Ninja Weapons

We all have heard about weapons, but what about ninja weapons? They differ from other weapons as the ninjas used them. Martial arts and ninja weapons are purely connected. Using such weapons is not a cup of tea. One must know about martial arts before trying any of these weapons.

Martial Arts and Ninja Weapons

Martial art is an art or skill that you must have before buying any of the ninja weapons for you. Ninjas are trained and skilled warriors. They have different types of martial arts techniques with proper training. A ninja can secretly rob, stab, harm, or kill quickly for a price with various skills. But they were not in killing; instead, they were mainly spies. Spying also strives them to have their deadly weapons for self defense and other purposes.

Knowing About Ninja Weapons

Ninjas use some secret weapons that are hidden and deadly. The specialty of these weapons is their simplicity. It makes the weapons in a way to be carried easily and secretly by a real ninja. They are deadly enough to face any rough and challenging situation. Most of them were for farming purposes, but they converted them into killing tools after the ninjas time.

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Different Types of Ninja Weapons

There is a long list of ninja weapons and their uses. Their usage is different from each other and can be used for other categories too. All of them are made uniquely and interestingly to fulfill the requirement. The ninja weapons list goes on as their varieties and types are too much, but most are used widely. Such mostly used weapons are listed below:

1. Ninjato (Ninja Sword)

Ninjas mainly used swords as their primary weapon. They have used ninjato many times, but the shreds of evidence have not appeared yet. It is a short sword resembling katana. The blade of a ninja sword is flat, and its scabbard is also used as a space for blinding powders to distract enemies.

2. Katana Sword

Katana is one of the finest swords in the world. It was popular in Japan and was used by samurai warriors. Ninjas also used katana sword frequently. It is longer than ninjato and is a bit curved. It was used for cutting and stabbing primarily and is an important weapon for martial arts training.

3. Nunchaku

Nunchaku is a favorite kind of weapon of ninjas. It is one of the simplest and lightest weapons. It was a tool for rice cutting at first, and then it turned into a weapon. It is used to distract enemies, and the chain can also bring and break the knives of enemies. Also, it is good enough for better hand moving skills and amusement.

4. Blowgun

It is a traditional and ancient weapon. This primary weapon was used for hunting and harming small birds and animals for different purposes. It is a long pipe with a projectile inside. We have to bow it from our mouth. Blowgun can easily stab and misdirect enemies and can kill in some cases with poisonous darts too.

5. Shuriken (Ninja Star)

Throwing weapons are unique and famous in the world. Shuriken is one of them; it is also called a ninja star or throwing star. It is another weapon that is very simple and easy to carry. You can take it with your belt attached. It has sharp blades all around. One has to throw it over attackers to kill or distract them even when they try to chase you. The popular origami papercraft, the shuriken, can be deadly if the blades are coated with poison or other harmful elements.

6. Kunai Knife

A shorter dagger, you can say, is a kunai knife. It was primarily used for farming purposes, but then ninjas used them. It has a round hole in the handle, and the top is a sharp leaf-like structure. At first, ninjas used cool kunai knives for climbing by picking up holes in the wall. Now they have been used in martial arts for killing and misdirecting enemies. One can also tie a rope in the hole for better gripping and creating a spear.

7. Kama

We have seen it in many movies. The Kama is a tool for farming as it helps to reap the crops. It was mainly used by farmers and is still in their use, but some ninjas also started using it. It is a long stick with a curved, sharp blade on the top. It is part of martial arts training. Apart from farming purposes, kama is used to kill or harm a person. An expert can use it more appropriately.

8. Crossbow

One of the popular and used Japanese weapons, a crossbow, is a favorite female ninjas weapon. It can be of two types for a longer and shorter distance. It is from the era of samurai when there were only a few projectiles for this. The Japanese bow is used for misdirecting and stopping the attacker. It is also beneficial for hunting, such as prey for food.

9. Tanto Blade

A good slashing weapon, the tanto blade is another sharp weapon from the times of samurai. It is a Japanese dagger that is short and sharp enough. It is a thin knife and is included in throwing weapons too. Tanto is widely used by ninjas to Digg holes, slashing, killing, or throwing over the opponent.

10. Throwing knives

Throwing knives are the best for amusement and other related purposes. They are also an important weapon for martial arts training. They are of three types, heavy blade, heavy handle, and balanced. Professionals mostly use balanced. Ninjas use them for self defense and to confuse the enemy. Visit Knife Import to buy throwing wholesale knives at discounted prices.

11. Chigriki

One of the deadliest and aggressive weapons of the old and modern time ninjas. Chigriki is a weapon with a stick that can be bamboo or metal, with a metal chain and a metal ball on the top. It is strong enough to harm the opponent vigorously. This versatile weapon used to hide other weapons, whereas the attack of chigiriki is powerful to manage the attacker.

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Ninja weapons were mainly farming tools because ninjas were primarily farmers but then got into martial arts. The world of ninjas welcomes you with a long list of these weapons. Living in the modern world, many of us are interested in them. Some want them for self defense and some for amusement. But to get the right and real ninja weapons could be tough.

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