Like so many karambit lovers, are you interested in knowing that karambit knife is good for self defense or not? If you are, then you have landed at right place. Here we are going to provide you the answer to this important question. So, don’t go back and read the article till the end.

The answer is quite simple. Yeah! Of course, karambit knife is a good tool for self defense. But the question is, how it is good for personal defense? After reading this blog, you will get the answer of this question. So, read it till end!

History of a Karambit Knife

A karambit is typically a curved knife and the distinct curve of the blade is something that must be seen to be appreciated. Though karambit knives originally fabricated as a farming tool and their modern forms have evolved into a great multi-purpose tool. The double-edged karambit knife originated in Indonesia where the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra used this tool for farming and hunting. Its traditional shape resembled with a tiger’s claw.

Then, since the 11th century, Indonesian warriors also started using the karambit as a combat weapon against Dutch Colonists. At that time, it was also known as a feminine weapon because the Indonesian women also used it for defensive purposes by putting it to their hair.

And then after the European Migration to Southeast Asia, karambit knife got fame in the neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines and Cambodia etc. However, there is no clear information about when a curved knife was introduced in America. Well, it is said that it became popular when some Asian martial arts experts migrated to the American States.

Apart from all this, there is one more name in the history of karambit, who played a crucial role in using it as a self defense tool at a commercial level and that was former CIA employee named Steve Tarani. He went to Indonesia to study after getting retirement from the CIA in the 80’s and then he returned with his own set of modernized karambit knives. Hence, in the present day, there are so many manufacturers who have fabricated their own blades, using a range of materials and introducing their own new designs.

What Makes a Karambit Perfect for Self Defense?

A knife is the preferred self defense tool for those who feel that being attacked is a serious concern. It is also the right kind of self defense product for those who can take care of themselves and have some amount of training in combat. Taking a knife and then flicking it aimlessly is not likely to scare an attacker. On the other hand, it may make them even more aggressive. So, it is important to choose the right sort of knife for personal defense. A knife that you know, you will be able to use in the event of an attack. There are numerous types of cheap wholesale knives that are available for use and you may have to choose one based on your particular need.

If you want something that is compact and also provides you some convenience and safety in carrying, you can simply go for a karambit knife without a second thought. Buying such knife will give you peace of mind no matter where life takes you. This knife will surely assist you in grabbing your attackers or assailants whenever you are in a serious situation. However, you need to make sure you will always keep the one with you anywhere anytime.

The Make of a Karambit Knife

The make of a karambit is essentially considered while looking for a karambit knife for sale. Well, it is true that modern karambit knives have come up with lots of variations and modifications but there is something you will find common in all of them. Below are three common parts of them:

1. Curved Blade

The cutting blade of this type of knife is considerably different from an ordinary knife. It possesses a curved blade that resembles a tiger’s claw. The blade is generally made up with stainless steel material that means the knife functions as much sharp as a razor blade. As well, the blade can be single or double-edged, and with or without serrations and this is what makes a knife good for survival. Therefore, with no much effort, you can find the one that best suits your requirements.

2. Handle

Back to the past, the handles of traditional karambit knives were constructed from hardwood or even water buffalo horn. Nevertheless, the handles of modern knives are usually to be made with metal or aluminum materials.

3. Knuckle Ring

Another diverse part of the karambit is the ring, which makes it different from other knives. All you need to do is to put your finger in the ring and then you are ready to use the knife blade without any fear of dropping. The ring not only provides you a strong grip but also ensures safety measures while using a karambit knife.

Advantages of the Karambit Knives

There are many things such as keep convenience, effectiveness, cost and ease of use, to take into considerations while looking for the best self defense knife. All the considerations are fulfilled by these cool knives. So, have a look at the best benefits of using them!

1. Convenience is Key

If you can’t carry your self defense knife with you most of the time, is it really going to ensure your safety? The answer is Big NO. You want to pick something you feel as comfortable as your own keys or wallet. Karambit knives fulfill the convenience requirements of most of the people. They are small enough and some are folding ones but both types of knives are easy to carry in a pocket or purse. Moreover, they also come with a sheath that you can attach to your neck.

2. Ease of Use

Like any conventional fixed blade knife, the curved blade knife can be used promptly. With some practice, fixed blade knives can also be drawn from the sheath and kept them ready to act. On the other hand, if you use a folding karambit, you just need to be quick to press the button or hook on the spine of the blade. It will automatically extend the blade for usage.

3. Knuckle Duster Safety Ring

Because of the safety ring, a karambit knife is able to give you two-in-one functionality; you can use it as a knife or as a knuckle duster too. For instance, you can use the knuckle ring to throw a solid punch towards your attacker in order to stop combat. In addition, if you are going to use the knife blade, you should wear the knuckle ring into your finger. It will give a strong grip on the handle and then you can effectively target your attacker with a knife blade.

4. Price Variation

The prices of any types of knives vary from each other, and same is the case with karambit knives. You can find a wide range of them that is very expensive. Conversely, there are many cheap knives. Well, you need to make sure you pick up the best one at an affordable price. So, you can simply check out the karambit for sale at Knife Import, the one of the most reputable wholesale distributors that deal in all types of knives and swords as well.


So, we are sure you have understood that the karambit knife is one of the most useful and effective self defense tools. All the above features and benefits describe how it is good to ensure the personal defense of any person. So, whether you are thinking of buying one or in bulk, you can visit KnifeImport.com and start exploring the wholesale knives for sale. You will definitely find what you need. Thanks for reading till end!

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