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In case you haven’t seen a belt buckle knife in your life, even then, you might have guessed that it’s no ordinary fashion accessory. Usually used as a self defense weapon, in the modern days, a hidden Belt Buckle Knife is all you need for your safety anywhere and at any time.

However, we will dive into its details after letting you know that you can find a real hidden blade for sale through Knife Import at the cheapest wholesale rates. So, if you are ever in need of let’s say an assassin’s creed hidden blade real one, then rest assured because you will find it within no time on our platform. Remember, you will find any kind of wholesale knives for sale on our website at the lowest price!

What is a Belt Buckle Knife Exactly?

We will be explaining in detail what a belt knife is and how it’s used for defending oneself. A hidden belt buckle knife, as its name implies, is a belt that hides a blade within its buckle securely that can be taken out or opened quickly. Due to these two qualities, it is one of the best self defense weapons in this day and age.

Now, you may wonder, “How can I use a belt buckle knife to defend myself?”

Well, the answer isn’t any different than using a regular belt as an improvised weapon. However, it will be best to follow through with your blade at every movement and attack. Otherwise, it could be dangerous for you as well.

How Can a Belt with Hidden Blade Help You?

At first look, many people only see one advantage, but there are many, such as:

  • If you add the length of the belt too with the hidden blade, then you’ll instantly get a longer attack range. So you either grab the buckle to use the knife in an extremely close combat situation. Or you can swing around the hidden knife belt buckle to keep your attacker from coming near you.
  • Best use for it is to be utilized as a self defense weapon, which can remain cloaked behind the buckle and revealed to surprise your assailant, in order to help you escape or make them run away.
  • Belt buckle knife is a blade, smaller in size and concealed, but real hidden blade after all. So, you can do almost anything you can do with another little pocket knife.
  • It might be unusual, but in some cases, when it has a sharp tip, you can even use a belt knife as a throwing weapon using the strap to make it go flying towards your target.

There are also ways you can use your belt to block attacks. So we can say that a normal belt buckle knife can be extremely useful for your safety, and, if it’s possible, you should keep one around (your waist) at all times.

Good Belt Buckle Knives for Sale Online

Coming so far into this blog, we think we must mention some of the best hidden blades in this category should be discussed for your consideration. As you might need to buy one as a self defense tool that it is!

Let’s start with:

1. Adjustable Nylon Belt Buckle Hidden Knife (with Skull and Crossbones)

Belt Buckle with Skull

By taking a single look at it, you know right away that this is one cool belt knife for it’s incredibly fashionable and casual enough for everyday wear. Many people have bought this belt buckle hidden blade and many more will follow because it has a:

  • 53” nylon belt that can be adjusted,
  • pakkawood curb handle, and
  • most importantly a 2.75” half serrated stainless steel blade.

2. Plain Black Buckle Hidden Knife with Belt

Belt Buckle Knife- Knife Import

The previous product we talked about might not be appropriate for formal wear, so in case you want to keep a hidden blade with you even during office timings, then you might go for the plain belt buckle with a black cool hidden knife inside. It comes with the following features:

  • Plain black buckle hidden knife with belt
  • 53” adjustable belt made out of nylon
  • Black colored 2.75” half serrated blade made with stainless steel
  • Pakka wood curb handle

Can You Make a Hidden Knife Belt Buckle All by Yourself?

It will take you a lot of time, the right tools/equipment, and experience with steel working to make a hidden blade closely resembling a belt buckle knife for sale found in stores near you or online. So, yes, we can say that making a custom belt knife is possible all by yourself. But it’s not going to be easy, just keep that in mind, in case you are planning to make your hidden blades.

Lastly, as we promised, we hope you got to know everything you need to know about the belt buckle knife, which without a doubt, one of the top self defense weapons for sale in the market right now. To read more informational blogs, such as this one, keep visiting our website daily. We will be expecting your next visit until then, take care!

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