mind that the weapon is most often designed to accommodate all hand sizes.

Final Words

Thus, brass knuckles no doubt function as both offensive and defensive weapons. However, as a responsible citizen, if you are thinking of using them for self defense, you should first confirm their legal status in your state. Then you can buy one by exploring brass knuckles for sale online. Last but not least, you must do some practice to use them accurately so that you can keep yourself safe from any criminal act and at the same time you can ensure your protection from an attack.

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