Find the Most Outrageously Unique Swords for Sale Online

Weapon collectors are always on the lookout for interesting and rare pieces of weapon artifacts to add to their collections. Swords are very high on the list of collectible weapons for any serious collector. They are the epitome of bravery, honor, and power. For centuries, swords have been the weapon of choice for honorable warriors. Even now when there are many advanced weapons that have been made, swords have not lost their amazing grace.

When looking for great weapons, it can be tricky to find exactly what you want and in a suitable budget. But if you search online, you will come across multiple online weapon retailers who specialize in selling quality swords among other things.

  • Online shops have a larger collection of artifacts and stock to browse through.
  • The easy 24/7 access to the website makes it easy to look up weapons whenever you want.
  • It is convenient to compare prices and find discounts online than to go store to store to find Swords for Sale.
  • Home delivery at your doorstep cuts your travel time and gives you the advantage of getting what you want without much effort.
  • Online retailers host classic and unique designs in things like swords, which are hard to find in your local stores.

What are Swords Used for?

That seems to be a point of curiosity for a lot of people. Especially now that guns and camouflage have replaced swords and armor in the military. But there is still much use to be gotten out of swords:

  • Cosplay –playing dress-up never gets old and people spend thousands on fantasy costumes and props like swords. It is a wholesome social activity for many people to attend events like Comic-Con and share their love for fiction and fantasy.
  • Collection – Of course, the allure of traditional weapons ever dies down, as mentioned before. Collecting swords is a prevalent hobby and a good way to showcase your personal taste in your house.
  • Sports Training – fighting techniques for personal defense or learning ancient martial arts are popular in the United States as well. People get swords for fencing, martial arts techniques, and other sports.

How Much is a Real Sword and Can I Buy One?

Given that nowadays everything can be facilitated by the internet, sword shopping can also be done online. As mentioned above, buying real swords is actually easier than you might think. And it might seem like something as unique as swords would seem like a difficult thing to get your hands on. But they are surprisingly, neither hard to find, nor are they too expensive. An average, beautifully crafted, high-quality steel sword can cost you as low as $10 and as high as $50. Between these two numbers, the choices are unlimited, and they are all worthy of being in a showcase.

Find the Most Outrageously Unique Swords for Sale Online

Is it illegal to Buy Knives and Swords in the United States?

It might seem like a ludicrous thing to imagine that swords should be legal. Who goes around brandishing swords anymore? But you might be surprised that a state like California actually has a law that mandates carrying a sword, and keeping it sheathed. As long as the weapon is only used discreetly, there isn’t any rule against it. There are of course swords involved in ritualistic practices for Sikhs; they are allowed to carry swords as part of their religious attire.

Along with this, smaller blades that measure around 7 inches are usually legal, in personal custody. The care needs to be taken to not publicly brandish swords and knives. Other than that, for personal defense reasons and collection, both weapons have lax rules around them, so you can buy them. One of the reasons that buying online is suited to collectors is because there is discretion involved. It becomes easier to buy a sword if there is no public exposure to the blade.

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What are the Best Swords to Buy?

Now, this is the real exciting part! Now that we have the rules and logistics figured out, let’s move on to actually buying the swords. The following list will make your life easier and chart the most amazing real swords for sale under $50 you can find online.

  • Assassins Creed Altair Sword Anime Replica;

who doesn’t love anime and swords? Put them together and you get the gorgeous Assassin’s Creed replica sword. This beauty is revered by fans of the game all over the world. At a normal comic book store, you might find it priced at least $70 to even $100. You can get this collectible sword for $31.09.

  • Full Tang UltraViolet Movie Sword With Scabbard and Stand;

this little treasure is pretty high on the list of cool swords. Movie fans need no introduction to the awesome UltraViolet Move replica sword. This is one of the top-selling items in the United States right now. And why wouldn’t it be, when it only costs $40.29 with a scabbard and stand included!

  • Ten Ryu Fantasy Dragon Handle Samurai Sword Antique Gold with Red Scabbard;

you can’t have a list of the best swords to buy and not include a good old fashioned samurai sword. They are the Rolls Royce of the sword world, and it is doubly exciting that this particular sword is worth $51.79 only. The Ten Ryu theme steel blade has a dragon wrap style carving on the handle and a decorated scabbard, it doesn’t get better than this.

  • Samurai Sword 37 Inch Katana with Red Scabbard;

following hot on the heels of our best swords is this red katana sword. Needless to say, the Central Asian influence on words is magnificent and it has continued to give. This sword is loved by every collector. It is sleek and decorated, but also because it comes with a scabbard and a knife included in the price of $49.99.

  • 14 Inch Medieval Knight Dagger Short Sword;

no matter how many genres of swords are added every few years, medieval swords will not lose their flare. On top of that, because of the size of a knife-sword, it is easier to get cheaper options like this sword. This Knight Pommel dagger replica unbelievably costs only $7.49. Imagine getting this elegant sword with a wood scabbard and silver metal furnishing on the handle.

  • Double Edged Ninja Rainbow Blade Sword;

contrary to what it may seem like, collectors don’t only prefer classic designs. This is why online stores are the best source for buying collectible weapons. You will find rainbow blade ninja swords like this one. Modernity and quality in one; this sword comes with a sheath and a double-edged point. Ninja swords are a novelty item and if you are looking for good ninja swords for sale, then this sword is a favorite, as it costs only $8.09.

Swords for Every Occasion – Buy Practice Swords

There are many reasons for buying swords, but if you want to use them; its best to train with one first. You can find a plethora of training swords made out of wood and padded foam that can help you learn proper sword fighting. There are a few authentic cheap swords that are very much in use today, and they are readily available online.

  • Wooden Sword

Traditionally also known as bokken, flat-edged swords made out of wood are used for training in ninja fighting and martial arts. They are excellent for learning balance and gaining upper body strength.

  • Anime Swords

These are typically plastic or foam swords that are specifically made for cosplay. Themed according to various famous anime shows, these swords are only meant for show and dress up and are quite cheap to buy.

  • Rapier Sword

Fencing is a popular sport in the United States. The sharp, needle-line sword used for it is known as a rapier. There are plenty of specialty swords available online for fencing trainees and professionals.

  • Sword Cane

This is another rare kind of collectible sword that people love to buy. They’re more of a fashion accessory than a weapon. But a cane sword has a hidden blade inside a walking cane. In olden times, they were used as status symbols for rich people and they’re still effective as personal defense weapons and collectibles.

The one-stop spot for all swords

Considering utility and looks; the swords listed above are available in abundance in online stores. Knife Import is one such brand that has all the amazing collectible swords listed above. The best part; whether you’re getting training swords or high-quality movie replicas, you can find wholesale swords at this store. The prices are market compatible and you can buy more than one item at the wholesale rate. This facility is not available in local stores. This means that your budget can be as low as $10 or as high as $100 and you have a sure and easy way of finding what you love.

So what are you waiting for? All your sword related dreams are about to come true, and they are a click away!

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