Utilizing any given weapon in a good way is a smart move. You can ensure greater safety for yourself if you’re more innovative with your weapons. Of course crime is not getting any older and boring, so might as well stay on top of things. We live in a world where it’s harder to be on your guard but it’s possible. Some people prefer to carry around self defense weapons that are easier to operate. One of those simplistic weapons is brass knuckles. They are hand held offensive weapons that are used to tackle someone in direct combat. Even though it might seem strange, you can definitely turn a brass knuckle into a keychain.

As far as the law goes, there is no restriction against small tools like a brass knuckle keychain. The combination only makes it a more decent weapon that’s easier to carry everywhere you go. Even though brass knuckles are prohibited in some states, they can be used for self defense. The good loophole is that keychain ornaments can’t really be deemed as weapons. Especially if something like knuckle keychains are apparent and not concealed in any way. There are so many times where you need a little help to take care of yourself and this would be it. The federal law does not prohibit the use of a keychain weapon as its ideal for self defense.

Hand Held Self Defense Weapons and Their Advantages

Being able to protect yourself and others against danger is a good enough reason to carry weapons. Most people however are not as comfortable with using hefty, technical weapons like guns. Instead, it is easier to rely on your personal strength and agility, coupled with an easier tool.

  • The first upside is that they are easier to store and keep around for emergencies. Even if they’re found, they aren’t half as dangerous as other deadlier weapons.
  • Hand held weapons are mostly non-technical and quite simple to master. They basically are built for people who can utilize their senses and strength to use them. In cases of sexual assault, harassment, and robbery, you can make great use of them.
  • The simpler the weapon is, the easier it is for you to move around with them. You can go around public places with brass knuckles or sting rings without notice.
  • If you want to be discreet, brass knuckles and other hand held weapons are disguisable. You can always pass them off as accessories and souvenirs and not get in trouble. If they are attached to keychains, they can be fastened to pockets, car keys and purses conveniently.
  • For the most part, smaller weapons used for self defense are lighter and uncomplicated. You don’t have to worry about lugging them around or an instruction manual.
  • If you are a little more adept at handling weapons, you can also opt for a brass knuckle knife. It has the stability of a knuckle and the slick sharpness of a blade in one. You can wear these knuckles as an accessory and use them when you feel trouble approaching. They provide more grip and a solid hit that can cause serious damage to your attacker.

The Features Of Women’s Self Defense Keychain

If you are a woman in this world where violence is a fast growing, you need to be careful. There are a lot of predators out there who are looking to ruin your day. Even though there has to be better laws enforced to curb that, you should also be vigilant for yourself. That would mean that it wouldn’t hurt to carry some sort of a self defense weapon with you. If you get a keychain weapon, it might be handier and less taxing to move around with. The key is effectiveness and that is something very potent about all keychain weapons.

  • Hidden Blade keychain

One of the oldest and most common weapons you can get is a concealed blade. As the name suggests it is any size of a blade that is disguised as an ordinary object. There are so many ways that a hidden blade can protect you from predators. You can carry it in your keychain and whip it out at the first sign of trouble.

The size is manageable and small enough that it can’t be snatched out of your hand.

  • Sting Ring Keychain

If you are a fan of small weapons that cause bigger pain, look no further than sting rings. It is a tiny version of a stun gun that electrocutes your attacker when they get near. They are normally very useful to joggers and people who travel alone at night. The sting ring has a powerful jolt and can paralyze anyone who comes too close.

  • 2 Finger Brass Knuckles Keychain

There are two kinds of knuckle weapons that you can find on a keychain. One if the clunky full fist knuckles you will find otherwise. They might be heavier but they pack quite a blow and will seriously injure your opponent. The other is the one that is especially useful to women when faced with dangerous situations. These are the 2 finger knuckles or what are also known as cat ear keychains.

They are metal claw-like knuckles shaped like a cat head with the eyes as finger holes. You wear it in your index and middle finger and the cat ears poke out like tiny blades. These are the pointy weapons that can be used to counter harassment and assault.

  • Pepper Spray Keychain

One of the most famous and effective self defense weapons is the pepper spray. It can sting your eyes and obstruct breathing if inhaled and an ultimate tool to tackle offenders. Imagine having something so powerful hanging off your keychain so you can carry it everywhere. You don’t need a bag to carry this keychain spray around and it is highly effective for personal defense.

Keychain Self Defense Tricks To Keep In Mind

It goes without saying that merely carrying keychain weapons isn’t enough. You should always consider training to use them as effectively as possible. When you are confronted by a safety issue you need to think on your feet. With something as simple as keychain weapons, all your faculties need to be trained to use them.

  • When you are travelling along on a train or walking home, keep a pepper spray keychain on you. In situations where you might be cornered by one or more people, you need a fast escape. That can be possible with the blinding pepper spray that will help you run with minimal confrontation.
  • If you frequently take cab services to travel around, hidden blades and knuckle knives are better. They are both sharp and good for attacking from behind, as you often are in a car. In the case that your driver tries to pull something, you can stab them or threaten them to stop with a blade.
  • For the more serious cases of assault or attempted rape, sting rings are usually better. Many people who experience assault or kidnapping are usually overpowered. A taser ring will require minimal effort from you and will deliver a hell of a shock to your offender. It is the fastest way to get rid of dangerous people if you, unfortunately, encounter them. Always go for the exposed skin where the shock will be most effective and deterring.
  • If you carry a brass knuckle or cat keychain, you have to train to punch properly. It’s a battle of wits and you need to know how to use it well for it to be of any use. In both cases, if you want to confront your attacker you should practice your grip and strike. For the brass knuckle, aim for the jaw, ear, temple or elbow, the bony parts of the body. It will cause the maximum pain and give you a leg up. If you use a cat keychain, try to jam it in the ears, nose, or eyes where they will poke hard. It will be fatal enough to deter your attacker and walk away but not too deadly to handle.

The Best Self Defense Keychain In The United States

If you are looking for the most effective self defense weapon, a keychain one is easy for everyone. It has variations and multiple techniques that work for all kinds of people. You can look for high quality self defense keychains in your local weapon stores. But you will also be lucky enough to find many in souvenir shops that sell other knick-knacks. You can also check out comic book stores where they might be disguised as collectible keychains.

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