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Misconceptions are found in the most obvious of places. One can try to explain how daggers are a completely different type of blades in comparison to knives. But people do not want to accept that fact. Perhaps this is the reason why we often hear that a dagger is nothing more than one of the types of knives for sale in the market.

However, we want you to know that both the blades have completely different purpose of being forged or manufactured. In case you are just here to find out ways of buying cheap daggers, then you may go ahead and browse through our never ending list of wholesale knives, swords—and daggers for sale—to make your pick. We assure you that you will not find a better place to find these products at such a low price!

A Little Something About Daggers

The most straight forward to describe a dagger is to say that it’s a dual edged blade, purposely design as a thrusting or stabbing weapon. In ancient times, mostly all soldiers had a big or small dagger on them at all times. So, it was an important part of a soldier’s kit.

If we go further back in time, we will find different types of daggers made using flint, ivory or bones (Yes! even human bones). Now, the weapon wasn’t all about blood shed because at times it was donned as an accessory during ritualist ceremonies.

But as some people say these double edged knives are nothing but trouble as they have been linked to various murders and assassinations throughout history. We don’t think we can give a better example than Julius Caesar, who was stabbed a total of 23 times by different assailants using varying daggers.

If you go around searching, you will find that various types of this weapon have been made and used in different parts of the world. Also, you can skip down to where we have mentioned the tri dagger to read about it right away!

Difference Between Knife and Dagger

As we have mentioned, even though people confuse them with knives, they are totally different from the blades you use to do a variety of daily tasks. Daggers were always intended to be used as a weapon to hurt or injure a person. While the knives for sale that you find in stores aren’t exactly meant for hurting others but only help you carry out menial tasks—like cutting up meat and vegetables in order to cook food.

If you look closely most ancient daggers had hilts (and now crossguards) that helps the wielder avoid any self-injuries while using the weapon. Even though bowie knives also support a crossguard but you cannot say it’s a good dagger because it’s not designed to be dual edged and has a clip point blade.

So, let it be very clear to you that all cool knives are manufactured so you can primarily perform tasks like hiking, camping, hunting or fishing with ease. They can be used as a self defense weapon or a weapon in general but only as a last resort.

So, what’s the difference in the briefest sense?

You can buy a simple fixed blade or pocket knife according to the tasks you want to accomplish. While a stiletto dagger is a weapon having only a single purpose, which is stabbing another person.

Uses and Features of Real Daggers

You might not have seen them being used for day to day activities. But in the ancient times, flint daggers were objects of prestige that showed the status of their owners. Often men were buried along with their daggers in a ritualistic way back in the prehistoric period. Otherwise, its other variations such as the bone dagger was always made as a weapon and quite an effective one to say the least.

Now, coming towards its special features, you will find that they are useful as a:

• Quick Swinging Weapon

As you may know tactical daggers are small in size and light weight. So you can swing them at fast speeds at your enemies and make quite a few strikes at them very quickly.

• Weapon for One-On-One Combats

You can always have an upper hand when you have got a real dagger during a close combat with your opponent. So, highly recommended for one-on-one fights.

• Concealed Weapon

If you come across a small dagger then you can successfully hide it inside your sleeve or any other part of your clothing. So, it can be taken out at any point to surprise your enemy who thought you to be empty handed.

Tri Dagger

Enthusiasts might already know about these types of daggers. But they are very unique that make them interesting to almost everyone. A tri dagger has triple edges and you should have no doubts when we say that it’s known as the tri blade as well.

Nowadays, you can easily find a good number of tri daggers for sale in stores. They can have different designs. But the most popular one is the cyclone tri blade dagger, which has a single piercing point with three edges spiraling towards its handle.

They are quite deadly! Perhaps it’s best to let you know that one of these tri edge daggers qualified as the deadliest knife/blade in the world (till date).

That was all…

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading every bit and piece of information mentioned in this blog. Also, we think it’s safe to assume you know the basic difference between knives and daggers, which is the former is used to carry out specific tasks while the latter can be used to put someone to sleep for a long—long time.

While remember to visit our website as much as possible in order to read more informative and amazing blogs about cool daggers, knives and swords for sale available in stores near you or online. Thanks for reading until the end—we will see you next time—goodbye!

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