Ninja Weapons

The action never gets old and boring with the presence of ninja weapons. Throughout history, then cinema, and now popular culture, ninjas are the coolest vigilantes. No matter what kind of warriors and soldiers come and go, the fascination with ninjas remains.

If you are also a die-hard fan of all things related to ninjas, especially their weapons, this blog has it all. Let's take a more in-depth look at the history of Ninja Weapons and explore where you can still get quality pieces today.

The Ancient and Fascinating History Of Ninjas

There are some prominent cultures of traditional fighting that have stood the test of time. Martial arts are one of them. Among many famous fighters and teachers, the martial arts experts are proficient in technique and reflexes. Many of the ninja weapons that people love are simple but require the presence of mind and precision to master.

In the 15th Century, ninjas emerged as the opposing force to the Samurai warriors. In Feudal Japan, regular people were not allowed to carry weapons. This put the civilians in a state of terror and uncertainty all the time. To combat that, agents proficient in guerrilla warfare were the answer to their prayers.

The ninjas were experts of ninjutsu, an ancient fighting technique that incorporated special weapons. They countered the terrorizing samurai warriors in their stealthy ways. In ancient Japan, ninjas were mercenaries, spies, and assassins who combated the growing army threat.

The fighting moves and techniques used by ninjas were immortalized. Nowadays, people still admire the timelessness of martial arts ninja weapons in design and effectiveness.

The Need Of The Hour - What Tools Did Ninjas Use?

Just as is mentioned above, ninjas helped avenge and defend the civilians. They were also rogue warriors that needed to carry weapons that were light-weight but effective. That is why many of the tools that you would associate with ninjas are nifty.

The real ninja weapons that are still in use today as professional weapons or collectibles are pretty much the same.

Ninja Stars:

  • Also known as shuriken or a throwing star, this is a trademark weapon or ninjas.
  • Since these stealthy agents had to stay hidden and work discreetly, they needed clandestine weapons.
  • Ninja stars are metal blades shaped like 5-point stars or snowflakes. Their primary purpose is to mislead and confuse.
  • They were used to throw towards the opponent and cut them lightly on open flesh. Mostly ninjas would also throw them in the air or onto trees to distract the soldiers.

Ninja Swords:

  • You can’t go through a ninja weapons list without mentioning the ninja swords.
  • All ninjas had to use swords, but they needed smaller blades that were easier to carry.
  • They used a smaller version of the katana sword called the ninjato.
  • Ninjas often used these swords in pairs, so it was faster to combat an incoming attack.


  • Nunchucks are one of the most common weapons in martial arts.
  • To use nunchucks, you need to develop keen reflexes and upper body strength.
  • The weapon itself is simple and easy to make, as it only takes two sticks and a rope to make a proper nunchaku.

Hidden Blades or Arm Gauntlets:

  • Although you won’t find these very commonly, arm gauntlets are protective metal layers for arms.
  • Ninjas used to wear them to black sword attacks, but they were mainly used as hidden blade carriers.
  • In the case of close combat, these arm gauntlets had concealed blades that were pushed open.
  • Anyone could easily be injured or even stabbed with a hidden blade, which was a ninja's powerful weapon.

Kama Swords and Escrima Sticks:

  • Along with elemental swords, ninjas also carried round ax-like blades with short handles.
  • These axes were called kama swords, that was also used in pairs and were useful for duels.
  • The Escrima stick is the simplest weapon, a bamboo rattan stick made for special martial arts moves.
  • This stick has nothing special; this weapon's carrier uses their presence of mind and speed to defend against attack.

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DIY Defense - How To Make Ninja Weapons

Out of all the weapons used in combat or self-defense, ninja weapons are the easiest to make. When people started using these weapons to help protect their community, they worked bare minimum.

With the most basic materials like wood, bamboo, rope, and even metals, you can simple ninja weapons. The beauty of ninja equipment is that it's non-technical and hence useful to more people.

Except for perhaps ninja swords, you can create axes, throwing stars, and nunchakus at home. There are multiple tutorials available online that direct you on how to develop the best weapons possible.

Ninja Weapons List

Safety Issues – Are Ninja Weapons Illegal?

  • There are many federal laws against weapons in the U.S that explicitly ban lethal weapons.
  • In the case of ninja weapons, the policy is a little complicated.
  • Since most of the weapons made by ninjas are used now as professional martial arts tools, they are technically sports goods.
  • Even ninja swords don’t have specific laws prohibiting their use or limiting their purchase as they are classified as collectibles.
  • People like to collect antique weapons, and most ninja swords are either family heirlooms or collectible replicas.
  • There are, of course, limitations to the public use of ninja weapons. You can't brandish swords or throwing stars to intimidate someone.
  • If you’re thinking, can a shuriken kill you? It can't, it can injure, but like nunchucks and arm gauntlets, the intent to harm can kill you, not the weapon.

Emulating Ninja Vibes – Where To Buy Cool Ninja Weapons

Depending on where you live in the U.S., you can find awesome ninja weapons for sale in your area. Local weapon stores usually keep a few replicas of ninja swords and stars for martial arts fans. But since they are a novelty item, finding good quality weapons would be a challenge.

In this case, the best source you should turn to is online weapon retailers. Unlike local stores with scattered merchandise, you can find classified sections of everything from professional-grade to toy ninja weapons. So, good news for fans of 'Enter the Dragon' and Ninja Turtles weapons alike; you can get what you want from Knife Import.

Knife Import – House Of Cheap Ninja Weapons

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