Brass Knuckle Knife for Sale

There is no place across the world which is totally safe. Therefore, you should get ready to protect yourself from the attackers at any place. Regardless of a number of defensive tools, a knife is the preferred self defense tool for those who feel that being attacked is serious business. It is also the right type of defensive product for those who can take care of themselves and have some combat training. If you are one of them and trying to decide what kind of knife to use, then Brass Knuckle Knife is the popular choice to carry for self defense purposes.

Today, in this article, we will give the answers to questions that come to your mind while considering owning a brass knuckle knife.

1. What is a Knife with Brass Knuckle Called?

The knife with brass knuckle is a perfect companion for outdoorsmen because it is considered a defensive tool. The best feature that makes it prominent is that it possesses a knuckle along with a knife. This two in one feature makes it a must-have for everyone who goes outside regularly. It is perfect for protecting the users in close combats as they need to insert their fingers in the knuckle and close their fist to attack the opponent with the knife handle. This is also called a trench knife, knuckle knife, or knuckle duster knife.

2. What is the Difference Between Knuckle Knife and Trench Knife?

There is no difference between the two. Both are the same, and manufacturing companies use these terms interchangeably. A knuckle knife or trench knife is a combat knife, originally fabricated to kill or to make the opponent grimly incapacitate at close distances. If you look at the past, during the first World War, it was manufactured for military persons so that they used it as close combat weapons to conduct assaults and raids on enemy trench lines.

Later, in the second World War, the trench knife also referred to as a combat knife, proved so valuable, and then with time, it was getting evolved and becoming famous in the general public. Today, these traditional knives are cool knives that can be used for various purposes, mainly for self-defense.

3. Are Brass Knuckle Knives Deadly?

Yeah, it might be! How dangerous a brass knuckle knife typically depends on its make. Modern knuckle knives are made up of stainless steel, and metal materials considered the most robust materials. When it comes to the usage, all you need is one solid punch and then instant use of the knife blade. Yes, that is it; the fight could be over. But keep in mind the hit using a knuckle handle is extremely painful. A powerful hit to the face, skull, or back can cause severe injury, if not death. This is because that brass knuckles are the great combat weapons till now.

4. Are Brass Knuckle Knives Good for Self Defense?

Of course! We believe that the knives with brass knuckles are perfect for self defense purposes. They are considered lethal and non-lethal self defense weapons. You can give a solid punch to the opponent using the brass knuckle without killing him.

If you have a folding brass knuckle knife, then you can carry it secretly and use it at the time of need. Furthermore, another thing that makes it an ultimate defensive weapon is that it can’t be used against you. For instance, if you throw this deadly weapon against the opponent, he will not be able to use it against you because all you do is run away from them.

5. What Is the Popular Type of a Knuckle Knife?

Modern knuckle knives come in different sizes, styles, and colors as well. So, it is quite easy to choose the one that needs you.

One of the best brass knuckle knives is the folding one. It comes with a razor-sharp blade and a thumb stud to open the blade quickly. It is easy to carry and use, as well. You can keep it in your pocket because of its folding form, and when it comes to knife use, you need to hold it through its knuckle that gives you a strong grip.

6. Is a Brass Knuckle Knife Illegal?

In the United States, brass knuckles or similar devices are prohibited from purchasing or/and possession in some states such as Vermont, New York, California, and Texas.

However, in many states, these products are legal and can be purchased if you are 18 or above. You can buy them at flea markets or even online. Some states such as South California don’t allow to have these products if you intend to commit a crime; hence, you can own them for self defense purposes.

Furthermore, brass knuckle knives are considered weapons in some states, so you need to get a local authority permit if you want to use one. Well, if you want to get one, you should look at cool knives for sale at Knife Import.

7. Are Knuckle Knives Expensive?

As compared to regular self defense knives, they are quite expensive. Prices vary from one design to another. With a little bit of research, you can find a cheap one that meets your budget. However, saving money on these types of knives is to look at wholesale knives on Knife Import. Yes, here you can buy cheap knives and save a huge amount.


Above, we have answered all the important questions about a brass knuckle knife, which usually come to mind while buying it. Whatever you call it a knuckle duster knife or trench knife, it is great to keep yourself protected in any danger.

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