Wooden Sword

There are countless martial arts styles found around the world, while each one has its own distinctive purpose and origin. Well, sword fighting is a popular martial art. It is considered a demanding art. Students, who want to learn it, can start by enrolling themselves in a Japanese martial arts training school where sword training is given. They start training with teaching different sword arts to the students and the basics of handling different types of swords. Hence, the wooden sword training is the most used one. In this article, you will get to know about some different techniques taught at the schools, moreover, you will know about some popular types of practice swords.

What Style of Sword Fighting is Best for You?

Start by asking yourself, do you want to ensure self defense or do you want to compete? Do you want to part of something more spiritual or more combative? Many training schools offer a little of both, but you should understand that the primary martial art style of school sets the tone for the instruction. If this primary style is a traditional sword fighting art- it may seriously affect the self defense instruction. Below we have three martial arts styles in which you can learn sword fighting. So, take a look at them and choose one according to your choices.


It is a common term that is used for all martial arts. In this technique, students learn the combative swordsmanship. Well, the modern form of kenjustu has been taught in the classes of modern styles of kendo and iaido nowadays. Though it was originated by the Samurai class of feudal Japan, it means “the technique of sword”.


In general way, it is opposite to the kenjustu as this term is used for “way of sword”. This technique teaches discipline and sword fighting as well. Bamboo sword is used in this technique. However, kendo is very challenging and practiced by wearing ancient styled Japanese clothes, shinai, and armor for protection. Nowadays, it is broadly practiced in Japan and many other countries across the world.


It is another popular martial art in which students learn sword fighting. It puts emphasis on making you aware and capable of instantly drawing the sword and responding to a sudden attack from the opponent. The iaido art is associated with the smooth drawing of sword from sheath in controlled manner and then using it to get rid of opponent, cleaning blood off the blade and lastly placing it back in the sheath.

However, beginners may start learning iaido techniques with a wooden sword. Some of the instructors also prefer using the blunt-edged sword named iaito. Conversely, at professional level, you can opt for a sharp-edged one, like shinken.

Training Swords Used in Martial Arts

No one can use real swords perfectly without any practice because they can be harmful for the users. So, at the beginning level, training is given using a wooden sword. Nowadays, there are so many training swords available in the market, which are helpful to make you a pro.

Some of them used by martial artists to start training, they are mentioned below. It is also quite essential to pair the right sword with the right fighting style. For instance, a sword that is too large or too heavy may obstruct your practice and even can harm you or your opponent. Similarly, if you have a small sword, it might be difficult while practicing your chosen martial art style. Thus, take your time and go for the right one.

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It is a wooden practice sword mostly used in Kendo. It is typically made using long bamboo sticks which are strongly attached together with the help of a string. Conversely, modern shinai comes in different sizes and styles, so you can choose one according to your desires.


It is another wooden sword which is usually used for training purposes in martial arts. It generally looks like katana while sometimes it is shaped like other swords. Naturally, it is made up of Asian red oak, but if you are at a beginner level, you may use foam sparring bokken. It is generally used in kenjutsu but may also be used in Iaido.


It is one of the practice swords used in Iaido. Well, keep in mind wooden or unsharpened katana is used for training. It is a curvy, long, single-edged sword that is considered one of the famous Japanese swords for fighting purposes.


It is an advanced metal practice sword without a cutting edge. It is also known as the replica of real katana, so it can be used if you want to practice. However, it is commonly used for practicing Iaido.

Note: Shinai is mostly used for sword training instead of bokken or katana because of safety reasons.

Hence, you should always remember that safety is very much important while practicing any martial art. So, training is started with safe weapons. Moreover, lots of practice is required in order to master a technique before starting work with real swords.

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Final Words

So, in the last, when you are ready to learn sword fighting technique, you must decide from a number of various styles such as kendo, kenjustu and Iaido/Iaijutsu etc. Once the choice has been made, we can then move to the second step. Then you will most likely need to buy a sword that is associated with the style you selected. You can consider buying the above-mentioned wooden swords. Hence, after getting your needed one, you should do continuous practice and be a pro in your favorite martial art!

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