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Have we ever let you down when it comes to informing you about good quality yet cheap pocket knives? We think not and we know you will agree with that statement as well! In this blog, we will also be talking about some cool pocket knives which you can purchase within the range of $40.

However, you should know that Knife Import has been offering all types of knives, swords and daggers at the best wholesale prices for almost a decade now. So, you want to buy wholesale pocket knives at extremely low rates then make sure you keep dropping by our platform as much as possible. As we keep adding new pocket knives for sale in our inventory and posting informational blogs about them.

So, best spring assisted knives are rather in high demand these days, as knife manufacturers keep putting latest models in the market and, people just can’t get enough of these cool pocket knives for sale available online or in local stores. We believe you are no exception to this rule, and this is why we give you the information you can find below.

5 Cool Pocket Knives for Sale Under $40

While preparing this list, we considered various knife manufacturers that offer good quality folding pocket knives in the market within the price of fifty bucks. So, without waiting even for a second, we want to jump right into the topic of best pocket knives you will come across being sold at cheap wholesale rates.

1. US Marine Corps - USMC Folding Pocket Knife with G10 Handle

USMC Folding Pocket Knife

First item on this list is only at top because it’s on the higher end if we consider its price $37.48. So, basically this USMC spring loaded knife is the best blade you can get in case you want to buy a good quality, cheap and cool tactical pocket knife. Following are some of its features:

  • Amazing tactical look
  • Shiny gun metal blade
  • 3mm thick black stainless steel blade
  • 3.75” blade length
  • Closed length about 4.75”
  • Black G10 Handle with CNC overlay
  • Comes with a back space and gun metal black pocket clip

The simple but at the same time cool tactical outer design make these amazing wholesale knives sell all by themselves!

2. MTech - Galaxy Spring Assisted Knife with Bottle Opener

Galaxy Spring Assisted Knife

This pocket knife just takes you into another dimension. The beauty and awesomeness of its blade cannot be explained in plain words, this is why just look at its picture and you will know! Often bought as a novelty gift, this cool MTech folding knife with bottle opener have become a hot product in the market and being sold one after the other at $6.95. Below are few features that make these cool pocket knives so awesome:

  • Beautiful galaxy artwork embossed/printed on blade
  • 3cr13 steel blade that is 3.5” long
  • 4.75” anodized aluminum handle custom fitted with bottle opener, screw driver and pocket clip

3. Tac Force Speedster Model - Dragon Fantasy Spring Assisted Knife

Dragon Fantasy Spring Assisted Knife

No other pocket blade can be as cheap and still look as cool as this fantasy dragon motorcycle design assisted opening knife among the various choices you find in the catalog of tac force speedster model blades. When closed the knife resembles a cool and stylish motorbike. You will find 12 similar designed pocket knives in the pop box which will be in six different colors and you can buy this knife set at $29.99. It means, it will cost you around $2.5 per piece. It has many other features, which are as follows:

  • 2.5” length when closed
  • Blade measures 2” in length
  • Black blade made out of stainless steel
  • Awesome flame design on blade
  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Aluminum handle with fantasy dragon motorbike design
  • Also given with the blade is a key chain and pop display box

More or less these are the decorative knives for sale that you must have in your cool pocket knife collection!

4. Master Collection - MC Assisted Opening Pocket Knife (Gold Eagle Design)

MC Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

People always look to buy master collection knives for only one reason, which is to add an amazing pocket knife to their personal collection from their vast catalog containing various cool pocket knives for sale at cheap wholesale rates. This blade is no exception as it’s made to be collected, and following are some of the reason why you should have it too:

  • Golden eagle wrap design on handle
  • 3.75” mirror polished drop point blade made with 3cr13 steel
  • 4.75” zinc alloy handle in blue color
  • 8.25” full open length

We guarantee you that no collectible knives for sale can be found at such low price of $15.81 in stores nowadays!

5. Tac Force - Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife (with Tactical Pen and LED Light)

Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife with LED - KnifeImport blog

What makes this folding blade so awesome is that it comes with a tactical pen and LED light within the price of a normal good pocket knife that is $16.99 only. Doesn’t that tempt you to buy it already? Even if you have made up your mind to get this cool pocket knife, you should keep reading a little while more to know about our tip for buying cheap spring assisted knives online. Also, here are some features of this folding knife:

  • Tac force pocket knife with camo design on the blade
  • Black handle supporting a stylish grip
  • Good liner lock system
  • Along with it you get a cool tactical pen and LED light as well


We are convinced that you cannot find better wholesale cool pocket knives for sale at such low costs. So, please take your time looking around them online at our platform or even in stores near you. Whatever suits you best!

Finally, to buy cheap wholesale knives always consider various places that sell wholesale blades at cheap rates. When you do find the lowest possible price for the wholesale knives you want to order, just make sure to add as many items in the buying list as your pocket allows. Because purchasing any kind of product(s) in large number gives you a greater chance of availing a higher discount on your order. Also, if you are a retailer then you can make handsome money by selling these cool knives at normal market price.

Hopefully, you learned lots from this blog and that we will see you on our platform next time as well!

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