Best Hunting Knife

When you are packing up for your next hunting trip or any other outdoor adventure, make sure to have your hunting knife. It will be one of your most valuable and most used tool that can make or break your hunting expedition or even save your life in case of any life-threatening situation. However, choosing the right knife can be an arduous task as there is such a wide and varied amount of hunting knives in the market. So, if you're looking for the latest information on how to choose the Best Hunting Knife, then pull up a chair and buckle down. We are here to provide you with the best answer to this question.

Defining a Hunting Knife

In general words, it is a knife used during hunting for several tasks such as stabbing the game, skinning the animal, cutting up the meat, making up the fire and preparing the food, etc. Many people think the hunting knife is the same as the dagger, but it is not because it was traditionally used to kill wild games.

Conversely, most modern hunting knives are upgraded for some other uses in the wild, which outdoorsmen may use as an alternative for hatchet or machetes. Thus, there is no need to have any specific tools every time. Besides this, they are also used as weapons in many countries such as Mexico.

How to Choose the Best Hunting Knife?

It could be very personal to choose a hunting knife as you know that these cool knives come in different sizes, styles, and shapes, making the selection difficult. Therefore, you must understand your needs, what you will hunt, and what type of blade would perfectly suit your requirements. To be more exact, the knife's weight and size should perfectly match the game so that it can be wielded easily.

All at once, it should be well-made and function proficiently. On the other hand, buying a not-suited blade can turn to be just a waste of money and, of course, your precious time as well. So, below, we will discuss knife styles, blade types, and some other factors that we think are important to consider while looking for the best hunting knife.

1. Types of Knives

There are two different types of knives for sale, which are discussed below. Know about them and select one for you!

Fixed Blade Knives: Fixed blade means the blade that does not fold or slide. These knives are normally stronger, reliable, and more rugged because they extend into the handle and lack moving parts. They are perfect for hunting large games or even for any other purpose under more stressful conditions.

The best quality fixed blade knives are created using a full tang. Moreover, they are carried in a sheath on the belt, leg, or shoes. However, remember that fixed blade hunting knives are bulkier, heavier, and potentially dangerous if not handled accurately.

Folding Knives: A blade that fixes to the handle via a pivot, letting the blade folded into the handle, is called a folding knife. These knives are great EDC tools due to their compact design but keep in mind that they are not the best choice for processing large games. Modern knives are available with a one-handed opening feature that utilizes a small thumb spring indentation in the blade to place your thumbnail in to assist in the blade's opening.

Some best folding knives also have another feature that makes them safer to use, and that is a locking feature that ensures that after opening, the blade stays locked to prevent accidental closing that could harm you. Further, they are typically smaller in size so that you can carry them in your purse or even pocket easily.

2. Blade Styles

Below are three popular hunting blade’s styles to choose from:

Drop Clip Blade: It is the most popular blade style for hunting knives. It features a curved blade that drops into a point providing enough strength to the tip. This blade's design lets you complete use of the knife’s edge when cutting, instead of just the point. It is recommended for heavy tasks.

Clip Point Blade: It is thinner and flatter than the drop point blade. The clip point blade provides you greater control over the knife, and the cutting and slicing tasks will become easier than ever before.

Skinning Blade: It possesses a round, blunt shape that is appropriate for skinning and gutting games. The unique shape makes it hard to damage the skin or meat of the animal accidentally.

3. Blade Quality

No matter whatever type of hunting knife you are choosing, you must make sure the blade quality. It would help if you had a blade that is sturdy and sharp-enough for all-around services. A suggested option is a stainless steel blade that can cut through even hard things with ease, or go for carbon made blades; they are sharp enough.

4. Handle of Knife

The handle is also another important thing to consider while considering hunting knives for sale. It makes it possible to hold the knife when you are out in the woods or handling very tough materials that require slicing. So, always opt for non-slip handles that will make you capable of doing any task during a wild trip. It will also prevent you from serious injuries like accidental cuts that would truly be troublesome when you are outside the city. 

Also, you should check the handle’s material so that you can go for the quality one. Some common materials used in handle making are wood, bone, aluminum, leather, molded plastic, etc. Also, bear in mind that the newer materials also come in more colors and textures to give them a more stylish look.

5. Cost of Knife

Finally, the price is also a crucial thing that you need to consider while buying this kind of knife. There are different brands available in the market, which manufacture a diverse range of hunting knives. The prices also vary depending on the brand, type, design, and size, etc. Nevertheless, if you intend to purchase cheap knives, you search for wholesale knife deals available at Knife Import. This is the most preferred option for all those willing to buy in bulk and want to save a lot of money.

Final Words

There are literally thousands of cool knives for sale at Knife Import; therefore, you must prioritize your needs and pick up the one that best fills those needs. It is also possible to select one for multiple purposes, but most outdoors’ people have at least 2 with them when they go out. In this case, the wise option is to buy a hunting knife set that contains some different kinds of hunting blades.

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