Are you still looking for the perfect sword for any purpose, either to have it for martial arts, self defense or even simply to add it to your collection? If so, you have reached the right spot. Many sword lovers favor the replicas of real swords because the authentic ones are too much expensive. Nevertheless, replicas are just similar to the real ones and available at pocket-friendly prices if you buy them from a well-recognized online store, such as Knife Import. The most appealing thing is that there is a large variety of different types of swords available, which gives you the real feel. Therefore, every enthusiast can get their desired one without any hassle.

Well, before looking for swords for sale, you should acquire information specifically what types of swords you can get. Below are some common types available in the market. So, continue reading to know in detail.

1. Samurai Sword

Samurai Swords for Salee

It is also known as katana. It is one of the most famous Japanese swords, which is traditionally a curved and single-edged sword and commonly used by the great traditional warriors of Japan called samurai. They were skilled warriors who deliberately wore the sword as part of their uniform in order to protect the royal family members.

The large samurai sword was considered as the true symbol of honor, power, and royalty. It is still known for its exceptional quality, intricate craftsmanship, and powerful history. Thus far, there are many types of katana swords, depending on the size and tradition.

2. Ninja Sword

Ninja Sword for Sale

It is known for its makers and users which were the ninjas. Though a ninja sword was often used as a weapon for self defense needs. It was also a multi-tasking tool used by the ninjas to perform various tasks. Usually, they concealed their weapons while travelling to ensure self-protection and utilized them more in stabbing motions against their opponents. More, these swords were smaller and straight-bladed but mostly look like the samurai swords.

These swords and other ninja weapons have been embraced by Hollywood as they have been used in different movies. Because of their extreme popularity, many enthusiasts still love to own them.

3. Wooden Sword

Wooden Swords for Sale

If we take a look at mankind’s survival in history, we know that swords were commonly used as prime self defense weapons, and typically they are made of wood. Bokken is a historical wooden sword used by Miyamoto Musashi- a kenjustu master. Hence, these swords were heavy in the past and because of this, they were difficult to handle. Over the centuries and development, they were able to become more efficient; as they are now lighter, sharper and more durable.

Furthermore, wooden swords are generally known as cheap swords as they are available at low prices compared to other real swords.

4. Rapier Sword

Rapier Swords for Sale

When it comes to elegance and power working together, no other sword says it like the rapier. It is a long sword and its potential to be an effective weapon in the hands of a trained swordsman. The rapier sword was primarily recognized to be used by Italian, French, and Spanish people for self defense and dueling.

However, it is lightweight but sharp and in the present era, the most common practical use of these cool swords is for fencing, which has been a popular sport for sword enthusiasts all over the world. More, you can own a rapier sword for decor or it can be a great addition to your collection.

5. Medieval Swords

Medieval Swords for Sale

They are some of the most astonishing weapons because of their craftsmanship and intricate detail. A part of the culture and society, starting thousands of years ago, the medieval swords were mainly used by the medieval knights. Though the symbolic demonstration of gallantry, chivalry, courage, and fearlessness, they were widely used by knights in the battlefield as one of the most reliable weapons. Later, the style and pattern of these historical swords changed as medieval warfare changed.

Nevertheless, in modern times, the art of claymore sword has added a whole new meaning. There are diverse range of these blades and each one serves for a different purpose. So, a lot of people love to own these real swords nowadays.

6. Fantasy Swords

Fantasy swords for sale

As the name shows, the designs are of course fantasy. Hence, to translate an ornamental fantasy into a working sword is not always easy or even possible. Many manufacturers have managed to bring together the element of fantasy with function to construct a satisfactory sword. Normally, fantasy swords are made for decorative use and to be functional or 'battle ready'.

No matter, whether you are seeking to delve into the magical world of ninjas, dragons, wizards, or pirates, you can get their real swords by just opting for the fantasy swords. They will truly give you a real feel of your fantasy!

Are Wholesale Swords Good to Buy?

Yeah, of course. Choosing wholesale swords is a wise option you have. By doing so, you can simply purchase a bulk quantity of real swords replicas at a reasonable price. Then, you can resell them at higher retail prices and make a huge profit in return. It is a great investment for those business persons involved in dealing with knives and swords.

However, it is advised that you must look for a trustworthy wholesale distributor to buy them. Though there are several distributors, is the most recognized one across the globe. We present a fascinating collection of replicas of all kinds of real swords for sale. These replicas are really affordable and are quite similar to the original masterpieces, and so many people will find it hard to believe that they are copies as it is very tough to tell the difference from a distance.

The best thing about them is that they are handmade and it makes them more exquisite with their hand-carved designs. All the blades are perfect to serve their purpose, like some are battle ready swords, some are collectibles and some for home decor. So, you can easily choose that you desire. Hence, once you own your favorite one, you have to take care of it and keep it clean on a regular basis so that it could last longer.

Bottom Line

Thus, we have described almost all types of real swords above. Now, it is up to you what you select from them. But, it is fairly important to do some research before you buying. Make sure, you are aware of the usage of sword that you select and also keep in mind what is your purpose to get it. Don’t forget to read all the product specifications while buying. So, hurry up and start exploring the exclusive assortment of swords for sale at Knife Import. We are assured that you will fall in love with it and easily find the one you desire.

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