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There are thousands of wholesale knives present in our vast inventory of blades. Still, we never intended for this to be a one-line answer but a long and detailed blog. That’s why we will be discussing all the different Knives for Sale available on the website.

Over the past decade, Knife Import has provided top-quality blades at the cheapest prices to garner our customers' trust. Perhaps you will come to look kindly upon us as well; if this is the first time you are visiting our platform as our priority will always be for you to be able to buy cheap knives with the best quality possible!

In case you are reading this blog, it’s clear that you are new to buying blades off the internet. Otherwise, you might already be purchasing our cool knives for sale at the lowest wholesale prices. The only reason you are not doing it is either because you don’t know about them or want to know more details about the types of knives available among our never-ending list of blades.

As a matter of fact, we don’t only put up knives for sale. Our regular customers know that we also offer various other products such as decorative or real swords, different types of brass knuckles, and even novelty items. That’s enough with unnecessary talk, as we should be focusing on all the varying cool cheap knives we have offered on the platform. Don’t you think?

A Whole Lot of Knives for Sale

It’s time to tell you all about the different types of wholesale knives you can find in our constantly expanding inventory. Let’s hope you will stay with us until the end and not go on a shopping spree for the best knives one can afford without reading all about them in today’s blog. Now, we think we should start right away with the following:

1. Fixed Blade Knives for Sale


One of our top selling products is none other than the fixed blade knives because that’s something everyone needs! No matter if you are standing in your kitchen or the middle of a forest, you cannot go without having the best fixed blade knife. For that very reason, we must have different types of fixed blade knives for sale available on at all times.

Top Fixed Blade Knife Brands

To curb your curiosity, we have got to name some of the top knife brands that make the best fixed blades in the business, and they are:

  • Tac Force (manufactures great quality tactical fixed blade knives)
  • Elk Ridge (preferred by hunters for its hunting knives)
  • Survivor (for survivalists and outdoorsmen at it has the best-fixed blade survival knives)

Our Picks

According to our research, when we have already described what our customers want and why it’s only appropriate, we should let you know what knives for sale are perfect for you.

2. Pocket Knives for Sale

Pocket knives

We thought of starting with pocket knives instead of fixed blades as they are our number 1 selling products. Still, we chose otherwise, and that’s because there’s an order to things. You will see that we are following a pattern, and hopefully, you will not be bored as we move along with a similar scheme.

Anyhow, observing their high demand, we have no choice but to include as many cool pocket knives for sale in our products’ list as we possibly can. Also, dealing in wholesale pocket knives is most profitable. Therefore, we shouldn’t be complaining in the first place!

Pocket Knife Brands You Should Know About

Many companies are manufacturing pocket knives for sale in the market. But not all can be included when we talk about the best pocket knife brands. However, here are some that our customers prefer over others;

  • MTech (renowned maker of cool and cheap pocket knives)
  • Dark Side Blades (has fantasy designs that beckon you to the dark side with its really cool folding knives)
  • Master USA (best choice of pocket knives if you are on a tight budget)
  • Tac Force (once again, you cannot get better tactical knives from any other brand. May they be fixed or folding)

Our Favorite Pocket Knives

3. Brass Knuckle Knives for Sale

Brass Knuckle Knife MTech

No surprise to us, but the next item on our list is the brass knuckle knife. As enthusiasts are always on the lookout for unique knives, this type of blade excites almost all of them. Because it’s a brutal combination of two obvious weapons: brass knuckles and a knife, basically, it came into existence back in the times of WWI and was known as the trench knife. However, nowadays, people don’t use this name because it was banned for use throughout the US.

Best Brass Knuckle Knife Brands

  • MTech USA (it offers a large variety of folding and fixed blade knuckle knives in its diverse catalog)
  • Fantasy Master (as the name suggests, the brand is known for making fantasy knives for sale)

Our Best Choices

4. Butterfly Knives and Trainers

Mtech Butterfly Knife

You must have searched for a butterfly knife trainer, or the actual article, once in your life because we know that anyone who watches butterfly knife tricks being performed will be bound to try themselves in real life or movies. To achieve that goal, one has to buy butterfly knives for sale or its trainer to practice their skills. The good news is that you can totally find both the butterfly knife trainers and their authentic versions online.

Real Butterfly Knife and Trainer You Need

5. Hunting and Survival Knives

hunting knives

As long as you are wandering in the wilderness, it doesn’t matter for hunting or camping; you will need to purchase some survival knives for sale. If you are not a professional hunter, then you can even use your survival fixed blades in place of hunting knives. But in case you are a big game hunting enthusiast, then, of course, you need to get a number of hunting knives for sale through Knife Import or a market near you!

Famous Hunting Knife Brands (for Hunting and Survival)

  • Elk Ridge (well known for manufacturing best-hunting knives to help all sorts of hunters and outdoorsmen)
  • Survivor (makes both hunting and survival knives to sell at affordable rates)

Our Recommendations

6. Cool Throwing Knives for Sale

Best Kunai Knives

In the past decade or so, knife throwing has become a huge sport. People started throwing knives as a hobby, even though it was dangerous. You can now practice the ancient art safely and play with given guidelines to have fun or even earn money by going professional. But to initiate the whole process, you will first need to get a couple of throwing knives for sale within your grasp.

Well, you have nothing to worry about as we offer a large number of best-throwing knives at Knife Import. If you are interested in knife throwing, you must definitely peruse through them!

Renowned Makers of Throwing Knives

  • Perfect Point (the most popular choice of knife brand when it comes to buying cool throwing knives)

Our Picks for You

7. Machete for Sale

Kukri Knife

In this blog, the first two types of knives we discussed encompass all the other types. A knife can be either have a fixed or folding blade. Machetes always have a fixed blade because they are long blades used to carry out tasks requiring a lot of force and hard slashing. You will find various types of a machete for sale in the market. There are even varying versions of the blade, which are named differently, for they originated in a different country, i.e., the kukri knife.

Great Machete Knife Brands

  • Elk Ridge (this manufacturer really knows what hunters and outdoorsmen need in the wild)
  • MTech (refined-looking machete and kukri knife available in its catalog)
  • Survivor (as you have read so far, you need big knives for surviving in the wilderness and survivor knives are all about increasing your chances at making it out alive without any difficulties)

We Recommend


In short, Knife Import has more knives for sale than any one person can handle. No matter what type of blade you are looking for, you will find it on the platform with ease. Don’t forget we offer all our wholesale knives at the cheapest rates in the market. So, whenever you need to buy cool knives for yourself, your friends, or family members, then visit our website right away.

We will be waiting for your return; thus, make sure you come back to read more interesting and informational blogs much like this one. Until next time-- see ya!

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