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Weapons were often invented to bring order in the world; some had horrifying effects while others did just that. Police Batons are the perfect example of sidearms that helped bring peace and public order when they got first got introduced back in the mid-1800s. In this blog, we are going to discuss what kind of self defense weapon the batons are and whether a normal citizen can pick up a billy club for their protection or not.

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We know you want to read more about the nightsticks (that’s how many individuals refer to billy clubs in America), so we are going to move towards the real discussion now.

What is a Police Baton Actually?

A police baton or truncheon is stuck traditionally made up of various materials such as wood and ivory, but currently, you will find them constructed from different metals. The old billy clubs were a long fixed piece of wood with a grip on one end and a heavier round tip on the other.

However, the modern day batons can be folded within its casing to make it small enough to be carried in a small pouch or even your pocket. In this way, you can take the expandable or extendable batons anywhere you want with ease and use these hidden self defense weapons to protect yourself.

But now there’s another question swirling in your mind, and yes, we plan on answering it, so just keep reading until the end.

Can I Buy Police Batons for Sale in Stores?

As we have mentioned, people are allowed to buy and carry extendable or telescopic batons for sale but not in all states. We will let you know about which states have prohibited the self defense weapon, yet keep in mind that police batons are/were specifically designed for law enforcing officers so you may never get to buy one (in case you do not belong to a law enforcing authority like the local police department).

So, all an ordinary citizen can get for his/her safety is a collapsible baton for sale from markets near them or stores online. If you are planning to buy a self defense baton, then you should go over the following information because it will be all about the legality of the weapon in various states.

The legality of Expandable Batons by States

It is very important that you carry any self defense weapon according to your state laws. Otherwise, it could be you that ends up in hot water (even when you might just have defended yourself using an expandable police baton).

So, if you live in the following areas, then please know that by the time this blog is published all types of batons are deemed illegal for the common folk in the states of:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

While you can find some vague laws regarding police batons in other states such as Illinois, Idaho, Alaska, Arizona, Minnesota, and more, so, you can be allowed to carry and use it under some circumstances yet completely banned otherwise.

These laws apply to all types of batons, which are as follows:

  • Extendable Baton

Often referred to with the name telescopic batons, as it consists of two or three shafts that can slide into one another to get compact enough for fitting inside a pocket or pouch. This type falls under concealed or hidden self defense weapons. They can be opened by applying some sliding force over the baton, using the force of gravity or the spring mechanism embedded inside it.

  • Side Handled Baton

That was developed after the Japanese tonfa weapon, so it like a main cylindrical stick attached to another smaller stick perpendicular to it closer to the gripping side of the nightstick. Many know the types by a super famous model, the PR-24, where PR stands for protecting and restrain, and it’s mostly being used by law enforcement and private security officers.

  • Plain Stick

Or the wooden police baton is what was called the billy club in the past. So, it is a few feet long stick and the simplest form of the weapon to have ever existed. One side has a clear grip while the other is made heavier (has more weight) to make it the perfect striking weapon.

How Dangerous Be Can Collapsible Batons?

To put it simply, in the hands of a trained officer, police batons can be an extremely dangerous weapon because most of the time, vital areas like the spine, head, or groin are targeted to subdue a criminal.

Thus, rather than trying to give a concussion to the offender, law enforcement officers stop them by attacking nerve clusters and other prominent bony parts of the body. This helps the protectors of the city do better at their jobs and get to walk away without injuring a suspect or criminal way beyond the conditions normally allowed.

In case you are going to look for an extendable baton for sale, then perhaps it’s better to get some training on using disabling techniques with the baton as well. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

As it’s a weapon that can be snatched away from you, so always be careful while defending yourself with it because you wouldn’t want it to be used against you once your attacker has it. Therefore, learn how to fight with a baton and only then carry this self defense weapon with you for your protection.

Lastly, we hope you liked the blog and read it until the end. While keep visiting the website on a regular basis in case you want more interesting blogs on police batons and various other self defense weapons for sale in the market. Thanks for stopping by!

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