There are countless types of knives you will come across in your life that are each meant for different things. In the case of daggers, the function is quite different from your average kitchen knife. Like any good blade, a dagger has a history and a whole purpose attached to it. As opposed to the simple blade, daggers are more pointed and sleeker and are usually double sided. They are meant for stabbing and penetrating more than cutting and slashing. If you truly want to judge the quality of a dagger knife, the best way to do that is to look at its blade and length. Each of the blades you will get can vary from tiny to medium length and they each have their specialty as well.

The whole idea around the dagger knife is that it is meant for different tasks than regular ones. For starters, daggers are the showier versions of the knife which others are not. They are more design-oriented and are also popularized as display and show blades. For the longest time, daggers were noble blades that represented status, power and grandeur. Then they became the objects of mystery and revenge when they were chronicled in fantasy literature and history. They were the primary blades used for revenge and settling scores and they were associated with magic as well. After that, the dagger was also the blade carried by the noblemen and the warriors. And now, the form and function of the dagger remain somewhere between artifact and actual blade.

Where To Find Real Daggers Now

More than other blades, daggers are seen as the kind of blades that require a setting and space. They are not as useful when you think about daily chores and use. Instead, they are the kind of functional blades that advantage certain ambitious situations. If you look for daggers in the market, you will find real blades that are forged in the exact shape and design of real daggers. But for the most part, those blades are actually more for display, collection, and impression than actual usage. On the other hand, you will also find daggers that are meant for adventurous use like hunting and performance.

But whether you need them as a prop, tool or showcase, the knife market has them for choice. The real challenge is finding the right kind of dagger or a considerable collection of them in one space. If your local market doesn’t have a satisfactory collection, the next best thing is online knife stores. Unlike the blades you will find in local markets, these will be numerous and diverse as well.

Choosing And Using Daggers

Each knife has a specific context and function that they work better for, in the case of daggers it's pretty specific. They are mainly made for three purposes, performing and how, adventure and dramatic situations, and self defense. The pointed shape of the dagger represents a more invasive cut and effect than other knives. That is why there is also a certain amount of violence or danger attached to it. But each of these activities also showcases different kinds of daggers.

Double Edged Daggers

The first one within the category of knives we will look towards is the relatively common double edged dagger. Most daggers are blades that have two sides of the blade, usually converging in a pointed triangle shape. This allows the dagger to be much more pointy and easily penetrable and is used in camping and some form of camping. The double edge makes this really workable for times when you need a knife that can cut from both sides and also plunge into whatever you want to cut.

Tri Blade Daggers

Going one step further, there is also the tri blade dagger, which looks like a metal spiral drill bit with a sharp end. It has a pointed edge and the three curves of the blade literally braid into each other to form the spiral. This type of dagger is most useful for hunting and self defense since it is the most invasive. Imagine having a blade that can actually gore into the flesh of a human or animal. The use of this dagger is regulated to prevent its use in criminal activity, but it can be bought legally as well. It works perfectly for hunting when you need to kill animals stronger than you and the same with humans. In life-threatening situations, this dagger is excellent for stabbing and neutralizing your assailant.

The Ceremonial Daggers

Despite the different ways that they can be used, daggers are still the best show weapons. They are in fact made to be displayed and shown off the way you want because they have that X-factor. A ceremonial dagger is a blade that is used in rituals, ceremonies, and symbols of honor, nobility, or status. These are decorated, ornamental, and often have some sort of historic affiliation different from normal ones. You will find a large number of such daggers that are meant to be displayed on walls or gifted to people as tokens.

Throwing Daggers

In the spirit of showing off or showcasing dexterity with daggers, the ones that work the best are throwing daggers. They are smaller knives that have pointed triangulated edges with a heavier bottom. These daggers are designed in a way that they can fling across the air in circular motions. There was a time when they were used as self defense weapons to deflect and confound enemies. But after that, their main purpose was to be used as props in dramatic performances for the thrill. You can still find a number of amazing throwing daggers that are dazzling enough to perform tricks with or even collect as coveted blades.

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