Like so many others, you also wonder why some people collect katana swords? Is it the unique beauty that is deep-rooted within every beautiful blade? Or probably the mysterious Japanese soldiers that wielded this colossal weapon, conquering enemy after enemy? Well, we think that it’s the craftsmanship that went into the forging of this well-known weapon which helped the samurai to get succeed in numerous combats, as well as the mystery that surrounds this masterpiece of Japanese weapons. So, in this article, let’s examine how these real swords are created.

Want to Buy a Katana Sword?

So, you are looking for something to add an element of prestige to your interior decor. Of course, you can hang a few cool swords on your wall; it will surely enhance your place’s beauty. Back in the old times, people used swords for killing people during the wars. Also, warriors engaged in death fights using them as well. Hence, nowadays, so many people relish those memories but only use these battle weapons to decor their home with, and to impress their friends or just as a hobby. Well, if you want to buy a katana sword, you can simply check out the swords for sale range at Knife Import. We are sure you will surely get the one you desire.

Back to the History of Katana Samurai Sword

The standard weapon used in ancient Japan. A katana samurai sword is well-recognized for its beauty, sleekness and power as well. A group of people who had the responsibility of protecting the Japanese royal family made and used these swords. These warriors were named samurais.

Samurai were competent to protect Japan with the help of samurai swords and since then these blades have become an important part of the Japanese culture. According to experts, there was a swordsmith named Amakuni that primarily fabricated one of the real swords in Japan around 700 A.D. Though there were small modifications in the whole design of the blade during the next thousands of years, the actual shape of the sword has transformed very little since it was invented.

How Real Katana Sword was Made?

In ancient times, a comprehensive process was followed in order to produce the best blades of the samurai sword. To build the interior of a katana, the sword-makers used a reasonably soft, laminated metal that would ensure breaking resistance. Conversely, for making the blade’s exterior and edge, a diverse range of hard steel were welded together in a compacted form that was folded and beaten through hammers as numerous as 20 times or more, providing it more than a million laminations.

Hence, to make the outer lamination coat of steel even harder, the sword was heated and then quenched it swiftly by dipping it into water. Then, in the last step, the sword-makers covered the rough blade with a heavy layer of clay material but left the edge uncovered, and then heated the blade until the radiant metal reached an extreme bright luminosity. The sword-makers then again submerged the heated blade into the water. This would make the outer edge cool immediately, however, the remaining part of the blade covered by the clay would be cool gradually, and remained moderately soft.

The result was; a blade of non-breakable metal enclosed in a very thin layer of hard steel had been produced. Almost 1/5 of an inch of its edge was created of hard metal that it held a razor’s edge during repeated use. This is how a real katana sword was made!

Modern Katana Samurai Sword

Nowadays, samurai sword looks great as it is well crafted and strongly manufactured. It is quite difficult to believe that everybody does not like to buy a katana for their home or workplace or even to add it in their sword collections. By their magnificent look, these swords offer a feeling of power and strength to the one who is looking at them.

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The Making of Today’s Katana Sword

Below are some basic steps followed to make high quality katana or samurai swords:

  1. In order to fabricate the blade, two different kinds of high-carbon steel are usually used. Keep in mind that one type of steel is quite softer than the other one. Hence, these two pieces of steel are hammered out together and then doubled up over each other until one piece gets prominence.
  2. Then, the steel mixture is heated up. Typically, the heating process completes in three days and nights. One key factor in this method is the temperature required to melt the steel blade should be up to 2,500°F. In the heating process, the steel is continuously pounded and heated until it becomes thin and long. And then, in the end, it has a laminated effect of hundreds of layers in order to strengthen the blade which also make it flexible at the same time.
  3. After the completion of the heating process, the metal is coated with a thick blend of charcoal powder and clay onto the blade. This mixture is extensively used on the spine instead of the edge because it helps to shape the blade in the following phase. After coating, the blade is kept into the furnace to be heated again at 1,500 °F.
  4. In the next part, the blade is drawn from the furnace and dropped into a bucket of water or sometimes oil. This instant cool-down process is known as quenching. Due to the various thickness of coating applied to the blade, it can be twisted, creating the curves associated with a katana sword.
  5. Once the blade shape is done, then it comes to the sharpening and polishing. Great care is taken to develop a highly polished and sharpened sword. The trained craftsmen usually take almost two or more weeks refining its razor-sharp edge.
  6. After the preparation of blade, sword-makers can put a decorative guard made of iron or other kinds of metals at the hilt of the sword.
  7. At the end, the sword handle is prepared. It might be made of wood, metal or aluminum.


As we have described the complete process of making a katana sword, you can see that much love, care, skill and attention are given to manufacture this ancient weapon. It is true that they not only signify the power but also depict the ownership, bravery and a tradition of years. So, if you are one of them who admire these swords for decorating their home or might like to add the one in their sword collection, you will truly want to buy them. You can get any of your choices just by checking out the real swords for sale at Knife Import.

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