One of the best perks of collecting weapons and tools is personalization. You get to make them your own and flaunt how awesome they are. Knives are quite high on the list of blades that people love collecting and showing off. They are also incredibly handy and have much to offer in terms of utility and aesthetics. You can do a lot with a knife and you can also showcase it like a trophy or spectacle for all to see. That is why one of the most intriguing collectibles you can get are engraved knives. For those of you wondering how knife blades are engraved, it’s a simple process. Usually, you would have a blacksmith meld your logo or initials into the blade with a hot rod. But in modern times you also get etched blades and digitally engraved ones. The design or text is embedded into the blade in grooves and created into relief to make it permanent.

The plus side to having any kind of engraved knife is that it will be easy to keep safe. With any kind of personalization comes a heightened sense of ownership, you can represent your personality through the various designs in engraving. If you go for a knife that can be customized for personal use, it will also be more meaningful to you.

Types Of Blades That Can Be Engraved

Luckily, we live in the golden age of technology, which means design and durability can be guaranteed. The more you want to accentuate something the more important it will get. This might seem like a strange concept to many, but engraved knives are very dear to collectors. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people who have a vested interest in amazing blades. They make for great collectibles and artifacts that can reflect your taste and personality. Engraved knives are a step ahead as they can be personal as well as outwardly impressive.

The great thing is that no matter what kind of blade you get, they can all be engraved. Whether you get a sword or a dagger or a small pocket knife, you get loads of custom knives for sale in the market.

  • For someone who is a fan of antiques, swords are also a good possibility for engraving memorabilia. Usually, there is history and nostalgia attached to all kinds of historic blades such as swords. They are more often than not heirlooms and special pieces passed down from generations. It can be pretty special to get the family motto or names engraved into the blade as it is passed down.
  • In a more recent approach, any knife that you like to carry around is a good option for engraving. One particular party of people who adore their knives are hunters and rangers. Since a lot of their hobbies, sports, or jobs depend on them, they like to make them their own. For such people, engraving their special blades is quite an attractive prospect. It bestows a sense of pride and ownership with any kind of blade you use on the fly each day.
  • There are also some professions that require using a blade for their daily ordeals. The most prominent ones are EMT rescue teams and firefighters. These people utilize knives as life-saving tools, and they hold a lot of importance for them. Naturally, engraving something like EMT knives and rescue blades is a convenient and meaningful feat.
  • Since engraving any knife is also a matter of solidifying victory or titles, chef knives can be engraved too. Many people whose livelihood depends on their knife skills like to pay special attention to their tools. Much like painters with their brushes and writers with their pens, engraved tools are an honor. You can imagine any kind of chef knife or certain wood carver’s knife to also have their initials on them.

How And Which Knives Are Engraved Most Commonly?

If you look at the array of knives available to use, you would get tired of the multitude they have. But one of the most commonly used and cherished knives are personalized pocket knives. They are the handiest of the knives and they offer so much convenience. For most people, any form of a pocket knife is a more suitable option than most other blades. They can finish their daily tasks as well as use them for special occasions and incidences. How you choose to use your blade, any pocket blade works well for regular and repetitive use. An engraved pocket knife is an added pleasure to anyone who already loves their personal tool. The only thing better than having a pocket knife to yourself is the one that has your identity embedded in it.

The more you think about it the more you will imagine there are so many perks to having different knives. The better option is to have multiple ones that can each have their own designs and styles. Adding an engraved detail into them can only increase their personal value for you. More than the basic fixed blades, people prefer to get engraved pocket knives for ownership. You can take them wherever you go and that small detail will be best showcased with a handy blade.

As for the actual process of the engraving, there are some basic techniques that are used. Since there are two options for detailing in knives, there are also multiple processes involved. For the metal blade, you can either get a laser engraving or a manual one. The manual one would involve the blade getting etched with heat or acid. A laser cut engraving will be far more pristine and quicker to be made.

In the case of the handle, there are more ways to personalize that then the blade. Most handles are either wood or plastic. In some cases, you can get silicone, rubber and metal as well. In each case, the engraving process would be quite different from the other. When you are engraving a wooden handle, you can get it detailed through manual carving. The next option is pyrography, which is a special technique of singeing the wood with a soldering iron. If you are going for something like rubber or silicone, you will get embossed or pressed details done through metal stamps. Each handle will either have a deep or risen detail courtesy of the digital pressure and technique.

Where Can I Get A Knife Engraved?

Now that we have covered the how and the what, we can focus on the where. There are multiple sources through which you can get a knife engraved. If you want the handmade touch, you can either approach a blacksmith, silversmith, or printmaker. All these people are well-versed in etching and embedding metals of different kinds. These are good options for antique blades in case you want a slightly dated detail.

In other cases, with more modern blades, you can go for the digital laser technique. Most engraved knives you will find otherwise are made through this technique. The upside to this is that you get a whole lot of designs in a small period of time and mass-produced. You will spend less time and effort on getting your knives engraved. There are multiple specialists who do this in the market and you can find them through surveys or social media.

Speaking of the internet, another inexhaustible resource you have is checking out online knife stores. If you don’t want anything very personal you will find multiple options for generic designs as well. In that case, you have a good chance of getting a large range of high-quality engraved knives. For something durable, well-crafted, and aesthetically pleasing, check out Knife Import. They are a premium knife-selling online webpage that has tons of options for knife enthusiasts. Within their collection, you will find reputable brands like Elk Ridge and MTech engraved knives. You will also have the option to buy plain knives that can work as ideal blades for engraving.

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