Both ninja and Japanese samurai sword are very popular even today and both have captured the imagination and fascination of the true sword lovers and people whose hobby is to collect real swords. They are both weapons that represent a complete culture and their philosophy. There are some similarities between these two. But, did you know samurai and ninja sword are different from each other? The question is how they are different? The main difference is the history; the people that belonged with each sword group were vastly different. To know about more differences between these two, continue reading the blog till end.

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Ninja Sword Vs Samurai Sword

When we talk about ancient fighting and warriors, Japan is one of those countries which have a rich history. Ninja and samurai sword are two popular weapons of Japan and so many people think both are the same but they are really not.

These two types of swords were used by two different groups of people in ancient Japanese culture. The katana samurai sword was often used by the elite warriors (named samurai) of the society. The samurai soldiers were recognized because of their nobility and their prime job that was to protect the royal members of the ancient Japanese society. On the other hand, the ninjas were a tactical warriors team that was not known to be good swordsmen. The reason is that they preferred to use their swords and martial arts weapons in order to win combats.

There are many other distinctions between them, which are mentioned below:

Ninja Sword or Ninjato

The ninja sword is quite simple and crude as compared to a katana. Ninjato was often made using inferior steel and this is why it was often inferior to the katana sword. These swords were used in a different manner than the samurai swords and were used more as a tool instead of a weapon of art.

Their purpose was to attack and defend as the ninjas were on the run and skidding into hiding in the close combats. But, ninjas considered their swords as purely practical and because of this fact, they were designed for whatever certain needs their private missions required of them. It means that ninjas did not treat them as reserved valuable blades, they used them as useful tools to meet all their traveling needs.

Unlike the curved samurai sword, the blade of a ninja sword was straight which made it durable enough. Therefore, apart from using for their key task, the ninjas could use their swords for climbing high place for example mansion walls. They also used them to crave wooden items or to cut rope and cloth.

The edge of the ninjato blade was not like that of the katana sword. A katana was doubled-bladed and designed with the key purpose that it would be used to kill an opponent in a fight. The real ninja sword was just like to a scythe in that it was single-edged, rather than double-edged. Eventually, it was termed as Yamgatana (The Mountain Sword) because it was designed for multiple purposes, such as cutting wood.

In addition, the ninja swords were shorter than samurai swords, at only 24 inches. Thus, the smaller and straighter ninjato was much easier to conceal in a bundle of wood or regarded as a regular tool that a tradesman would use for their work.

Katana Samurai Sword

As we have talked above that the samurai were the elite warriors of ancient feudal Japan. They were highly respected by the community as a whole because they served the royals. They represented respect, loyalty, pride, honor, duty and religious virtues and ideas.

The long sword used by samurai warriors was made of high carbon steel, crafting it took several months. For each katana, they were handmade with good care taken to come up with a sword of very high quality. As compared to real ninja swords, the samurai swords were so sharp as they could easily cut an opponent into two, even when they are wearing body armor. The average length of a katana sword was between 26 to 37 inches.

Furthermore, when it comes to the usage of katana, the samurai warriors would swing their swords to hit the opponents and guard the royal members. Conversely, the ninjas utilized their swords more in stabbing motions. To use a ninja sword effectively, the ninjas threw a ninjato in a sawing motion through which the blade comes into the contact with an opponent’s skin. Unlike the ninja swords, which were often used as a tool instead of using for combats, the katana swords were not good for scraping and chopping wood or making holes etc.

Another distinct point between these two cool swords is that samurai swords had never been abandoned because they are the depiction of honor and power, and because of the complicated process of craftsmanship, they were so expensive. Instead, the ninjas discarded their weapons and run in case of any harsh situation in the combats. Thus, they had to be capable to quickly and cheaply replace their swords before their next venture.

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So, we are sure that you have understood the differences between ninja and samurai swords. The above are some of the distinctive points between these two ancient Japanese swords. However, the most notable distinguishing point between them is worth. Katana sword was the symbol of honor and pride, while ninja sword was primarily used for extra safeguard and even for utility purposes as well.

Long story short, we can also say that samurai swords were so elegant and prestigious, hence the ninja swords were practical, crude and wildly mean.

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