Tactical Pocket Knife

Being an outdoorsman and a big fan of wilderness, it is important to make sure the correct pocket knife for your outdoor experiences. Picking up the right blade can save you from a lot of problems and help to ensure that you have the right one for what you need. One of the most common pocket knives you are knowing about that is the tactical pocket knife. It comes at the top of the list of best folding knives because it makes you able to do several tactics from camping to hunting. So, continue reading the below-discussed information about it!

What Does a Tactical Knife Mean?

It is commonly referred to as a combat knife. Tactical knives have been found for so many years and were handing over to soldiers and army personnel as a weapon to be used during close combat. Hence, with the passage of time, they have been revolved and become popular because of their strength and ease of use. Now, there are many different kinds of tactical knives available in the market, which can be used for numerous other tasks in different situations, not just combat situations.

Tactical Pocket Knife - The Best Folding Knife for Multi Purposes

When people make out the term tactical pocket knife, they often think about combat or fighting knives issued by the military. This is undoubtedly correct; they were typically offered to soldiers for close combat situations. Still, they are used by military men, police forces, fire departments, and rescue units. Nevertheless, because of their new distinctive features and types, they are now sold as general utility knives to the general public. With modern folding knives, people are becoming capable of doing the outdoors things, for instance, they can cut ropes and branches, carve the firewood, trim the brushes, be used to capture and prepare food, as well as for self defense. That clearly means that the tactical pocket knife is the best folding knife that can be practically used in numerous outdoor situations.

How to Choose the Best Tactical Folding Knife?

Though there are many distinct types of tactical folding knives out there, they also come with different functionalities which make them the best choice for all outdoorsmen. Hence, due to their versatility, it can be a little bit difficult to choose the best tactical knife for your situation or need. So, you should consider some important aspects while selecting one. Some of them are discussed below! Check them out and don’t ignore pocket knives for sale at KnifeImport.com if you want to have the best tactical folding knife.

1. Knife Types

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the blade of knife. As we told above that a lot of varieties of such knives can be found in the market, keep in mind that almost every tactical pocket knife has a single blade. But, the blade types might be different. So, you should have some information about them before choosing one. In this way, you will be able to make an informed decision that would be a perfect match to your needs and likings as well. So, below are some blade types to look for:

Folding Knife: It is basically a pocket knife that is small in size and the blade can be folded inside its handle. Because of this, it can be easily carried and concealed in your pocket or purse. Moreover, such types of knives come with different blade designs such as smooth, curved, or serrated blades which help you to perform several outdoor tasks.

Fixed Blade Knife: It is robust and larger as compared to the ordinary tactical pocket knife. A fixed blade does not get folded as it is fixed into the handle, and it is generally covered with a sheath. In addition, bear in mind that every knife is fabricated with a specific purpose, for example tactical hunting knives.

Full Tang Knife: It is typically a continuous piece of metal where the blade is prolonged into the handle. It is more durable and long-lasting as it is made of high-quality metal. As well, it never gets loose or breaks off because the handle and blade are not separately connected. Similar to others, before picking up this kind of blade, you need to make sure whether you need it like you want a particular knife for hunting or an ordinary knife for self defense as an everyday carry tool. It will help you to understand which would be the best for your requirements.

Spring Assisted Pocket Knife: It might be the best folding knife because it features the advanced opening mechanism. Its blade is quickly opened when you just press the button or push a thumb stud. It is perfect to use with one hand. Nowadays, various types of pocket knives have this feature that makes users able to perform their tasks easily and safely.

2. Blade Shape and Size

The blade size and shape is also important to consider for many reasons. For instance, if you go for a larger knife, you may need to own a concealed carry permit in some states. Moreover, it is also important to take into consideration when trying to find that it’s suitable to perform your needed task or not. Whereas a lot of people think big size knife is better, but it’s not correct when considering the blades. Such as, if you need to use it into narrow spaces to do any task like cut branches, a big blade will not be a good choice; you must opt for the small or medium-sized blade.

Moreover, when it comes to the blade shape, you may have different choices of smooth or serrated edges. A serrated blade is a good option if you need to cut tougher materials while a smooth blade can be used for different applications. Besides these, you should look at the point of blade; either it is a straight point or drop point. As well, how is the tip of blade, either rounded tip or angled tip? By considering all these factors, you will definitely find your desired one. Don’t forget to search for cheap pocket knives at Knife Import if you have a limited budget.

3. Material

Another factor to consider when looking for cool pocket knives for sale is the matter of material. Nowadays, there are several kinds of materials using to produce such knives, such as titanium, iron, and steel, etc. However, the most common and reliable material is stainless steel as it is the sturdiest metal in the world. It is not prone to break and rust. Apart from this, for added toughness and durability, numerous top-quality blades are covered with PVD coating which makes them able to last even longer. So, you should make sure that you will always choose a knife that has steel blade.

Likewise, the handle can be manufactured with several materials such as plastic, aluminum, rubber, wood, and some other metals. Well, it is important to the best one according to your needs and affordability.

Final Words

Thus, if you are looking for the best tactical pocket knife, the good advice we can give is to make sure that it has a good quality blade, probably steel, a solid handle with good grip and has all of the safety standards you will need. If it is a folding knife, be sure it features a good lock mechanism. Whereas, if it is a fixed blade, you should ensure that it has a good-quality sheath to keep it in.

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