Dive into Action with Real Throwing Knives

The world of knives is vast and fascinating; there are all kinds of blades out there that amaze and aid. Naturally, no household is complete without superb functional knives in the kitchen. There are, however, many other things that knives are famous for. Being awesome and multi-functional are some of those things. For knife collectors, the more unique a knife looks, the more valuable it, and Throwing Knives are definitely one of them.

What Are Throwing Knives Used For?

Some knives are made to slice and slash, some are made to fight. Throwing knives are the specialty knives that originated in Guerilla warfare.

  • Said to be used mostly by ninjas in Central Asia, throwing knives are primarily used to confound and distract enemies.
  • They are quite similar to throwing stars that are pointed disks that can be hurled through the air.
  • Throwing knives have a finger ring at the bottom and are heavier from that side.
  • They have a sleek and needle-pointed end that enables the knife to fling across distances.
  • The speed of the throwing knife can help mislead enemies from a distance without coming into confrontation with them.
  • They are usually aimed at open skin, cut lightly, and confuse. Or they are darted onto trees or nearby things to redirect someone in your pursuit.

Learn The Trade - How To Throw A Knife?

Firstly this is not a skill that can be achieved with all kinds of knives. You can fling them, but their aerodynamics are dependent on their design. In order to fling a knife through the air, throwing knives are the best ones to choose.

  • Choose a knife that has a heavier bottom and a thinner point.
  • Usually, a throwing knife with a finger hole allows for more spinning and better grip.
  • You can practice on dart boards and trees with smaller knives to improve your target.
  • Proper training is necessary or it can be injurious to yourself and others.
  • The real control is in the arm movement. The more you practice spinning the knives and pointing and shooting, the better your aim will be.
  • Make sure you practice from different angles and elevations in open areas to avoid accidents.
  • Precision is also learnt through regular practice and sharpening your reflexes.
  • Once you learn how to properly throw knives, they are useful for self-defense as well.
  • The best part though is learning the craft as a party trick and entertainment skill. It is also appreciated in the world of stage and theatre.

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What Are The Best Throwing Knives?

Skilled knife throwers usually have different preferences. There are different kinds of blades that are used for throwing, each as unique as the last. There are some common factors that every throwing knife should have; seamless, pristine blade, and good aerodynamic mechanism.

If you know where to look, you can find the right knife that fulfills these features. For fans of throwing knives, here are the top five picks of the best throwing knives money can buy:

  • 3 Piece Throwing Knife Set With Arm Strap;

For a knife throwing trainer, this set is the best item to purchase. It is light and the knives are made from black, stainless steel. The blades are functional and simplistic, allowing one to focus on the mechanism more than the looks of the knife.

  • Zues Thunder Bolts Throwing Knives Set of 3;

Still keeping it classy, these monogrammed throwing knives are designed to be sleek and fast. These are the perfect knives for a professional knife thrower, for sport and performance. These beauties cut through the air effortlessly and the thin handles amp up their speed mid-air.

  • 3 Piece Maltese Cross Chopper Perfect Point Throwing Knives with Sheath;

Cranking up the design factor a notch, these Perfect Point knives are the tools to beat. They have crazy flame designs running through the blade and a cross-shaped handle. Each knife also has finger-rings that improve revolving mechanisms.

  • Perfect Point Throwing Knife 3 Piece Set - Blue Grinding Line;

This set has a contrasting black and blue design that adds depth to the knives’ design. Additionally, the blades are thinner and longer for these knives that allow more comfortable throwing capacity than shorter knives.

  • 6" Rainbow Color Stainless Steel Throwing Knife 3 Piece Set;

As throwing knives are also really popular as party tricks, their colorful options make quite the display. This rainbow set is a showman’s dream; just imagine how awesome these would look flipping through the air!

Dive into Action with Real Throwing Knives

Why Are Throwing Knives Illegal In the U.S?

Due to the sharp nature of these blades, they are classified as daggers and dirks in states like California. However, they are illegal to carry in public as concealed weapons. You can carry throwing knives with a sheath openly, but they shouldn’t be tucked into purses or pockets.

The laws vary according to different states. Since the point of the throwing knives can still be used to stab someone, they are categorized as dangerous weapons. Caution is definitely advised when buying throwing knives or carrying them publicly. The possession or sale of throwing knives as collectibles is not prohibited per-say.

Where to Get Throwing Knives for Sale?

Unlike other daily-use knives or switchblades, throwing knives are definitely a novelty item. Some of the biggest markets of throwing knives are collectors and actual knife-throwers. That leaves a small window for much variety to be found in these badass knives.

With that being said, you can still find amazing designs of cool throwing knives near you. They are usually sold at flea markets, swap meets, and limited local pawn shops and weapon stores. If you want to find quality throwing knives that also look good, then you should look online.

The knives that are listed above as the best pieces available are all from online stores like Knife Import. These stores deal in quality manufactured knives and other tools for sale. The best part is the vast collection that they boast, so you will be spoilt for choice when picking a favourite throwing knife.

Best Designs, Best Prices – Get Cheap Throwing Knives Online

Just as the size is not a guarantee of power; price is no guarantee of quality. Keeping that in mind, collectors often spend a lot of time looking for bargain deals to get the best knives. There is always the underlying fear of buying online, as there are often discrepancies between what you choose and what is delivered. But if you have the good sense to survey online retailers before buying, you can save money and hassle.

The best thing about buying novelty items like throwing knives for sale cheap online is reviews. Store owners can hype up their product if they have limited choices. Online buyers tend to review the products they buy that helps other buyers determine what to get. Since there are plenty of options to choose from, you will most likely find what you’re looking for within your price range.

Buy Hot Designs of Collectible Throwing Knives

With the multitude of options online, you won’t have to compromise on budget or quality when buying throwing knives. Still not convinced? Have a look at these stellar designs of cheap knives that cost less than your average meal!

  • 2 Piece Silver Stainless Steel Throwing Knives with Tassles - 5" Overall;

These knives are developed for pure showmanship. Hang them up in your showcase or delight your guests with party tricks. Either ways, these awesome knives will only cost you $3.79 a pair.

  • Perfect Point 3 Piece Throwing Knife Set – Blue;

You can get this classy set of three knives for the price of one for just $5.49. Not only are they great for professional knife throwing, they will look amazing in your collection too.

  • 7 Inch Overall Length 2 Piece Throwing Knife Set Flaming Skulls Red;

These thrilling knives are purely designed to amaze and awe. As if the art of throwing knives isn’t impressive enough; you get these thrilling skull knives at the killer price of $5.99. A nylon sheath is also included within the price.

  • Perfect Point Multi-Color 3 Piece Throwing Knife Set - 6.5 Inch Length;

The sheer color contrasts and the deep black design of these throwing knives make this set worth buying. On top of that, these awesome knives come with a nylon sheath included, $6.99 for three.

There are many more designs where these came from. If you are motivated to amp up your collection with these super affordable knives then start buying now. These prices will compel anyone to start their own collection, just because of how affordable they are.

The secret is buying wholesale knives; searching for and buying from online retailers that have quality products at wholesale rates. All the knives listed here from start to finish are available at wholesale rates. Throwing knives in an incredible skill that can really help boost confidence as well as reflexes. Now you can also give it a go when the prices are so low and the quality is so high.

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