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This debate can never get old. Stun gun vs Taser—which is better? People can spend hours discussing this topic but never reach a substantial conclusion. Today, with this blog, we want to discuss what these two self defense weapons are, whether a stun gun is the same thing as the Taser or perhaps there is some kind of difference between them and much more.

But before we start on the topic, we want you to know that is the best place to purchase cheap knives, swords and various types of self defense weapons. Basically, it’s a given thing that you will find a large number of stun guns for sale on the platform. So, just read the blog carefully and spend some time to look for the best self defense weapon according to your needs and requirements!

What is a Stun Gun?

It is a highly recognizable device for self-protection, because that’s what you see women using in films to protect themselves from villains all the time. A stun gun usually has two prongs sticking out at different ends attached to the device, which holds a high voltage battery to deliver an electric shock. You might know this already but you have to put the prongs in total contact with the person to use this self defense weapon.

Most of the time the visible prongs are bent inwards and protected from the holder’s hand, as it can be dangerous for you to put your own hands on them while shocking your attacker. Slight drawback is that the person attacking you can always snatch the stun gun away and use it against you. Still people have said that buying stun guns for sale is better because they are easy to use and buy from local stores and online.

Basic Information on the Taser

One of the well-known weapons of today, often used by law enforcing departments, the taser stun gun can be shot from a distance and perhaps much closer to a gun’s design. Because the Taser actually shoots two probes, which are connected with the device through wires, towards your assailant. The penetrative probes then dig in to the clothing or skin at contact. After which the electric shock pulsing through the wires, from the battery to the person, shows its effects as the circuit is completed.

As many famous brands take over the actual name for the product sometimes. You can say tasers for sale have done the very same in this case. Because they are nothing more than a type of stun guns. But people have started calling them with its name and thinking about it as a totally different kind of self defense weapon.

Laws Concerning Stun Guns and Tasers

Even though Tasers have been deemed legal for civilians to own in most US states. You will find out that there are some states that do not allow you to possess them and they are New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Hawaii and Massachusetts. In few states, such as Connecticut, you can face a certain amount of limitations as you can buy a taser stun gun but cannot keep it your car or carry it around with you.

Similarly, buying stun guns for sale is totally illegal in Michigan and DC along with all the states mentioned before for tasers. A number of specific cities and counties also don’t allow the purchase of stun guns such as Chicago (IL) and Baltimore County.

Are Police Tasers the Same as Civilian Ones?

It must be obvious that there must be a certain level of difference. But shockingly, a Police Taser is not as lethal as the its civilian counterpart. Because it emits voltage for 5 seconds and leaves the rest of the job to the law enforcing officer using the Taser. In comparison, the civilian product is set to provide the shock for a long time of 30 seconds, which allows you to run away from your attacker.

Another thing about police tasers for sale is that they are much expensive when compared to a normal stun gun and need replaceable cartridges. Also, you can shoot up to 15 feet with a generic device on the other hand, Police Tasers help its user shoot the probes up to the distance of 30 feet.

Stun Gun vs Taser - Which to Buy?

As we have mentioned, typical stun guns can only be used at a closer range. So, you can argue that they can be dangerous to use in case your attacker is quicker and more agile than you. As they can take it away and even use the flashlight stun gun on you.

On the other hand, you will find it better to use a taser for sale as it can be shot from afar and there is no need to get in close range of your assailant. You can have up to 30 feet of distance between you and your target while using taser stun guns. This might be the biggest difference between these two types of self defense weapons for sale available in the market. All other differences are up to the user’s preference.

Recommendations and Suggestions

We will recommend that you go for the Taser as it can be safer and a more effective weapon for self defense in comparison to all the best stun guns for sale out there. Why do we say that?

  1. You can keep a distance between you and your attacker
  2. You can run to safety soon after shooting the Taser

Now, perhaps it’s mechanism is similar to a real gun, you will need some time getting used to it. So, once you make up your mind to get one, you should learn how to use a Taser properly. Because having a self defense weapon that you cannot use under a critical situation is much more dangerous.

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