Brass Knuckles

There is no disclaiming that we live in a world with cold-blooded people. Even though we still get by every day safely, the fact remains that we still live in a little bit of fear. We can never tell what will come to pass during the day. Going to work, shopping at malls, dining at our preferred restaurants, and going to an expedition are the common activities we do. Things typically go well as planned but there is a slight chance that things might go wrong. To be ready and armed with the best weapons for self defense is the answer. Hundreds of self defense weapons can be found in the market but here we are going to discuss Brass Knuckles that have become so popular among people all around the world these days.

Introducing the Brass Knuckles

A brass knuckle or knuckle duster is a uniquely designed tool that you wear on your knuckles. This best self defense weapon provides you a blistering power to give a punch that will drop your opponent to his knees in case of a critical situation. With the design of knuckles, you can control it with one hand. It has a hard metal skin and is created to accommodate all hands sizes. With one hand, you can reach into your pocket, draw it out, insert your fingers into the rings to hold this weapon, close your fist and you are prepared to tackle a situation.

Moreover, knuckles, knucks, and English punch are some popular terms that people use for it across the world.

Looking Back to Their History

Though these self defense weapons have been around for several centuries, history states that in the 18th century, the Sher Panja (an early form of knuckle duster) was first used by the Nihang Sikhs. Then during the American Civil War (1861-65), the US soldiers used different types of knuckles such as brass, cast iron, wood, and lead ones.

There were some variations like spikes, rounded rings, or sharp cutting edges found which made them lethal because they caused severe injuries and wounds. Then later, during the 19th and 20th centuries, the well-renowned variants named Apache revolver (brass knuckle gun) and Mark- 1 trench knife (brass knuckle knife) come into presence. During World War I and II, these knives were so popular and commonly used by British and American soldiers.

Modern Types of Brass Knuckles

With the passage of time, brass knuckles also have evolved and now come in lots of different types, shapes, and designs. As people usually look into knucks to ensure personal protection, they are now designed in small sizes and they are lightweight too. This is why they have become the ideal choice for many individuals around the globe.

Below are four popular types of this defensive weapon you should consider if you are searching for brass knuckles for sale:

1. Self Defense Knuckle Duster

Knuckle duster is a simple tool with round-shaped pieces of metal that you need to fit around your knuckles in order to use it for self defense. By wearing it into your fingers, you can simply strike a solid punch to your opponent. It will hurt him and provide you some time to run away from a serious moment. In this way, you can easily defend yourself from danger.

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2. Self Defense Keychain with Knuckles

This is also a popular type of knuckles available at Knife Import. People usually pick up cute cat brass knuckle keychain which is the hottest defensive tool and the reason is that it is small, easily concealable, highly effective, and pocket-friendly as well. So, you should not miss out on it.

3. Brass Knuckles Belt Buckle

It is another wonderful variation that you can go to for your protection. All you need to do is just wear a belt that has an attached knuckle-shaped buckle and then you will have the best self defense weapon with you all times.

4. Brass Knuckle Knife

Also known as a trench knife, it is considered as the most effective personal defense tool and it is because of its two-in-one feature. It may serve you like a knife to do any routine tasks as well as you can use its knuckle handle to give a powerful punch to your attacker. We present an extensive range of such knives at Knife Import. So, you can take a look at them and grab yours.

Brass Knuckles Might Be Lethal

Yes, they might be if you don’t use them accurately or hit any sensitive part of the body of the opponent with them. For instance, if you strike a punch with this weapon on the opponent’s face, it might harm his jaws. Similarly, if you hit on the head with it, there are chances to cause a serious brain injury or if you give a hard punch on neck, arms, or legs, it may trigger a bone fracture.

Apart from this, it is also important to use it correctly because this weapon may also hurt you when using it. Like, some people say that it can hurt or even break your fingers. So, for preventing all such issues, you must get some knowledge about its proper usage before using this self defense weapon. Do practice of throwing punches with the first two knucks of the hand you use.

Legal Matters of Brass Knuckles

Like many other self defense weapons, they also have legal matters you need to know before using them. As they are considered lethal ones, there are some US states including California, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, and Vermont where knucks are not allowed to own for any purpose. However, in many states, there is no restriction on the possession, buying, and sale of these products. Such as, in southern California, it is illegal to own a knuckle duster if your purpose is to commit a crime. Nevertheless, for defensive purposes, you can use it.

Moreover, there are some states where they come in the category of weapons, so you have to take permission from local authorities in order to use them.

Final Words

Though brass knuckles might be harmful, the benefits provided by them could not be denied. If used properly, they are definitely very important and helpful for you to keep yourself saved in a danger. A knuckle duster is very handy and easy to use in different situations. As well, it is legal to use in numerous states. However, you should check your state laws before having one. It will keep you away from any legal matters.

Furthermore, these defensive tools are widely available at Knife Import and you will happy to know that they are not that costly. For those who are planning to buy one or more(bulk), ensure that it is for the right reasons and be sure to be very responsible owners of these self defense weapons since they may cause some complications if used otherwise.

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