Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are very versatile. Practically, they can be used for any purpose, from opening tins to slicing fruit, and of course, their uses are truly endless for self-defense. They can make tasks simple and easy. Selecting the right knife for you can definitely give you a tool you can use for many years. In this article, we have come up to tell you some important things about Cool Pocket Knives.

Perfect Option to Buy Pocket Knives

Not all pocket knives are the same. Thus this blog will help you consider a few things when trying to find one that will suit your needs. Here we would like to tell you about Knife Import, one of the best wholesale distributors of knives, swords, martial arts, and self-defense weapons. It offers cool pocket knives for sale from top brands at discounted prices, so there is no reason that this purchase should break the bank or even dent the budget. You always need to prefer safety first and use all safety features in the knife's design.

How Might You Use Your Pocket Knife?

The first and foremost thing to think about a pocket knife is how you will use it. Whether you are thinking of using it for any utility purpose in your daily routine or using it for outdoor activities, it will truly benefit you to complete your task quickly and safely.

Let’s have a look at some uses of this kind of knife if you use it as an EDC knife:

  1. Preparing meals
  2. Opening packages
  3. Removing staples and splinters
  4. Cutting tags off clothes
  5. Trimming your fingernails
  6. Slicing fruits and vegetables
  7. Sharpening pencils
  8. Opening cans
  9. Cutting or striping electric wires
  10. Cleaning car battery terminals
  11. Cutting rope, wire, plastic, or other materials for decorating
  12. Breaking down boxes
  13. Self-defense and many more

What if you are an adventure lover and perhaps go on camping or hiking excursions from time to time? A folding knife can be very beneficial for you in all kinds of outdoor activities. Because you can use it for:

  1. Cutting limbs and small branches
  2. Tourniquets
  3. Cutting rope
  4. Craving wood
  5. Whittling
  6. Skinning your catch
  7. Gutting fish
  8. Cutting bait
  9. Camping
  10. Fixing everything
  11. Survival in emergencies and much more

Really, you would be surprised at the number of times a pocket knife comes in very handy once you have the right one.

What to Look For in Pocket Knives While Buying?

Once you understand that having the best pocket knife in your possession is a pretty good idea, it’s time to select one. It won’t be long before you realize that your options are endless, and you have just to let yourself be amazed for a moment at KnifeImport.com online store that presents all types of knives and pocket knives in particular. But, don’t be overwhelmed- there is one that is right for you, and you can find it by keeping the few things in your mind.

• Blade Type and Material

There is a lot of debate about this subject, but some guidelines will help you determine what is best for you. Stainless steel material is a bit soft material, which makes the blade easy to sharpen. But, it holds an edge for a decent period of time. On the other hand, carbon steel is harder than stainless steel. So, it holds an edge longer but is harder to sharpen when it comes to sharpening.

Moreover, it would help if you also looked at the blade types to fulfill your purpose of owning a folding pocket knife safely. There are many types of blades, including clip point, drop point, spear point, gut hook, etc. So, get enough information about them before choosing one.

• Size and Length of Blade

A typical blade length of a pocket knife is about 2 to 6 inches. Different types of knives have different blade sizes. Therefore, you should consider it and go for the accurate size that best suits your needs.

Along with the blade size and length, you should also look at either your selected knife, a single blade, a multi-blade, or a multi-tool. For example, if you want to use a knife for your everyday tasks, a single blade will do just fine. If you want to have a versatile one, you can pick up a multi-blade folding knife. Lastly, if you want something that will provide a solution for as many situations as possible, a multi-tool is perhaps your best bet.

• Handle Shape and Material

It is another important thing to take care of while looking for pocket knives for sale. Like the knife blade, the handle also comes in a diverse range of designs and shapes, as well as there are different materials to be used in making the knife handle. The finest materials for handle making are metal, wood, aluminum, and plastic, etc. However, it would help if you prefer giving you a strong grip to use the knife accurately to perform your task.

• Design Features, Such as Locking System and Additional Tools

Of course, you should also take a look at the features and specs of the knife. The best pocket knife is surely the one that has a locking mechanism. It will ensure the safe use of it as the blade will lock in the open position, by this means, preventing the blade from folding in on your hand during use. So, don’t miss out on it!

Basic Dos and Don'ts of Pocket Knives You Should Know

Always remember that safe handling and take care of any knife is the essential thing. Here are some dos and don’ts you should consider if you own one of the cool knives:


  • Keep your knife sharp. Dull blades are truly more harmful than sharp ones.
  • Please keep it in a safe place where kids won’t have access to it.
  • Take care of its maintenance so that it can last for long.
  • Unluckily, if there is a crack or it starts to break, discard it to protect yourself from any injury.


  • Don't use it just like a toy.
  • Avoid throwing it in the dirt or rocks.
  • While using it, don't cut towards yourself. It can hurt you.

Cheap Pocket Knives - Get What You Pay For

Though there are no hard rules or guidelines to follow here, keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. That being said, you can generally choose a decent knife for $40 to $60. Well, there are also cheap knives, but it does not mean they are of poor quality. You can find a good quality pocket knife at a cheap price if you do some research. You can also visit Knife Import to find cheap pocket knives.


No doubt, a pocket knife is the most versatile tool to use for your certain needs. Finding the best one is definitely a challenge with so many designs and styles out there today. So, make sure you do thorough research and get to know all the important things about them before making a purchase. However, if you are looking for the best deals to buy pocket knives for sale in bulk for business purposes, you can explore the wholesale knives collection at Knife Import.

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