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Back in ancient times, a simple wood cutter’s axe would never have been thought of as a throwing weapon. If you observe, you will find out that it still isn’t! For the tomahawk axe is not like your day to day bulky axes or hatchets. Because it’s something that was specifically invented to be light, carried for fighting, and only occasionally for throwing at the enemies. Mostly the throwing tomahawk was used for recreational purposes even in the early days after its invention.

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Brief Background of the Tomahawk

Even though a throwing axe was being used since the middle ages by foot soldiers and sometimes by knights, but we will be talking about the actual origins of the tomahawk, or hawk, which were brought into existence, way after the middle ages, by Native Americans before the Europeans found their way to the continent.

Typically, the hawks were not used as throwing weapons, as they left them defenseless during a fight, so they used it as a hand to hand combat weapon for both defense and offense. While another day to day uses include hunting, chopping, and cutting.

It was only after the Europeans stepped foot in the continent and introduced real metal blades to the natives that the tomahawk became the version of itself that very much resembles the modern-day throwing axe.

Because using the metalwork, native Americans created a version that had a blade with a pipe, hammer, or spike on its opposite side and named it the pipe tomahawk. The features increased, and usability improved, while these tomahawks were mainly given away as gifts to the tribes by English and European artisans.

Throwing Tomahawk in the Modern World

In the current times, the throwing weapons are being used for sports and recreational activities, especially among Canadian and American historical re-enactment groups. At the same time, a new style of martial arts known as Okichitaw has started developing fighting techniques using the tomahawk axe, for its complete revival.

With the latest technologies and proper heat treatment, the blade and the spike on its back are much stronger and durable. Many people use throwing tomahawk axe even as a splitting axe, so you should also get one if you want and use it without worrying about it breaking apart or not being good enough for you to carry out your task.

Now, you will come across hundreds of axe throwing competitions being held at various events. Some news reports have said that there are even bars being opening up in various states that have hung some throwing axe targets for people to throw the ax onto for recreation, even though many things could go wrong while handling the sharp and dangerous small axe.

Coming back to the tomahawk throwing competitions, you should know that they are very well organized and follow proper rules and guidelines for which types of axes can be used and how. Attention to each and every detail is given with utmost care!

Such competitions often feature special throwing hawks measuring the maximum blade edge and minimum handle length around 4” (or 100 mm) as they are the most common dimensions for a throwing tomahawk axe incompletions.

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How Can I Throw a Throwing Tomahawk?

Before you start flinging any blades, you will first need to find and buy yourself the best tomahawk for sale in online stores and market out there. A beginner can go with a good, lightweight, and cheap tomahawk costing around $20 to $30.

Along with the weapon, you need to have an appropriate throwing axe target, otherwise, what will you direct your weapon at, right? So make sure you get a wooden target that’s at least 4 to 6 inches thick and placed on a stand. Practicing any throwing weapon on a live tree can be dangerous as there are great chances of throwing knives or axes to bounce off at unpredictable angles.

Now, once you have taken care of all the above things, you will move on to—finally—some axe throwing but make sure you follow the steps below very carefully:

1. Blade Should Remain Dull

It is important that you do not sharpen your blade to be razor-sharp and keep your axe’s blade dull because such throwing weapons stick into the softwood targets because they are thrown accurately and correctly and not because they are extremely sharp.

2. Check Your Surroundings

The next step will be finding an appropriate place, open area, so it’s best to throw tomahawks outdoors, where nothing is obstructing your path in front and behind the target. You will not want to hit some with your flying tomahawk now, will you?

3. Assume the Correct Standing and Gripping Stance

This is perhaps the most important step, so we will have to explain it in even further detail.

  • 3.1 You need to throw tomahawk as naturally as possible, don’t put any extra force
  • 3.2 You need to stand in an upright and level stance with your feet shoulder-width apart while staying loose and comfortable
  • 3.3 With your arms at your sides, you should stand square with the target
  • 3.4 Now hold the tomahawk correctly
  • 3.5 Grasp the end of the handle, leaving about one inch two from the bottom as if you are giving someone a firm business handshake
  • 3.6 Wrap your thumb around the handle now as you would over a hammer

4. Keep the Throwing Axe Straight

Make sure you need to keep the edge of the blade completely perpendicular to the target while you stand there correctly holding your tactical tomahawk axe

5. Test the Throwing Motion by Swinging It at Your Side

Now let your arm fall naturally to your side and observe if the blade is parallel to your leg, if it is not hitting you or pointing outwards then you are holding it correctly and you are ready to do the tomahawk throw

6. Throwing Correctly and Accurately

Finally, it’s time to go through with the throwing part, go through the detailed steps that are as follows:

  • 6.1 Take a few steps back and gain a proper distance from your target
  • 6.2 While keeping your arm very straight bring the tomahawk axe up in a controlled way (slow and steady)
  • 6.3 Let your elbow extend backward while naturally gripping the throwing weapon until your elbow is almost next to your ear
  • 6.4 Now bring it forward at the same speed you brought your hand back, you won’t have to bring it too far forward to release it, do all this while standing very still as you shouldn’t take a step forward or backward
  • 6.5 Finally, let go of the throwing tactical axe when you find the middle of the handle in the top right corner of your field of vision, make sure you don’t release it too late as the tomahawk to make its spins before reaching the target

That was it! We hope you safely went throw the steps and were able to successfully throw the cheap tomahawk you bought for practicing your axe throwing hobby. For more similar blogs, keep visiting our platform as much as possible. Thanks for stopping by!

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