There is an art in revealing the things you collect and how you use them. It’s not enough to own nice artifacts if you can’t care for them and make them as special as possible. That is why you need to also make sure that when you start collecting, you have the right resources. There is a lot that goes into making sure a collectible is worth looking at. Presentation plays a very important role in it when you think about it. Especially if you are a fan of collecting blades, they pose specific challenges you need to consider. So, if you want to know the secret to build an impressive collection, the devil is truly in the details.

Upkeep and Replenishing Of Collectibles

People who like to collect knives and swords know that blades need extra care. They are metallic of course, and that means that they need regular polishing and cleaning. A sword is usually built from stronger materials so they don’t rust or damage that easily. However, if a collectible antique is in question, it might be older and would require more attention. It helps to polish the sword handles and blades with wax-based polish so they keep shining. The more protection you can give to a blade, the less affected it will be from dust and moisture.

With knives, it’s a little easier to take care of them and make sure they stay unharmed. They have a smaller blade usually and that means they don’t get affected as much. Even collectible knives would also be more functioning than swords so they do need to be cleaned. One way of ensuring the longevity of your knife is to regularly dust it off with a dry cloth. Once a month, you can wash it and completely dry it and then polish it. You have to make sure the blade itself doesn’t get blunt or broken or that can introduce rust. Sharpening swords and knives can restore them for a longer period of time.

Displaying The Best Aspect of Collectible Blades

Weapons are beloved collectibles and you will find many varieties in them. Swords and knives are a little different in the regard that they are often thin and negligible. To really make your collectible blades stand out, you need elevation or a clean, open space. One way would be to hang them on a wall with a plaque. If their handles are displayed with a solid background they will appear more regal and valuable.

For swords, you need a good empty wall to display the length of the blade. Make sure to keep the blades at a good eye level if you hang them up on the walls. They will be far more apparent and presentable if they are displayed neatly.

If you choose to display a larger sword or multiple small ones, making a wall collage might be tacky. One way to tackle that is to prop them up on display stands instead. There is something old school and antique about classical blades on stands. Whether you have a dagger, a short sword, or a saber, visibility is important. If they come with a decorated scabbard then you don’t need to worry about cleaning them as much. You can also polish the scabbards to keep them nice and shiny and glistening.

Famous Swords That Are Revered As Collectibles

When it comes to swords, there is so much history and nostalgia attached to them. As war weapons, they are passed down in families as heirlooms. And some swords have truly become iconic thanks to fantasy literature and video games. One of the most famous swords, however, is the ones we see in movies. There are many swords that have been eternalized by famous movie franchises. Arthur, Lord of The Rings, Conan the Barbarian, and Sparta are just some examples of that. Naturally, you will come across these amazing swords when you look for the best ones to collect. The key is to make sure that you get the most authentic ones, even if they’re replicas.

Where Can I Buy Swords And Knives?

You’d be surprised to discover that despite so many new weapons coming along, swords are still relevant. People like to buy them and there are multiple sources to get real swords for sale. It might be a little challenging if you’re looking for antiques since they’re rare and have more value. But with a little sleuthing you can find those as well. Pawn shops and antique stores have impressive collections of heirlooms, war trophies, memorabilia, and such. But they will cost you more money and might even be hard to locate.

You will however find a larger number of collectible replica swords that are inspired by movies and games. There are thousands of merchandise, limited edition, collectible swords that drop every year. Comic book stores, comic conventions, and swap meets are the right places to look for them. They are easier to find if you know like-minded people who are involved in collecting swords.

But the most convenient way is to purchase your favorite sword online. You will find the most extensive and diverse collection of swords if you look into online stores. Whether it is antique blades or collectibles or modernized versions, you need quality and variety.

Knife Store Near Me For The Best Swords

You can’t expect to just walk into any supermarket and get swords of your liking. There is a slight chance that you might not be able to access good collections everywhere. So as iterated earlier, the best place to look for a plethora of swords is online. You can simply search for knives near you and you will get a host of options. But every source can’t be as trustworthy either, especially if you’re spending more money.

To make sure you get value for money and the right kind of swords, try only the best online stores. You can’t go wrong with Knife Import; it’s the single best source for authentic, quality blades. If you are a real knife lover, you will find the best swords and knives for your collection there. Take a look at some of the amazing knives for sale at their store.

  • As a collector, you definitely have a liking for movie replicas. Some people might consider them to be toys, but collectibles can get very valuable over time. One of the most famous swords for collection is the Viking Sword Of Sparta The 300 Movie. While you might have trouble finding this in your local store, you will find this online. It is quite hard to acquire otherwise, and you can get it at a good price.
  • When you are searching for the perfect collectible, you also need the best one. Having a good sword collection is a flex many would enjoy. While looking for the ideal sword, if you get a handmade replica, wouldn’t that be amazing? Hence you can get the Handmade Full Tang Highlander Connor MacLeod Katana Sword. Well-crafted and incredibly sleek, this collectible sword is the perfect induction in your showcase.
  • One of the most revered weapons is the famous swords from video games. Naturally, an impressive collectible would be a much-lauded sword from a popular game. If you want something impressive in your collection, get the Assassin's Creed Altair Sword Anime Replica. With all the original finishing and a stylish scabbard, this sword is a must have. Only the best material is used in this sword with excellent detail.
  • If you are looking for something that’s a little more unique and regal, go for a decorated blade. The Pirates Dagger aka Short Pirate Sword is an ideal sword to collect in that case. It has a good size to be displayed on a stand and it also looks quite expensive. But you can get this amazing collectible for a very good price if you look in the right place.
  • Half of the attraction of buying a sword is the majesty and the class of owning one. The best option then is a proper antique like the Fire Breathing Dragon Sword with Display Plaque. It comes with a proper plaque that is great for hanging the sword in full view. If you want to add some amazing swords to your collection, this one is perfect for you.

Buying High Quality Swords and Knives Online

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