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It is always best to be ready for the worst. Buying a self defense product will give you peace of mind no matter where life takes you. There are so many defensive tools available in today’s market, but a karambit knife is one of the hottest products that people are getting these days. The reason is that it ensures your continued personal safety as well as it serves you the best in all respects including convenience, effectiveness, cost and ease of use. So, here we are going to explain some important things that everyone has in its mind while purchasing these knives.

What is a Karambit Knife?

It is a small and easy-to-carry knife that resembles a tiger’s claw. It features a distinct curved blade with a hooked handle and one or two safety rings, which make it perfect to use for self defense in any life-threatening situation. This unique curved knife is perfect to use for cutting, slicing, tearing, splitting or hooking as well. Thus, it is a recommended choice for all types of outdoorsmen including hunters, campers, hikers or even servicemen.

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Where are Karambit Knives from?

Today’s karambit knives belong to Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia and the Philippines. During the 11th century, they were first fabricated in West Sumatra, Indonesia and commonly used for farming, particularly for planting rice. Then just because of growing industry, they got popularity in many other areas of Southeast Asia and later in the 20th century, they found their way to the United States. Then they were used as martial arts weapons by practitioners of the Philippines and Indonesia.

After that, they were also used as fighting weapons in the wars. However, they were also dominant among women as they often placed the weapon in their hair in order to use it for self-protection. Well, these days, well-designed curved blades can be found all over the world for any practical purpose or use.

What is the Best Type of Karambit Knives?

So, you are concerned about knowing the best type of karambit knives. You can find them in both formats; folding and fixed blade knives. Nevertheless, fixed blades are considered a suitable kind because it meets every user’s needs. Each user has different situation when they need to use a karambit. In general, fixed blades provide exceptional reliability and durability because they don’t have any moving parts. Thinking about how to carry them? Well, it is so simple. They come with quality-made sheaths which ensure a safe carry. Nevertheless, many people think that it is quite daunting to conceal a fixed blade knife.

Another type is folding karambit which is a pocket knife in actual. It can be carried and concealed easily but remember that it doesn’t offer as much sturdiness as a fixed blade offers. Such as, pocket knives are not suitable for doing tough tasks because of their folding blade feature. If the blade gets folded during the usage, it can hurt you as well as it will disturb your working.

Both types of knives have some pros and cons. So, it’s up to you what you choose.

Why Karambit Knives Have a Ring On Their Handles?

The safety ring stands out karambit from the crowd considering them cool knives. They are good to use for hooking, slicing, cutting, or tearing tough objects, and without a ring, it would be difficult for you to achieve your goal. Because the ring provides a secure grip and supreme weapon retention. Predominantly, it prevents the knife from slipping from the hand when you using it. Furthermore, it also enables you to quick deployment while making sure the knife is in its accurate position for use without needing you to take a look at your hand’s job.

What are Common Uses of a Karambit Knife?

For centuries, karambit knife has been used as an everyday carry (edc) tool by Filipino and Indonesian people, commonly used as the best self defense weapon in times of need. Due to its inimitable design of the curved blade and handle with safety ring, it offers various benefits as compared to other knives. It works as a multi-functional tool, thus, good to use for farming, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, street fighting and many more applications.

A karambit literally completes its task by providing precision, efficacy and matchless user safety. Furthermore, it is globally renowned as one of the ancient weapons used in the Indonesia native combat art named Pencak Silat. Apart from this, it can also be broadly used in battles because of its razor-sharp curved blades. So now, we can say that looking for a karambit for sale is a sensible choice whether you are in need of a utility or edc knife.

Is Karambit Knife Dangerous to Use?

Yes, it might be dangerous because it possesses a sharp curved blade. Keep in mind that a curved blade knife allows you to give a seriously deep cut to your opponent that can cause death in a few seconds. Conversely, to prevent yourself from involving any criminal act, you can simply use it to target the arms and legs of your mugger, which will stop the fighting in on time and offers you some time to run away from the situation in order to keep yourself protected. Thus, for proper utilization of this defensive tool, you should do practice on your own.

What is the Legal Status of a Karambit Knife?

No doubt, knowing the legal status of a self defense weapon is the prime concern of every outdoorsman. Learning laws and regulations about the ownership of karambit can keep you away from any legal issues. According to federal law, it is allowed to carry a 3 inch or shorter knife that can be used practically.

But, karambit knife is not federally regulated by the US government. Therefore, you should check your state and local laws to make sure that carrying it is legal or not. When you have some knowledge about the laws related to them in your area, you can simply own them with confidence.

Where to Buy Karambit Cheap Knives?

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