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Our frequent patrons already know about the various blogs and products we put on our platform. But this blog is pitched for all the new knife enthusiasts that have come across our website for the first time. So, first of all, we welcome you! We are glad that you have found us, and we hope you will keep on reading this piece until the end. For it tells you all about the cheap and Cool Knives for Sale, our website offers its valued customers.

Knife Import has dealt with wholesale knives, swords, and various other weapons for over eight years now. Thus, whenever you are looking for knives for sale, you must always drop by and peruse our platform, for we have all types of knives in our inventory. We guarantee that you will not be able to leave without ordering a blade from our cool knives collection while keep reading to know more about the different types of blades we are offering on the website.

You Can Get Various Cool Knives for Sale from Us

Once you start browsing our webpages, you will quickly understand that you can get thousands of cool and cheap knives through the platform at low prices. We offer all kinds of blades, so you will spend quite a lot of time looking through the various types of knives for sale available in our vast list of products.

What kind of blades can you get exactly?

All! We offer reliable fixed blades, really cool pocket knives, and decorative and authenticated real swords for sale at incredibly low prices that no one can even think about competing with our wholesale rates in the market. But we will only be concerning ourselves with the first two types of the blade we have mentioned. Starting with:

Cool Pocket Knives for Sale

Most knife manufacturers, or brands, offer both fixed and folding knives among their catalogs. However, some are known for introducing one type of blade better than the other. This is why, MTech brand is well-known for making cheap but cool pocket knives for sale, while another brand Tac Force comes up with the best tactical fixed blade knives ever!

Anyhow, let’s talk about the various cool MTech knives for sale you can find on the website. So make sure you read the full blog before making your final choice:

1. MTech USA Spring Assisted Knife with Bee Wing Design

Mtech USA Bee Wing Design Spring Assisted Pocket Knife Gold

This folding blade comes in a bee wing design that looks awesome. While it’s available in different colors, we suggest buying this cool folding knife in golden color, making it look much more awe-striking! Following are details of this blade, just in case you are thinking to add it to your collection of cool knives:

  • Bee wing and hexagon beehive design
  • Tinite coated golden blade and handle
  • 8” length when fully opened
  • 3.5” blade made with 3cr13 steel
  • Pocket clip
  • Frame lock

2. MTech Cleaver Pocket Knife with USA Flag

Mtech Cleaver Knife Spring Assisted Knife USA

It can be a great novelty gift if you want to present it to a knife enthusiast on the 4th of July. Yes! Because the cool spring assisted, knife supports the USA flag on its aluminum handle, which can always remind the wielder to be patriotic towards the country and follow its laws while carrying their knives and other similar blades. More about the blade can be read below:

  • EDC knife with a cleaver blade
  • 8.25” open length
  • 3cr13 steel blade measuring 3.5
  • 4.75” aluminum handle with USA flag (stylish design)
  • Pocket clip included

3. Tac Force Spring Assisted Knife with Punisher Logo

Tac Force Punisher Spring Assisted Folding Knife

Even if you are not a fan of the Punisher, you will still fall in love with this cool blade cause of its excellent Handle and blade design. Its reverse tanto blade brings out an impressive look. You can read about its various qualities in this blog, for we have listed them for you in the next few points:

  • Tac Force pocket knife
  • Purple colored 3cr13 steel blade measuring 3.25.”
  • 4.5” stainless steel handle with embossed printing
  • Pocket clip included

Fixed Blade Knives for Sale

We will be moving towards all the cool knives available under the fixed blades category on the website. Just remember that you can find many more blades in our inventory; these are only a few cool fixed blade knives for sale that we are listing as follows:

1. Tac Force Fixed Blade Survival Knife with Lanyard (Speedster Model)

Tac Force Fixed Blade Outdoor Survival Knife

This blade is so smooth that no one can ignore it. The stonewashed blade looks impressive, and the overall finesse of the cool fixed blade knife makes it a must-have blade for both survivalists and collectors. If you want, you may read all its following features:

  • 9” overall length
  • 7cr17 steel fixed blade measuring 4.25.”
  • About 3.8mm thick stonewashed blade
  • 4.75” G10 Handle (black)
  • Comes with multiuse fire starter, 550 lanyards, and nylon sheath

2. Tac Force Full Tang Cool Outdoor Knife with G10 Handle

Tac Force Full Tang Knife Outdoor Survival Knife

Finally, you have come across the best survival knife that is perfect for everyday carry. The size of this blade is just right for carrying it around. Also, being a full tang fixed blade knife makes it great to be used in survival situations. If you were planning on getting a proper survival knife, then you should read about its various features given below:

  • When fully opened, length measures 9.”
  • Cool knife with two tone blade
  • 3cr13 steel blade measuring 4.”
  • 5” Two tone CNC G10 handle
  • Full tang knife includes a tactical molle nylon sheath

3. MTech Xtreme Fixed Blade Karambit Knife

Mtech USa Xtreme Fixed Blade Karambit Knife

We think that no list of cool fixed blades can be complete without adding an excellent karambit knife. We have added this curved blade with beautiful aesthetics, a functional blade, and a perfect grip. You can use this cool karambit knife in combat situations or just as a self defense weapon. While making sure you check out all its qualities that are as follows:

  • The overall length of 9.25.”
  • Stainless steel blade
  • 5mm thick matte gold titanium coated blade
  • 5.25” long and 6mm thick karambit style G10 handle in black and brown color
  • The nylon sheath is included

So, these were only a few types of knives for sale available on our platform. If you want, you can take a look around to find a couple of thousand or more cool knives within our vast inventory of blades.

Lastly, we hope that you will keep frequenting the website to read about and buy the best knives for sale online!

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