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At what point people start thinking about making their own ninja stars? When perfectly good industrialized versions of a product are available in the market. In those times when money is scarce or you have got a passion for DIY projects. That’s why we have dedicated today’s blog to all the ninja weapons enthusiasts that want to know how to make a ninja star all on their own.

There are easy ways and then there are the hard ones. You will know about them all as you go through the blog. But before going into further detail, we have to tell you what other options you have and how you can skip on doing the hard work in case you are trying to save money by making throwing stars at home.

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Now, if you are still pumped about making your own ninja throwing stars, then the only thing we can do is to guide you properly on how to fashion the cool ninja weapon while avoiding any mistakes along the way.

Common Ways to Make a Ninja Star

Most individuals are not even looking to make a real ninja star. During our research for this blog, we found that a large portion of search results regarding the term “how to make a ninja star” return you articles on making the weapon with paper. Yes! You might have come across a few of them yourself before finding our piece on the topic.

Anyhow, we can assume people mostly look for information on how to make an origami throwing star, over a real one. It’s totally understandable! Because often it’s the kids who want to play around with the famous ninja weapon and, let’s admit it, paper is the safest material to make a shuriken.

What do you say? Do you want to find out how you can make some for yourself? Well, ready or not, here we go:

Steps to Fold an Origami Ninja Star (Using Paper)

Things you need beforehand: 2 A4 pages or origami paper (different color) and a pair of scissors.

1. Acquire Two Pieces of Square Paper: You need to make two square pieces out of the pages or paper you prepared before starting.

  • Lay your full rectangular paper flat against a hard surface in a horizontal position. Hold one corner of the paper and fold it in such a way that it touches the opposite edge, making a triangle shape. You will notice you have a triangle shape along with a rectangular portion left untouched. Cut or tear out the rectangular piece of paper.
  • In case you are not using two different colored papers then go ahead and cut two equal rectangles from one square piece. Otherwise follow the next step!

2. Fold the Square Pieces to Obtain Rectangular Ones: Take your square pieces then fold them once, make a crease and then cut out equal sized rectangular pieces.

  • In case you are using origami (one colored side) paper then keep the non-colored side up.
  • In case you have same color paper, you will have to make some pattern to differentiate between the two sides.

You will end up with two rectangles with each paper, so four in total.

3. Keep 2 Rectangle Pieces: You will only need one piece from each different colored paper, while keeping the other two for future use to make another ninja star. You can use the same color paper pieces but we are not, so proceed on your own free will.

4. Fold the Rectangle Pieces in Half: Now, you are going to vertically fold your rectangle paper pieces, which is referred to as the hot dog style or a book fold. If you are using an A4 paper then your shuriken can end up being longer, so you can shorten it accordingly.

  • Still, keep in mind having more helps in making a ninja star much more easily.
  • Ensure that both the folded pieces are of equal length after you are done folding.

5. Fold the Rectangles Further in Half but on a Horizontal Crease: This is called the hamburger style fold, once you are done folding make a crease and then unfold. As you have to use the newly made crease as a guideline to create further folds with ease.

  • By now you should have two rectangles folded with a valley fold making its way horizontally in the mid-section of each piece.

6. Make Cross Folds on your Rectangles: This step is important so follows each instruction with full concentration. Also, ensure that you fold both pieces opposite to one another.

  • For paper1: Take its bottom right corner and fold it up to the left to make a crease. Then grab the upper left corner and fold it down to the right so it meets the crease at the center. You should end up with a backward shape of the letter “Z”.
  • Now for paper2: repeat the instructions but instead do everything opposite. Instead of grabbing the lower right corner, go for the left and while folding go to the right if it says left, and vice versa, in the instructions for paper1.
  • If you succeeded, you now have two mirroring “Z” shaped pieces of paper.

7. Flip Over Both Pieces of Paper and Form Triangles: Now, flip the papers so that the newly created folds are facing downwards.

  • With each piece of paper, first grab the top outermost corner and fold it diagonally to form a triangle.
  • Do the same for the bottom part to make similar triangles.

8. Fold Left Triangle in Both Pieces Inward: Make sure you are doing this while keeping the pieces of paper mirrored to each other. Now, fold the triangles inwards in such a manner that the new fold lays over the middle slanted triangle of the folded papers.

9. Fold the Right Triangle Part on Both Paper: After you are done folding the right triangle portions, you will now have two separate parallelograms with two triangles each overlain on top.

  • If everything went right, you should have two diamond shaped pieces when triangles are folded up.

10. Flip Paper2 Over: You are now very close to assembling your cool ninja star. Flipping over paper2 will leave you with one piece of paper having flaps facing upwards while the other will have its flaps facing down.

11. Open the Flaps of Both Pieces: Position paper1 in such a way that it resembles the letter “Z” with flaps pointing upwards. While place the paper2 with flaps facing downwards. Keep in mind both pieces of paper should remain perpendicular to one another at this point (making a cross sign).

12. Tuck the Triangular Flaps into Opposite Piece’s Folds: You are almost there! All you have to do is grab the tip of each triangular flap on paper1 and tuck it into the top pocket of paper2.

  • Repeat the same step for paper2 after flipping the existing piece and tucking the flaps into the pockets of paper1.

13. Congratulations! You Have Your Paper Shuriken.

How to Throw a Ninja Star?

Real ninja weapons are not something you can play around with. However, the newly made is just paper, so let us explain the simple way of throwing origami ninja star:

  • First, grab and hold the shuriken by one of its tips vertically
  • Then, point the back of your hand in the direction you want to make the throw
  • Now, flick your wrist
  • And, release the ninja star

Easy wasn’t it? The steps were simple only because it’s not one of the real throwing stars for sale in the market. Otherwise you will have to practice extreme caution and learn better techniques to throw a ninja star.

Other Ways to Fashion Cool Ninja Throwing Stars

In today’s blog, we provided steps on how to make this weapon with paper (because it's a harmless and fun activity). However, you can fashion yourself cool ninja stars with various other materials. A few other ways are making throwing stars with:

  • Plastic Bottle Cap
  • Paper Clips
  • Plastic knives
  • Office supplies (such as X-acto blade)
  • Binder rings
  • Duct Tape
  • Door nails
  • Old CD
  • Tin can
  • Sheet metal
  • Thin wood

Number of these materials can help you make real ninja stars, which can pierce through wood and other thin metal sheets. However, possessing such a dangerous ninja weapon can go against your state laws. Therefore, before even thinking about making cool throwing stars, or buying them, you must check whether your state allows you to carry them or not. Keeping up with laws and regulations regarding your favorite ninja weapons for sale never hurts!

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We feel it’s important to mention that creating cool weapons with proper blades is never easy. Even if you make them yourself, it can cost you more than you can imagine. So, we hope that you will look through over never ending list of cheap ninja weapons to buy one or more throwing stars for yourself. We are sure you will thank us for telling you this at a later time!

Finally, we are going to end our blog for today and hope that you made the best ninja star you could out of paper. Until next time-- goodbye!

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