Throwing Knives

So, you want to learn how to throw a throwing knife? Well, as fast and brief as can be, there are so many ground rules of becoming a knife thrower. For example, you need to know to select a kunai knife, how to grip it and how to throw it carefully. For getting the answers to all these questions, we have come up with this masterpiece of content. So, read it till the end and start throwing a knife like a pro!

Throwing Knives

A throwing knife is specially designed to throw proficiently. This kind of knives are not lightweight, but they are really durable and don’t break easily. Well, what makes them so interesting is that it is simple yet challenging. There are numerous styles of throwing knives, and the uses for such weapons can vary from being a sport to hobby or combat skills, or even for entertainment by different organizations.

How to Choose a Throwing Knife?

No matters whatever your purpose is to learn to use throwing knives, the art of throwing is extremely difficult. To get trained in throwing, you need one of the most fundamental tools humankind has benefited from for thousands of years and that is a knife. As nowadays, a lot of variety of such knives has come into the market, it is advised to choose a quality one for throwing art.

The type of knife you selected will have a great effect on how much you are capable to revel in knife throwing. A real kunai knife might be one of the best throwing knives. Hence, bear in mind that it doesn’t have a separate handle; it is one-piece construction and particularly designed for penetration of a target.

Here are some factors that you should consider while looking for throwing knives for sale:

Size: Knives that are approximately 12-16 inches are the good ones. The reason is that they are not too big and not so small. Thus, they are perfect to throw harder.

Balance: One of the key points of throwing a knife is controlling its spin. Well, a good spin on the knife is developed when you throw its heaviest part first. So, the balance of knife matters. An unbalanced knife could be your choice, but if you are at the beginner level, choose a balanced one.

Edge: For beginners, blunt-edged blades are the best to choose. Furthermore, sharp-edged knives are not allowed to use in competitions or at other social establishments. So, if you really want sharp-edged blades, switch only after you have practiced some skills of throwing blunt-edged knives.

Throwing Knives Set: Prefer to buy a throwing knives set instead of buying one by one. Normally, a set contains 3 pieces, while you can find up to 6 in a set. Most of the beginners go for a 3-piece set.

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How to Grip a Kunai Knife?

Keep in mind the hammer grip is the easiest and most reliable. As you are a beginner, this grip is highly recommended for you until you have not mastered it. Just hold the knife firmly around the handle near your knuckles as you would hold a hammer handle. Close your four fingers around the handle and lift your thumb off of your fisted grip and then place it alongside the blade. This would be the blunt-edged spine. Don’t forget, blunt edges are for beginners. Nevertheless, safety comes at first, so you don’t really want to risk slicing up your hands.

How to Throw a Knife?

The majority of knife throwers are right-handed. Therefore, here the throw will be considered for a right-handed person. Well, to throw a kunai knife like a pro, you should follow some instructions as given below:

Step 1- At the start, hold the knife on the tip side to be fixed between the thumb and index finger. Remember, the tip should be pointed at the palm. This is why sharpened edges knives are not recommended because they can injure your hands. Conversely, if you have a sharp-edge knife, glide the blade along with your palm and hold it with your thumb and two fingers.

Step 2- Stand with your shoulders upright keeping a foot a step back from the other one. If you want to throw with your right hand, step your right foot ahead and left one is on the back-side and do the reverse if you are willing to throw a knife with your left hand.

Step 3- Position both your arms at the goal and stick the eyes on the target point.

Step 4- Just lift your throwing arm smoothly straight upward and then move it back so that the knife will come at the back of your head.

Step 5- Throw the knife forward quickly. As you move your arm down promptly, place your weight from the back foot to the front foot.

Step 6- Uphold your wrist in a straight line and make your shoulder immovable all through the knife throwing motion. Thus, just one arm should be in motion.

Step 7- Release the knife when it reaches the discharge point.

Step 8- Move slowly. Carry on moving the throwing arm next to the changed path after you release the knife. This step will assist the knife to reach the target.

Things to Do While Practicing Knife Throwing

Below are some things you should try to do when practicing these cool knives:

  • Choose different targets including long and short distances.
  • Try to use different blades. Once you master one throwing knife from different distances, switch to a different one. With the passage of time, you will be able to choose a random blade and to throw it perfectly without a thought. In that way, you will be a pro of the knife throwing art.
  • Safety is one of the major concerns while throwing a knife. So, wear hard shoes so that if you lose the grip on the handle, it could not hurt your feet. More, you can also use protective eye gear.
  • Also, stay away from other people and don’t throw at something that could cause the knife to bounce and hit you.
  • The kunai knife is one of the most suggested throwing knives.

Final Words

It is true that different knife throwing techniques have been adopted by several cultures across the wolf with different styles of knife. Hence, if you want to be a pro thrower, follow the above guide. If you need to purchase a high-quality kunai knife, simply look at the knives for sale collection at Knife Import. Once you get your hands on your favorite one, be safe and have fun learning this unique art.

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