If you have ever seen a pair of brass knuckles, you will know they are classic weapons. They are worn in your hands and are made to protect your knuckles from any impact or harm. Keeping that in mind, you can always ensure that you wear brass knuckles as firmly on your fingers as possible. Knuckles take a little getting used to but they are easy to handle. You can slip them on, one finger at a time, like a multi-fingered ring, and fix them on your knuckles. Then you can clench your fist and keep the flat edge of the knuckles facing outside. For anyone who has ever used knuckles, the idea is to keep your hand protected from any kind of impact. These are primarily fighting or punching weapons, so securing your knuckles is important.

The History Of Brass Knuckles

While they might seem like such ancient weapons now, knuckles are still pretty relevant. If you look at the way that they are made, they are simple and solid. But looking on the other side, there are also the most impactful weapons you can get if you know how to use them. There is a reason that they are still around after so long. Brass knuckles go back as far as the 12th Century where they were found in Asia as well as Europe. They were used in China, India, and Rome and were primary self defense weapons for soldiers. All kinds of fighters used these weapons for protection and to tackle an enemy on the ground directly.

Knuckle weapons were staples for all kinds of soldiers to take care of the duels and altercations. In the battleground, knuckles provided added protection as well as safety when handling swords or punching.

Eventually, brass knuckles became pretty common for soldiers to use until guns were invented. But the idea of the knuckle weapon didn’t entirely go away. In World War I, there was a revival of knuckle knives, made from attaching blades to knuckle weapons. These were known as trench knives and became increasingly popular for self-defense during that time. Even after the war, this trend continued and can still be found in limited shops as fancy weapons. But the way that we would view brass knuckles as self defense weapons is very different. Where we have so many gadgets to protect us, knuckles are more like backups. But despite that, they do what they are designed to do pretty well.

How Do Self Defense Knuckles Work?

In this day and age, it is hard to imagine brass knuckles being your top priority weapon. But the truth of the matter is, when it comes to self defense, most people are not equipped to handle technical gadgets. Brass knuckles are suitable in a way that they are simple and easy to master. They don’t require any maintenance and with a little practice, they can help you keep safe all the time. So, what is it that knuckles can actually do for you?

If you have ever seen a knuckle weapon, it is designed to fit four or two fingers, typically. These finger rings are made in order to give you a better grip so the weapon doesn’t fall off your hands. The second thing is that finger rings are broad and meant to cover your knuckles evenly. The real trick to using brass knuckles is in landing a solid punch. If you can use it to disarm someone or throw them off, it can be used successfully in self defense.

The key to using a knuckle is to make sure you can cause maximum pain to your opponent. The knuckles are made from brass and other metals to have more impact. You should start by wearing the knuckles and getting used to their weight. You should also learn how to throw punches with them to know the position where you can cause the most impact.

If you are cornered in an assault, punch your opponent on the jaw, neck or head. Any bony area like elbows and shoulders will work too to deter them from harming you.

In the event that you are grabbed from behind, bend over and aim for the knees or shins. You will always get better force if you punch someone in their weaker areas or joints. This way, you won't stay in the tackle too long and break free.

If someone tries to choke you or grab you from the front, punch in the stomach or throat. Knuckle weapons can have a high impact when they are used for physically weakening someone. A solid punch in with the knuckles can also cause muscle disruption, bruising and blunt force trauma.

The Reimagining Of Real Brass Knuckles

There are so many ways that brass knuckles can be used in self defense. But even with the classic versions, there is much innovation we can do. If you look for legit knuckle weapons, you will find solid contraptions. You will also find the more modern versions of platinum and stainless steel that will be stronger and more durable.

But in the list of the best brass knuckles, another one you will find are the cat knuckles. Named after the jagged edges coming out of the two-fingered knuckles, these are made for self defense for women. Cat knuckles are good for stabbing, slashing, and gauging someone who tries to harass or assault you. It is useful in kidnapping to dissuade and escape your captor. If you look at brass knuckles now, they are even more relatable than they were years ago. They are one of the few weapons that have transitioned into accessories because of their design. You will also find in the market a range of brass knuckle jewelry, accents, ornaments, and decoration pieces.

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