Is this child’s play or is this a real thing? Well as far as foam swords go, they are not only real but also quite useful and necessary. The whole experience of learning and yielding swords is a strenuous process that requires practice. When you think about the power and energy that goes into learning the proper way to use a sword, it’s all quite serious. Foam swords are the gateway to understand and use swords in their proper sense. When you start exploring any weapon, especially something hefty like a sword, precision and persistence is key. Jumping to the last step before the first can result in incomplete technique and mishandling. Sword fighting has been a popular art for the longest time and it involves rigorous practice. Starting off, foam swords are meant to be the learning tools to establish proper handling, technique, and precision. And on another note, they also help prevent injuries and accidents for aspiring swordsmen when they are learning.

Swords For Kids And Actual Play

Of course, swords are a big part of fantasy lore as well as films and books, they have a global and cultural impact. Keeping that in mind, swords are one of the most well-known and common weapons kids and even adults come to know about. You might have seen multiple kids picking up moves from movies of sword fighting. Rather than just toys, if there are foam swords that are more realistic and also safe to play with, it helps their imagination. If you are looking for engaging toys and things for kids to play with, well-made foam swords are one ticket to that.

But speaking of play, imagination is not just limited to kids as films and books have the same impact on adults as well. In the broader sense, weapons and decoy weapons are a huge part of pop culture and cosplay. Comic-Con has normalized the idea of people dressing up and reenacting their favorite shows and characters. Foam swords are one of the most popular props and decoy weapons that many people like to buy as they are part of hundreds of characters in various shows. There is a large market for foam weapons that help emulate the experience without the added danger of actually dealing with them.

The Best Foam Swords In Town

If you go looking for foam swords for your kids or the next Halloween or Comic-Con, you might come up short. Most shops would stock plastic versions that may not be as well-made as the foam ones. Since this is a growing trend, as all trends do, you will find the best collection of foam swords online. There is a booming market of imaginative adults and children that like to manifest their creative side. Foam swords are just another thing added to the list of amazing artifacts that we can use and have fun with.

When you look for foam swords, you will find two kinds of qualities and versions. The first one is a little simpler that is meant for kids and dress up. The second kind is the heftier prototype or decoy used for actual sword fighting training. In both cases, if you look online, you will find a larger collection of proper foam swords to buy. Finding the right kind of sword and a reasonably priced one, foam or not is a relatively hard task. They are not the most common objects to be bought, hence they are most likely to be sold online. If you are looking for foam swords for sale that are cheap and still encourage your imagination, then look up the Knife Import website. Our store is one of the few spaces that have a little bit of everything for everyone when it comes to all sorts of weapons. Be it decoy or real, the quality of these objects will parallel market stock and stand its ground.

Finding Cheap Swords For Props

One major market for anything make-believe or imaginative like foam or decoy swords is the stage and film. Both these avenues use a multitude of props and amazing replicas that lend authenticity to their stories and scenes. Foam swords are actually quite popular and regularly used on stage during performances. They are good enough to replace injurious materials and yet maintain a sense of reality on stage. For recreating a scene on stage, something like the 40" Classic Masonic Foam Sword with Metallic Chrome Blade would be the perfect thing to use.

In films, foam swords may not translate that well, but cheap replicas of actual swords do. For example, in a scene where characters have to fight with swords, using cheap foam or wooden swords can be useful. They can be designed with CGI to make them look as realistic as possible without driving up the production budget. They also enable the actors and the production team to manage a scene easily without causing continuity issues and hefty reruns. In most historic period dramas, replicating old weapons is harder in the same materials. Using something like the Foam Padded Knights Templar Crusader Sword Costume Prop Cosplay LARP would translate well on-screen and help the actors in reshooting multiple scenes without tiring out.

Buy The Ultimate Cool Swords At Knife Import

The perks of buying unusual and interesting things online is variety. You will find a plethora of swords that may never be available in your local prop shops or actual weapon stores. To emulate the same imaginative streak in all sword lovers, you get a reasonably priced collection of amazing swords for sale in our store. The main objective is to make sure more people can find the right kind of swords they are looking for in one place. Our store is one of those places that have a little something for all kinds of weapon lovers. Whether you are a collector, a sword enthusiast, a cosplayer or an actor – the range of foam and decoy swords at Knife Import will blow your mind.