Bowie Knife

A bowie knife today denotes to about any large knife that features a wide blade with a curved and sharpened tip. It is an efficient and comprehensive tool for the outdoorsmen, hikers, campers, or anyone who hunts recreationally or for food. Nevertheless, if we look at the past, we will know that these knives have a rich and interesting role in American history. Such as, they are associated with some of the most classic moments, ranging from the Alamo to the Civil War, and considered as a leader among all knives. So, continue reading the article to know more about them.

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What is a Bowie Knife?

In modern times, it is commonly used to refer to any large sheath knife that comes with a crossguard and a clip point. However, it is believed to be primarily a series of designs developed by Jim Bowie over a number of years. The "standard" traditional bowie knife can be considered to meet these specifications:

  1. Blade Length: 6-12 inches
  2. Blade width: 1.5-2 inches
  3. Blade thickness: ~1/4 inch
  4. Sharpened edge along with the backside of the blade
  5. Large guard or quillon

Bowie Knives- Made Popular by Jim Bowie

Back to history, the bowie knife was made popular by Jim Bowie. He was a soldier and best-known for being among the soldiers who died defending the Alamo. There is a debate over who actually manufactured the first bowie knife, as well as, who actually designed it, and we don’t have a definitive answer. Hence, it is likely that Bowie was a pioneer who involved in its designing, and it is quite sure that he was the one who made it famous.

It is certain that the design of Jim Bowie knife became famous after the sandbar fight of 1827. In this battle, despite being shot and stabbed, Bowie killed his primary attacker with his knife to win the fight. After this case, he became well-known as one of the best knife fighters across the globe, and then others started to want copies of this knife.

Moreover, James Black’s knife is another the most famous version designed by Jim Bowie and then presented it to the James Black (Arkansas blacksmith) in 1830.

Besides all this, these knives also used by the United States Army and they brought some variations in them and then with the passage of time, a lot of variations have been introduced in them but still they are demanding among all.

Key Features- What Makes a Bowie Knife Leader?

A number of features help to make bowie knives style perhaps the most popular of any type of knife in the history of the United States. So, below are some key features that you should consider while looking for an original bowie knife:

1. Standard Size

The first feature is the accurate size of knife. It typically has a blade that is approximately 8 inches in length and may extend to a foot or more in length. In fact, at this size, they resembled a short sword more than a knife. Well, the length of the knife is matched by the width and thickness of the blade- generally, it is broad from one and a half inches to two inches and about ¼ inch thick.

2. Made with Quality Steel Material

Just as the bowie knife for sale made using the quality of steel, modern knives are also of high quality. They are usually manufactured with a high carbon stainless steel that provides them the ability to not require repeated sharpening in order to maintain the cutting edge. Further, it also brings flexibility and makes them able to handle with the stress of everyday use.

3. Fixed Blade

These knives are the fixed blade knives because they feature razor-sharp fixed blades. The fact is that fixed blades are more compact and long-lasting as compared to folding ones. The joints of a folding knife can make the blade fold, close or even break while using. Conversely, the blade of a bowie knife is fixed and have ideal length and width as we have defined above.

4. Full Tang and Straight Blade

Bowie knives also possess full tang blades that are incredibly substantial, robust, and durable as well. A full tang knife is typically a single piece of metal when takes out its handle scales. In addition, most of these knives feature straight blade, not serrated, which makes a perfect combo with other specs.

5. Perfect to Use for Outdoor Activities

As we told you above that the blade of bowie knife is fixed, wide, and durable. Therefore, such blades make these knives working as a small hatchet or machete for the hunters who involved in chopping some woods to get a fire or simply to clean a place for building a shelter for the night.

For those who hunt, its curved tip is perfect for the gentle work of skinning out the animal whereas the guard protects the hands. More, anglers use the curved tip for cleaning fish and preparing the fillets for a quick, yummy dinner over a campfire.

Apart from this, hikers and backpackers also appreciate the fact that the bowie knife is multidimensional in its uses and therefore additional tools are not essential, and then in that way, it is helpful in reducing the weight of the hiking pack or the backpack.

6. Variations Available

Modern bowie knives tend to have more elaborate blades and handles with decorative touches. But, the balance and clean lines have not evolved much since the traditional ones. Recently, high carbon stainless steel blades are attached with handles made with wood or metal handles in order to make them useful cool knives. Sometimes, handles are also stuffed with brass, silver, or gold decorative elements.

7. Safe to Carry and Use

Another feature about these knives is that they don’t have double-sided blades. This means it ensures ultimate safety in carrying and using them. Along with this, they come with a sheath and clip point as well to ensure the easiness and safety of the product.

Final Words

There are several companies out there who manufacture both high-end and inexpensive bowie knives for all types of users. Hence, a bowie knife is a name that outdoorsmen can count on for quality and usefulness no matter what the need. If you are willing to buy such knives, simply explore the exclusive range of bowie knives for sale at Knife Import.

Moreover, if you want to make a bulk purchase for reselling purpose, it is better to opt for wholesale knives. They will be definitely a profitable investment as you can resell these cheap knives at high prices and make a big profit.

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