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Knife is one of the traditional tools man has owned, although it has been used as a weapon too. Having a knife into the context of self defense makes it the most-needed tool of all, because it offers so many uses. For instance, you can use it as a self defense weapon against muggers and hostiles. At the same time, you can use it for preparing food, constructing a shelter and several other tasks. Here we are going to explain you how a hidden blade knife is perfect to use for self defense. So, don’t go anywhere and continue reading this masterpiece. Hope you will find it worth reading!

Introducing the Hidden Blade Knives

As the name suggests, they are such knives that feature the blades which are hidden. With a hidden knife, it is quite difficult for one to guess whether you are carrying a knife or not, and then you can use it in any critical situation in order to ensure your defense. You can also use it for many other tasks if you are on a hunting or camping tour. Thus, it is a valuable tool for outdoorsmen.

Moreover, considering the manufacturing process, hidden blade knives are designed with absolute intelligence because they usually come in products of daily usages, such as pen knife, comb knife, belt buckle knife and lipstick knife. You can easily conceal them from others and can easily put them out without anyone knowing what you are equipped.

Backing to the History of Real Hidden Blade

Looking back to the past, the first thing comes to mind is the assassin's creed hidden blade. The blade was the best weapon used by the associates of the Assassin Brotherhood for the purpose of assassinations. Hidden blade was a blade that can be delicately extended or withdrawn from a bracer or gauntlet. The portability and concealability of these knives make the Assassins able to free-running, as well as hit the target without noticing them.

Apart from this practical utilization of hidden knife, you will be surprised to know that it also features a ceremonial status that is a memorable thing in the longest history of the weapons. Dating back to the Achaemenid Empire era when the Assassin Darius used to real hidden blade to kill the Persian king Xerxes I of Persia. However, the same blade was later used on the Bayek who played a role to make it a signature weapon of the Assassin Brotherhood.

After that, hidden blade knives had started evolving throughout the times and then during the Mentorship of Altair Ibn-La’Ahad, these tools got a major modification and that was the removal of ring finger to simplify the extension of blade and then more and more modifications had been done in different eras. Now, they are coming along with everyday products as we mentioned above.

However, if you are interested in getting an old-style hidden knife, simply search for real hidden blade for sale online.

Modern Cool Hidden Blade Knives

Modern hidden blades are ones in which the blades are hidden within the objects. This key feature makes them the best ones to own for self defense. Hence, nowadays, there is a large variety of these knives available in the market. So, you can easily pick up the one that suits your needs and likings as well. Below we have some of the best products that can be found in the category of hidden blade for sale at any cutlery store online.

Boot Knife

These knives usually come with a sheath that allows the users to hold it with their legs and in that way, they can be concealed easily. Nevertheless, a boot knife generally looks like a dagger. By using it, you can perform any hard such as cutting small branches or wood for fire if you are on an outdoor adventure.

Pen Knife

It looks like a fancy writing instrument, however, when the cap is pulled off, the other end exposes a blade. It can be very handy for certain little everyday chores or even for self-protection, or even to chase off a potential mugger.

Furthermore, a pen knife is very durable and easy to carry in a pocket or purse, and will surely be the best self defense weapon for you.

Comb Knife

It is specially designed for women's safety. As it can be used as an accessory and when you pull the handle off, a sharp blade knife will be exposed. Thus, you can use it for any purpose to tackle a critical situation safely. It is one of the most demanding cool knives in the market. So, have it!

Belt Buckle Knife

A belt buckle knife is also an amazing product that you can have. These blades come in belts, so the user can conceal it easily. Hence, they usually have curved handles that offer the users a powerful grip for using.

Neck Knife

It is designed to hang around the user’s neck. Generally, this kind of blade is now fitted on the neck accessories such as a necklace or pendant. It works for the same purpose and that is self defense. Neck knife is made to be small, therefore, it can be grasped quickly if needed.

Lipstick Knife

It is a really fascinating one for all women! Yes, it is designed in a lipstick shape. When you simply remove the cap, the blade will come out and then you can use it for whatever you need it.

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Final Words

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