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In current times, anyone who wants to buy cool knives makes their way to the internet's virtual pathways. You might also have come here looking for information on fixed blades and Spring Assisted Knives so that you can choose either one or both for your blade collection. Now, are you having a hard time deciding between folding and fixed blade knives?

Well, just read this blog to help you make your final choice! However, you might want to know that Knife Import has been in the wholesale business of knives and swords for over 8 years now, and our platform provides the wholesale knives at extremely cheap rates. Once you make up your mind on which blade to buy, you can peruse our inventory of all fixed blade or spring assisted knives for sale and order the one you like!

Without knowing the exact situations in which you will be using your blades, it’s hard to say which one is good for you and which one is not. We will help you decide to list the reasons for buying folding and fixed blade knives separately. After reading, you can choose to buy one or both types of knives for sale, in stores near you and online.

Reasons to Buy Spring Assisted Knives

As you can read, we have decided to explain the reasons why you should buy assisted opening knives first, and here goes nothing:

1. Best EDC Tools

Spring assisted pocket knives are small and safe. Thus, they are effortless to carry around, making them very handy everyday carry (EDC) tools.

2. Able to Open and Close Quickly

Thanks to the partial automatic release mechanism, the blade can be opened and closed at a faster speed than most other types of folding pocket knives.

3. Single Hand Opening Option

The most admirable feature that makes a spring assisted pocket knife so useful is that it can be opened with a single hand. This makes it possible for you to open the full blade under emergencies, where you only have one hand to spare (e.g., hanging on a ledge, climbing a tree, or defending yourself from an attacker, etc.)

Why Not Buy Spring Assisted Knives for Sale in Markets?

As a coin, we know that everything that has a good side also has a bad side. For this reason, we are putting out the reasons due to which you should avoid the assisted opening knives, below:

1. Breaks Apart Easily

As it is a folding knife and opens up with a flick, so most of them are prone to breaking apart quite easily.

2. Out of Control

Spring assisted pocket knife can open and close at great speeds, so that can give you a good scare at times when it opens or closes with a sharp snap!

3. Matter of Legality

If you are in the US, then perhaps you don’t have much to fear about the authorities. However, it’s always good to know your state laws or any country’s laws in which you are residing on buying and keeping spring assisted knives for sale in stores online. Similarly, carrying one on a plane is not happening, so it cannot be used as a self defense weapon that you can keep on you at all times.

How Can Fixed Blade Knives Help You?

You will need the following facts when deciding between buying folding or fixed blade knives for sale—may it be for everyday carry, your knife collection, or whatever other reason. So, let’s begin, shall we:

1. Strong and Durable Blades

As soon as you look at an EDC fixed blade knife, you know that it means business. The blade will help you cut, slice, carve any hard material that can be cut by a good blade (given proper time) without breaking it. This is possible as it has no moving or folding parts, unlike a spring loaded knife with many!

2. Best Tactical Knives

Having a fixed blade knife with full tang helps out during tactical and combat situations as it’s much more dependable and easy to wield under such circumstances!

3. Fixed Blades Make Good Survival Knives

Due to the two reasons are given above and many other of their versatile uses, fixed blade knives are better used as survival tools than other options of blades you have.

Just like we told you about the demerits of spring assisted pocket knives, we think it’s only appropriate to explain the disadvantages of buying fixed blade knives.

Reasons to Avoid Fixed Blade Knives

Diving right into the thick of it:

1. Not Optimal for Carrying Around

The biggest reason why people avoid getting a fixed blade is that it’s hard to carry around; this is why many people go for light, small and cool spring assisted knives instead.

2. Extremely Dangerous (for Children and Novices)

In case you are getting your first ever blade, then a sheath knife can be an extreme choice for you as it’s very sharp and dangerous for anyone who doesn’t know how to handle a blade well—especially not a good idea if you have little children at home. In that case, it’s better to buy one of the cool pocket knives for sale!

3. Keeping the Blade Sharp

At the same time, this can be a good and bad thing about the fixed blade knives. Why? Because it’s easy to sharpen a fixed blade, while it’s nearly impossible to do the same to spring assisted knives, as they are not made from carbon steel. However, constantly maintaining and honing a blade before use can be a problem for people who do not have the time for it!

Have You Made Your Choice?

We assume that after going through this blog, you have more than enough information to make a good decision on which types of knives you want to buy. If you are still having doubts, then you can check out our other informative articles on fixed blade and spring assisted knives out there. If you have reached a decision, make sure that you share this helpful blog with your friends, family, or any other knife enthusiast, who you know and think might need to read it.

Hopefully, you will visit Knife Import frequently to read more awesome content on cool pocket knives, swords, and many other blades up for sale on the internet!

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