If you are a martial art enthusiast, you perhaps know what Nunchucks are. If you are not, then they are those pairs of sticks that martial artists swing around and hurt their opponents in order to protect themselves. Being popular as one of the best martial arts weapons, they are made up of two long sticks that are in the form of a cylinder. These two sticks are joint together by a nylon cord, a metal chain, or a regular rope. If you are thinking of learning karate or martial arts, you may need to be picking up a nunchaku pretty soon. And then, you will have to prepare yourself as a pro by using this weapon properly.

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In this article, we are going to provide you with a detailed review of nunchucks, from buying to using it. This masterpiece of content will be completely helpful for you in order to keep yourself updated about this great defensive weapon. So, stay here and continue reading it!

Defining Real Nunchucks

As we defined above, nunchaku is the weapon with two sticks and a chain, rope, or cord connecting them. It is believed that they originated from Okinawa as rice flails. They are now available all across the world and used by so many people due to their versatility, amazing display, and defensive benefactors.

Different techniques of real nunchucks are taught through different martial arts such as karate and Kobudo. Hence, with these traditional techniques based on freestyle training, a number of freestylers all around the world have developed several unique techniques as the nunchakus really have unlimited potential. For instance, you can consider aerial throws and more visually fair techniques that help you increase hand speed and improve the posture, coordinating the body movement with the mind and concentration. This is why it is also popular as a training weapon.

Nevertheless, this craze got fame when the legendary Bruce Lee exhibited his nunchuck skills in his movies such as Enter the Dragon, and Feast of Fury, etc. And because of this, it is known as bruce lee nunchucks. Moreover, they are also called chain sticks, karate sticks, and Chuka sticks. In that way, they not only represent an art but also a passion and a history as well.

Beneficial Tips to Consider While Looking for Nunchucks for Sale

When it comes to choosing this weapon, it is imperative to learn as much as you can. The wrong set can seriously affect your martial arts training. So, one of the most significant factors is the length of the attaching chain, rope, or cord. This part should not be longer than the width of your palm. You can measure this by dangling the nunchaku from the wrist with your palm hold your own.

Grasp the outer stick with your other hand and then pull it towards you, making a sort of typing motion. If you don’t feel pain or pressure from the squeeze, then the set is too long for you.

The Importance of Wooden Nunchucks

Wood is most likely the most common material used in the manufacturing of karate sticks. Oak, in certain, is a sensible choice. You can check the texture of the wood before selecting a nunchaku. If you consider it closely, you will know about the direction where the wood pattern is going. So, choose a wood pattern or texture that is in a diagonal direction, rather than straight. The reason is that it will give you a better grip when you hold a wooden nunchucks in your hands.

Moreover, it is also recommended that you should look for a reliable dealer that can offer you a quality range of real nunchucks for sale at affordable rates.

Techniques for Learning Real Nunchucks

Nunchucks are one of the most popular martial arts weapons to use. They make a great show-off weapon and are good for creative fun because of all the tricks and techniques that you can do using them. Hence, their capabilities and techniques are very flexible. You can use this weapon from almost any direction, head, arms, waist, ribs, knee, or thigh. There are many ways through which you can spin a nunchaku, such as manipulate it, change hands, change grip, roll it over your hand/wrist in numerous ways, strike, block, continue motions in 360 directions from side to side, and throw it about! All these techniques are powerful because of the weapons’ flexibility.

After knowing these techniques, if we say that the chain sticks are all about speed, it would not be wrong. But, the toughest thing is making the grabs properly and safely. It means that even when you have learned a technique or skill, you should still keep practicing it over and over again so many times to boost up the speed of using this weapon.

In addition, if you consider about the right selection of the tool, there are different varieties of Chuka sticks, including steel, foam, and wooden nunchucks. As you need to swing a weapon around your body at high speed and with full control at first, you should never choose a metal or wooden set of nunchakus for learning with. At the beginning level, you should always opt for a foam type to use, otherwise, it can be fatal as there are high chances that you will hurt yourself when using this weapon at a high speed. However, if you want to be Bruce Lee in the martial arts, you should learn all the above-mentioned techniques.

Moreover, at an advanced level, you can take some of the things you have learned with one weapon, and perform them with one in each hand. You should also mix up the nunchuck movements with other strike and block movements to be more creative.

So, don’t think more and visit YouTube for checking the free video tutorials on how to use real nunchucks. Additionally, you can also get training for learning the Bruce Lee nunchucks techniques.

Final Words

So, we have discussed almost everything about these commonly used martial arts weapons. Whether you are interested in buying or learning this weapon, we have covered all for you. Hence, apart from using nunchaku for personal martial arts training, you can also use it for many other purposes like self defense strategies, street fighting techniques, creative inspiration, anger release, and stress release as well. Thus, it is up to you, why you want to learn and use it. Well, whatever your reason is, you must invest in a high-quality nunchuck.

Last but not least, you should also check your state’s laws and regulations about this weapon because many states don’t allow the people to use them. So, make sure everything before you start learning this martial arts weapon!

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