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You might be a martial artist or just someone really obsessed with martial arts; otherwise, why would you be here reading about how to choose the best Bo Staff? Another possibility does exist, where you are a retailer and looking for wholesale martial arts staff for sale. However, we will be assuming that you are just another enthusiast looking for some cool martial arts weapons.

In case you came looking to buy a cheap bo staff, you are in the right place. Because is all about providing cool knives, swords, and various types of martial arts weapons to its patrons at cheap wholesale prices. You will find any bow staff here made out of varying materials. Just look around our vast inventory of wholesale martial arts and ninja weapons and pick out the best bo staff for yourself at the cheapest rate!

Why Do You Need a Bo Staff?

First of all, you should know that there are various situations in which different types of martial arts staff are required. We will go over those circumstances before moving on to the topic of picking the right bo staff for yourself, and they are as follows:

• Freestyle Bo Staff Training

This means that you are trying to learn freestyle forms, moves, and techniques to perhaps participate in amateur competitions. You will need a bow staff that is light and easy to handle for a beginner. We recommend learning the martial arts staff basics. It would help if you looked for the small and lightweight toothpick bo staff. It will help you train without any extra effort.

• High-Level Training or Competitions

If you are training to become a star in the martial arts world and want to become famous among fighting schools by showing your bo fighting techniques in high-level competitions, such as the World Championships, then you require a martial arts weapon with an edge. It would help if you got a demo or graphite bo staff to help you stand out from the others.

• Strength or Traditional Training

Your aim could be to develop your upper body strength or become a master by practicing with a traditional martial arts bo staff. In that case, all these lightweight weapons will not do the trick for you. You will need a heavy, strong, and battle-ready wooden staff made with real oak wood.

• Sparring or Training Bo

Obviously, it’s not to train with a wooden staff while you are a beginner and practicing your moves (by yourself or with a partner). Because anyone could get hurt with a wooden stick intended to be used as a weapon. So, get a foam bo staff that is padded up so that no blow on your or anyone else’s body has any effect.

• Self Defense

There are versions of this martial arts weapon available in the market that can be used for self-defense, such as the retractable or collapsible bo staff. Thus, if you want to feel safe out there at all times, then buy and carry an extendable bo staff as soon as possible.

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Choosing the Best Bo Staff

Fair warning! We will be talking about picking the best martial arts staff for yourself and not comparing the quality of the material from which it is made. So, given below are a few steps that you can follow to get the perfect staff weapon for your personal use:

  • Never Get a Bo Measuring Equal to Your Height or Longer: This is very important that you pick a bo staff smaller in size than your actual height. Otherwise, it will not be possible to practice with it while keeping your hands level with the ground. You will have trouble doing the basic techniques like wrist rolls, spins, sweeps, and even low strikes.
  • Pick a Fighting Staff According to Your Needs: As mentioned previously in this blog, you need to know why you are buying a staff weapon. Because if you have no idea, then there is always a good chance that you will not be getting the best bo staff for the required use.

For example, you might end up buying the oak bo staff for a competition in which you need to make flashy moves with the stick. Now, what you needed for the demo were the light and cool looking graphite bo staff. Not the heavy one you got, made from wood, thus not the right choice of weapon.

  • Don’t Buy a Two-Piece Bo Staff for Traditional Use: As this type of staff, the weapon is assembled after screwing together two different pieces; they can get uneven and have chances of breaking apart easily. So, never buy it for traditional bo martial arts fighting!
  • A Normal Smooth Stick Can Work as Well: You don’t really have to buy the martial arts staff in case you don’t really need a proper one as you can always use a light pole or broomstick to fill in for one of the real martial arts staff for sale out there.

Where Can I Buy Martial Arts Staff Weapon?

There are plenty of ways you can acquire yourself the right bo staff, but the following are some of the obvious options:

  • You Can Buy One from a Local Store with Martial Arts Supplies: Even though they are quite hard to find in smaller cities, but you can come across martial arts supply stores easily in a bigger one.
  • Buy Martial Arts Staff Online: Quickest and easiest way to acquire your weapon is through online stores that have put up the best bo staff for sale on their platforms.
  • Your Martial Arts School: There are high chances that the martial arts academy you train in offers wholesale martial arts staff to their students, as most academics do. So, avoid buying it from a normal retailer and get a cheap staff weapon after checking with your martial arts club.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article until the end and learned a lot about picking the best bo staff for practicing your martial arts skills. Also, keep frequenting Knife Import to read more informative blogs and articles on martial arts weapons. Thanks for stopping by, will see you next time, until then—goodbye!

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