For the longest time, swords have been the most impactful and impressive weapons you can get. The more you get into their history, the more amazing they will seem to you. They are also one of the oldest weapons even invented and they have pinned a few tales with them since then. But even now in this relatively modern world, there is a real impact of swords as popular weapons. Despite the invention of so many things, you will find that swords have their own space. You can go as far as to imagine; cool swords can be used for decor walls? The truth is that when it comes to swords, you are only limited by your imagination. There is actually a long culture of using swords as decoration pieces where they are displayed as symbols. They represent wealth, bravery, status, history, grandeur and so much more. Depending on your affiliation, you can find multiple ways to incorporate them into your interior settings.

There are different styles that you can adapt according to the kind of sword you have. Each of the swords you get will require a different kind of design sense. If you are exhibiting long swords, they will be much leaner and more displayed vertically on the wall. If you have daggers or short swords, you might want to nail them horizontally at eye level. You can also choose to decorate them in a private setting or the main area of the house for everyone to see. Cool swords will always make for impressive showpieces that are fun to play around with.

The Key Features Of Display In Swords

There is no doubt about the fact that swords attract all sorts of people. Some might like their grace, and some might go for the danger vibe attached to them. In either situation, there is much to be liked about swords and what to do with them. With each feature of the sword, there is a particular kind of narrative attached that you could admire.

The sword blade is the main part of it that makes it or breaks it. If your sword did not have a good blade, it could not be used as a proper weapon and it won't work. The quality of the blade metal is as important as the craftsmanship behind who forged it. For the longest time, they were forged by hand, so they were even more special than they are now.

The second feature is the sword handle which also adds a certain gravitas to the weapon. A handle is representative of the design and the aesthetic behind the sword. Simple ones used by warriors and rangers might have had sturdy wood handles with metal finishing. Grander swords used by knights and noblemen had bejeweled, encrusted, embossed, or delicately designed handles. These handles would have clues to nationality, tribe, emblems, and such. When you display a sword, the handle is just as much a part of the display as the blade.

The third feature is the scabbard or the sheath of the sword. It protects the blade from rusting, dust, and unnecessary impact and clashes. They also help in keeping the swords sharp and safe for travelling and moving around. Nowadays, when you get a sheathed sword, you get a scabbard that has some form of design on it. That gives the swords a little official vibe and also helps keep your decoration piece protected for as long as possible.

Are Real Swords Still Used Now?

Other than as heirlooms or collectibles, it is hard to imagine that real swords are still used. But they are not only used but also manufactured. You will find two kinds of swords that continue to be made and sold all over the United States. The first is the Martial Arts katana swords that are long, sleek, and very sharp. They are used by Martial Arts masters as well as trainees in their practice, for those who learn the craft properly. For other people, they still remain to be as alluring as they were many years ago. You will find new and modern designs in katana swords that people actually used in training.

The second one is the rapier sword, used in the great art of fencing. An ancient sport, fencing is a sword fighting technique based on poking, stabbing, defending, and attacking. It is a truly unique design, as it is a thin needle-like sword that is usually longer and bendy. You will find a range of new and improved fencing swords in the market as well.

The third kind of swords you get are the ones that might be the most widely bought. They are also collectibles but of a different kind, fantasy, and anime swords. These are weapons inspired by different fantasy novels, games, books, and anime films. You will find a growing audience for these words as they are popular among fandoms. People use them for dress-up, trading, and investing in as valuable collectibles that are often limited edition and grow in value.

Scouting The Best Sword In The World

When it comes to something as diverse as swords, it is hard to pick just one that will fit. Each person will have a different preference and a unique design in mind that they like. Out of the many, you can surely find some of the best swords that will fit the bill.

For the lover of history, something antique or with a historic reference might work. You can check out the Maximus Roman Gladiator Sword Medieval Gladius that will transport you to Ancient Rome. It has a beautiful scabbard with the right kind of intricate and embellished detail. Or you can go for something new-age like the 41" Touken Ranbu Cosplay Ichigo Hitofuri Steel Sword. It has a magnificent long blade and it's excellent for cosplay and collection.

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