When you are dealing with tools that can be potentially harmful, you have to be careful. No matter how big or small, all knives are like that and they need to be dealt with caution. In this case, when you look at firefighter knives, they are easier to operate but can be tricky. The basic thing is that most firefighter knives are meant for swift use so the speed is primal. There isn’t much technique involved, just a little presence of mind that’s all. Almost all knives used for rescue are made to open with spring and click back in. That mechanism is known as a spring assisted opening system which keeps the blade in check. You have a small spring that loads the blade into the handle and keeps it there until clicked open. So when you’re done using it, you have to click it back into the handle until you hear the soft click. That would be the indication that it won’t spring back open and you can keep it safe from there.

The Specialty of All Rescue Knives

You have surely used one or another kind of knife in your life. We all know what they are and how they work, but rescue knives are a little different. They are pocket knives for starters so they are compact and can be carried around easily. The other thing is that they are folding knives that have the blade secure in the handle. They need to be pried open or folded out to be in use so they don’t cut anyone otherwise. The best thing is that almost all rescue knives have extra tools in them that help in emergencies. In a firefighter knife, you will find a grade-A blade that can cut through belts and jimmy open locks. They often also have LED lights so firefighters can navigate through smoke and power outages. Another really cool feature in the firefighter rescue knife is glass breakers and belt cutters. No matter where a rescue mission occurs, you can use the knife to make your way through. Most of the time when people are trapped in burning buildings, they get suffocated to death. Firefighters use glass breakers to regulate airflow and also release the trapped smoke and soot. There is a higher rate of rescue if the right kind of equipment is used and it is convenient to carry.

What Is The Best Knife For A Firefighter?

There should be nothing but the best that should be given to the heroes that save our lives. Firefighters have extremely challenging jobs and to make it easier they need the right tools. As for the knives that they use, there are luckily many options that can work. But for the best performance, a specific firefighter pocket knife should be used.

For all the most action-packed stuff, you can rely on Tac Force as the best brand. They specialize in making rescue knives that perfectly suit the taxing firefighting job. One of the best blades they have to offer is the Tac-Force Spring Assisted Tactical Knife with LED Light. Not only does it have the more than necessary LED light for navigation but other features as well. It comes with a serrated edge that works well as a seat belt cutter. It also has a glass breaker built in the handle so firefighters can smash windows to rescue people. While this knife will do wonders for anyone in this field, there are plenty of other options as well. You can also opt for the 4.5 Inch Mtech Rescue Knife with Fire Fighter Medallion on Handle. With an even stronger handle and rubberized grip this knife will give you more control. It also comes with a semi-serrated edge for cutting belts and trapped ropes. It features a strong glass breaker to access fire extinguishers and retrieve trapped people.

Other Utilities Of Rescue Knives You Didn’t Know

Disaster can strike anywhere at any time, so it’s always good to be prepared. Even if there is no immediate need for a tool, it’s always good to carry one. Before getting into that, there are a few more professions that can benefit from rescue knives.

Another group of people who help save our lives is medics and EMTs who work with accidents. All kinds of the medical staff that work in the city can use a good knife for different measures. For instance in traffic accidents, rescue knives are good for cutting seat belts and rescuing victims. In the case of a trapped person under debris, cutting off their clothes can free them from the blockage. Knives are also useful for cleaning wounds and creating makeshift bandages from cloth. In case of an emergency, pocket knives are also useful for performing surgeries as last resorts.

Adventure travellers know that the wilderness can be an unpredictable place. There is so much that can go wrong without meaning to because it’s man vs the wild. In that case, it is always advisable to keep some form of blade or weapon with you. A good pocket knife can help you in self defense as well as survival training. You can use it to protect yourself against wild animals and treat any injuries that occur. Additionally, pocket knives can help make shelters, make firewood from kindling and source food.

The best thing about any pocket knife is that they make excellent fighting knives because they’re small. They are easy to disguise and convenient enough to use for self-defense. You can very well carry them in your daily routine to tackle any misfortune that might come your way.

Are Rescue Knives Legal For Ordinary People?

While there has always been a debate about the legality of owning knives, the law is straightforward. Since knives are such an integral part of all kinds of tasks, they are not illegal. Of course, when used in criminal activity they are more questions as they are proper weapons. When it comes to rescuing knives, there is no restriction on civilians to use them for self-defense. Since they are equipped with rescue tools they can actually be useful in case of unforeseen emergencies. The federal laws allow the use of any knife that has a blade shorter than 3.5 inches. Since most rescue knives are pocket blades, they are smaller in size and hence legal to use.

Where To Buy Cool Knives For Sale And Collection?

Whether you are a noble medic or a brave firefighter or a traveller, you are undoubtedly cool. Then why shouldn’t you have access to the coolest gadgets and weapons to help you? Knives are commonly found in the market but for extreme professions, you need only the best. And the best firefighting knives are available at Knife Import online knife store. It is one of the most well-stocked and prolific knife stores in the country. If you are looking for good value, this is where you go to find it.

When you are into collecting weapons, you need to find the best ones there are. There is no point in getting something that will neither appreciate in value or outlook. With many different knives, there is a limited choice of design, but not with pocket knives. They are not only compact and easy to carry but also highly customizable for everyone. The small handle and the nifty blade is made for everyday use and it can be a real attraction. For people who like knives, pocket blades are excellent collectibles because you get unending variety. Unlike your local market, Knife Import offers wholesale knives for resale to its customers. Not only is that good for people looking for affordable blades, but also for avid collectors.

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You can also find a very large variety of eclectic designs that will appeal to collectors. If your purpose for collecting knives is more for show than usage, pocket knives are ideal for that. They often have the craziest designs on their handles and quirky blades as well. Thanks to the modification of the classic pocket knife, you get a large range of graphic designs.

The best thing about all the knives at Knife Import is that they are light on the pocket. If you buy more than one, you will need to reign in on your spending usually. But thanks to their wholesale knives collection, you can not only buy but also sell forward. So look up their vast collection and choose the blade that suits your work ethic and activities.